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Allianz Travel Insurance User Reviews

Allianz Travel Insurance User Reviews

Allianz Travel Insurance, also known as Allianz Global Assistance is the largest travel insurance company in the world, as it is owned by Allianz SE, which is the world’s largest diversified insurance company. It is a big business, which is why complaints are handled quickly, claims are dealt with efficiently, and is why they are able to offer lower rates than other travel insurance companies. Their online reputation is near perfect, with millions upon millions of satisfied customers, and just a minority of angry customers, so here are a few Allianz Travel Insurance user reviews you may be interested in. I have paraphrased them and tidied them up a little.

There Is A Healthy Balance Between Cover And Cost

The more expensive the policy is, then the more cover you get and the better your protection. It doesn’t sound like rocket science, but the way the policies are weighed against cost is very fair. It is not like buying potato chips and discovering that most of the bag is full of air.

Our View

We have always found their policies to be fair, but a big part of that is because our research team fully understands the insurance our team is trying and testing. There are people who do not know the differences between trip interruption and trip delay, which means they are disappointed when one claim is paid and another is not. Buying broader coverage from Allianz is often the best thing to do if you are not interested in learning the intricacies of travel insurance.

They Didn’t Cover The Damage We Caused

My kids did a little damage to my hotel room and the dishonest manager claimed I did a lot of stuff that I didn’t do. They charged my credit card and there was nothing I could do about it. I tried to make a claim, but the insurance company said that my policy didn’t cover the damages that were done. I told the insurance company that I didn’t make the damage and that the manager was lying, but they couldn’t help me and I didn’t get my money back.

Our View

If you are accused of causing damage to something such as a hotel, do not tell the accuser that you are insured in any way because they may tag on a bunch of damages that you didn’t actually cause. Plus, there are occasions where shady hotels try to rip customers off by claiming they caused damage that they didn’t. Travel insurance companies have been known to cover damages that customers do to hotel rooms, but they are often one-off/special insurance policies, or they are add-ons to a regular insurance policy. Do not assume that the damage you cause to a hotel room is covered by your travel insurance unless your policy explicitly says so. Also, if somebody is accusing you of doing something you didn’t, then seek legal advice as well as advice from your insurance company.

My Wife Contracted Shingles

Shingles is a disease caused by a virus, and my wife contracted the disease two weeks before we were set to fly. The doctor said she shouldn’t fly, and we obtained a doctors note that I produced when I filed my claim. We had to cancel the trip, and we were reimbursed for the entire cost of the trip.

Our View

The reason why this person was reimbursed for the full amount was before the virus infection was a completely unforeseen event. Plus, the claimant had confirmation from a doctor not only of the disease, but also that the infected person (the wife) was unfit to travel. Even though the husband was healthy, the fact the trip was canceled was fair, which is why Allianz paid up. The reviewer didn’t mention that it probably took a while to get the paperwork sorted, but that is what is required if you are looking for a full reimbursement for your trip.

I Was Paid $300 On A Claim And My Policy Cost More

Myself and my husband were unable to stay in our oceanfront condo for over 70% of our vacation over two weeks because of a hurricane and a mandatory evacuation. However, I was only given $300 under my trip delay insurance, and my total policy cost more than $300.

Our View

The policy cost more than $300 because it covered far more than just trip delays. A basic plan for $300, for two people and for two weeks covers a great many things in addition to trip delay coverage. A maximum payout for the basic Allianz trip delay policy is $300, yet there were other functions to the policy that may have led to much larger claim payments, such as if the customer had needed medical assistance. Trip delay insurance with Allianz’s basic plan only covers hurricanes up to $300. The lady was unlucky in her choice of policy, which is why I repeat that if you do not have the will or time to learn the intricacies of travel insurance, then you should opt for a broader policy to cover more of your bases.

Allowing Me To Upload The Documents Made The Claims Process Far Faster

I filed my claim and uploaded the files that Allianz told me to send over. The uploading process made the whole claims process far quicker. They held my case for review a little longer than they said they would, but they agreed to my claim and sent the money to my bank shortly after.

Our View

More and more travel insurance companies are setting up systems where claimants may upload documents rather than having to photocopy and send them in by post. Allianz is a large company that values a swifter claims process, which is why they have a sophisticated online filing system. Many other travel insurance companies are following in Allianz’s footsteps and are relying on the Internet over traditional filing methods.

It Is Too Much Fuss Getting A Small Claim Processed

I lost my luggage, but it hardly had anything of value in it, so I made a small claim for $100. I had to show receipts and go through a lot of paperwork and document completion in order to make my claim and have it processed. They wanted a massive amount of effort on my part for a small amount of money to the point where I gave up and stopped filling in the paperwork. I probably won’t bother with travel insurance in the future.

Our View

A travel insurance company treats most claims the same, which means it doesn’t matter how large or small your claim is, they are going to want plenty of proof and documentation. The travel insurance company still requires the same level of proof and due diligence before they pay a claim, no matter how large or small the claim is. The amount of paperwork and document completion required for a small claim is roughly the same as for a big claim. Few (if any) travel insurance companies are blase about paying claims.

We Canceled Two Days Before The Trip And We Were Paid

My wife had an infection and the antibiotics were working, but she was still sickly and our doctor said she stands to get far worse if we travel. We waited for as long as we could, but eventually we had to cancel. We canceled two days before we were going to set off and we made a claim. The company we bought the trip from was able to refund a chunk of our money, after which point we got in touch with Allianz and they paid the remainder.

Our View

The people who filed this claim were clever. They had legitimate reasons to cancel the trip, and they had the doctor’s confirmation that the illness was severe enough to cancel the trip (plus all relevant documentation). In addition, the claimant had already taken the time to get as much money refunded as possible, which helped lower the claims processing time considerably. If you can show you have done as much as you can to get as much refunded as possible, then your insurance company has less work to do and your claim is handled faster.

I Had To Cancel Because Somebody Else Became Ill

I booked my trip to go to a conference, and I bought travel insurance. The conference was canceled because the lady hosting it became ill. I canceled my trip and called Allianz to talk about getting a refund for my trip. Allianz said that they only covered events that were out of my control. I told them that the conference host getting ill was out of my control, but they refused to pay me anyway. I wish I had known that I was not going to get paid and I would have treat the trip as a mini vacation.

Our View

Cases such as these are unfortunate because there is a blurry line between what is in your control and what is not. As the lady said, she could have used the trip as a mini vacation. Even though the trip’s purpose was to go to a conference, the travel insurance policy covers the trip and not its purpose (unless it is specialist insurance such as for people going skiing). Even though the conference being canceled was out of the customer’s control, it isn’t a reason to cancel the trip. If a storm had knocked out the hotel, or a flood made getting to the conference impossible, then there may be claim, but claims are not paid because the conference was canceled.

For example, I took a trip to Peru to see the wild guinea pigs at play, and all I saw was restaurant after restaurant of them being eating, so I skipped off Chile instead. But, I couldn’t file a claim because all I saw was dead guinea pigs. People who book trips to see wild ocean birds cannot cancel just because Esso dumped a bunch of oil byproducts on them.

About The Author

Ash The Great

After a varied career in different industries from the hospitality industry to the financial consultancy industry, Ash now spends his days working as a professional writer.


  1. Arlene wasser

    Stay away from Allianz! Don’t risk your money! I travel all the time and I have never been denied coverage payments after sending in all documentation. My flight was canceled and yet Allianz says they have no proof even though I mailed them proof from the airlines, consisting of letters directly from the airline, hotel bill where I had to stay overnight. Allianz is now off of my list for purchasing travel insurance.

  2. Joe Hollas

    I learned also not to use them. I had to cancel and the bastards didnt refund me. I like to take a aluminum bat to the inbred pos that denied my claim. So now I’m charging the trip back on my credit card. My advice, use American Express, very easy to charge something back and not pay for it.


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