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Agoda Review – A Hotel Booking Service

Agoda Review – A Hotel Booking Service

This Agoda review was very difficult to write because Agoda has both its very good side and a seemingly dark side. I don’t want to concentrate on the dark side too much because I feel it is a little unfair given that the company has so many happy customers. Yet, I cannot leave out the dark side because it is clear that some people have had a bad experience with Agoda. I have tried to keep this review as balanced as possible.

What Does Agoda Do?

Agoda is a website/service that allows you to book hotels online. It is rather good at helping you book hotels overseas because it has a large inventory of hotels. There are probably better ways of booking hotels in your own country, but Agoda is a viable option if you are looking for a hotel overseas.

Agoda picture of Mauritius

Agoda – Pros

  • Agoda is good when you need a hotel overseas because they have so many overseas hotels in their index. They have done a reasonably good job of contacting and striking deals with overseas hotel chains.
  • They are more expensive than many online booking websites, but Agoda does have more deals than most of their competitors. Try the deals section of their website when you visit.
  • The website has a clean look about it. The website is easy to use. Plus, the company makes the booking process simple.
  • Agoda offers you the chance to book hotels in a wide variety of countries. It is not just a case of having a few hotel chains in a few countries, they have a variety of hotel options in the many countries that they have listed.
  • There is a certain level of convenience that comes with ordering from Agoda.

A feature image for the Agoda website

Agoda – Cons

  • Agoda has higher than average prices. It is not the most expensive booking site on the Internet, but it services and its rates often mean you are paying more-than-average when compared to its biggest competitors.
  • The customer service department has a common excuse where they often say it was the fault of the system. When you have an issue, they usually try to blame you, and if they cannot, then they blame the system and say there is nothing they can do about it.
  • You are not able to book package holidays or rental cars with Agoda, which doesn’t sound like a downside, but there are many travel/booking websites that do have this function.
  • Agoda hides the final total you pay until the very end of the booking process, which makes you think that you are getting a cheaper deal than you would with their competitors. You go through the process and you enter all your details, and then you find out that the other company you were looking at was actually cheaper.
  • The fact they hide the final amount you pay until the end is very unfair. Even on our most simple trial runs, the company still hid the taxes until the very end. There are a few ways that they add on extra charges. For example, they charge an extra fee for paying a certain way. Another example is where they tag on extras that you didn’t know you were getting and then charge you for them.
  • There are quite a few people who say they have booked a hotel with Agoda and then their room request has been denied. People are then sent a list of hotels where there are rooms and the hotels are more expensive. Yet, on some occasions, a short phone call to the original (denied) hotel proves that they do have rooms available. Is this a scam, or does the Agoda system show wrongly assume that hotels are full when they are not?
  • The customer service department sucks. Their customer service department is based in Thailand and the customer support staff have very thick accents. Some of them also have very poor English skills. It is not fun having to slowly sound out your words in the form of, “Me Want Refund Now Now.”
  • Getting a refund is not impossible, but it is overly difficult. If the Agoda company messes up, or if there is a legitimate instance where a customer requires a refund, the customer will have a hard time getting that refund. Both Agoda company policy and poor quality customer support are the reasons for this problem.
  • The hotel reviews that you read on Agoda are not reliable. I could go into the many reasons why this is true, I am going to reference the work another person did in proving this point. The image below shows a short essay that the woman wrote on Trip Advisor. In short, she explains why she feels that the reviews you see on Agoda are not honest.

Trip Advisor review about Agoda hotel booking service

Conclusion – Let’s Snip This Weed Before It Grows Seeds

In an attempt to stop this article turning into a hate essay that is full of negative things about Agoda, I have to say that the company is less-than-impressive. I should reiterate that the company has produced many happy customers, and the company hasn’t been the focus of any scandals or security. Yet, there are quite a few people who have a big problem with Agoda and say they have had a bad time thanks to the company.

Sadly, we couldn’t confirm if the company was bad or good because we had no problems with the three orders our research team made. Yet, it stands to reason that most of the transactions that go through Agoda are good ones and that there are only a small percentage of people who have a problem with Agoda. Despite that fact, we have to take those complaints on board because the company should be striving to do its very best by all of its customers (rather than doing its best by most of them).

To be doubly sure we are being fair, I should finish with a reminder that our review takes into account the people who have had a bad time with their hotel and then go back and blame the booking company. The issues we have covered, especially the negative issues, are directly related to the booking company. We are aware that there are online reviews on the Internet where Agoda takes the blame for things the hotels do. The fact is that if you use Agoda, then you will probably receive a good service, but you need to be aware that Agoda has a few problems that they have not yet resolved, and that may result in you having a less-than-great time or result in you paying more for your hotel than you expected.

About The Author

Ash The Great

After a varied career in different industries from the hospitality industry to the financial consultancy industry, Ash now spends his days working as a professional writer.


  1. Yvonne

    I had an awful experience with Agoda on June the 18th 2018.
    After I made the bookings, I further reconfirmed with Agoda by logging into their system.

    Since I am travelling with my parents who are in 70’s, I wanted to make sure the bookings are secured. Therefore, I made a phone call to hotel directly and tried to confirm booking today. The hotel could not find my bookings. The hotel’s front desk was kind enough to call Agoda to follow up my bookings and nothing was found. Meanwhile I called Agoda and spoke to customer service who once again confirmed my bookings were okay despite what I told her the information I obtained from hotel.

    Agoda called me up at 6pm and informed me that hotel called them up and there will not be rooms for me on June 21 and so need to cancel the bookings. I told them I am the one who made effort to verify the booking. If i have not done that, I would not find out I have NO ROOMS until I arrive hotel. Agoda did not think is their responsibility.
    I will never book with them again because they are unreliable.

    *** Editing***
    Yvonne was not happy with her experience with Agoda. We tried to keep as much of her review as possible, but it was flagged as plagiarism via our website-bots because the same review had been placed on SiteJabber and TrustPilot. For that reason, we had to edit out parts of her review. Suffice it to say that Yvonne was not happy with her experience with Agoda.

  2. karen morris

    [Sadly, we at could not publish this review because it was copy-pasted from TrustPilot. Suffice it to say that Karen had a bad experience with Agoda]
    Karen’s Agoda Review on TrustPilot

  3. Sally han

    They are absolutely disgusting. A fraud that shouldnt be allow to operate. I received a last minute email from agoda stating that my booking has been cancelled and indeed I contacted them to cancel my booking, which is absolutely not true. I tried several times to call them, sent them emails and no response. Apparently they will not refund my money because it was not refundable. Complete fraud and absolute fraud. I hope you all burn in hell for what you’re doing to people.

  4. NOah

    Agoda company is the worst company ever. Their team manager are the worst including their staffs. Bad workers, bad company.

  5. ilcho

    Agoda left me and my family stranded on the street on New Year Eve
    This company cancelled my booking one day prior to check in, while I have been on my flight. They left me and my family on the street in a foreign country at New Year Eve. I had to pay much higher price just to accommodate anywhere. I never had a refund. They guarantee nothing!

  6. Travis Smith

    Our experience was very bad. Our money was taken 3 days before our arrival at the hotel. We arrived at the hotel only to find there were no rooms booked by Agodo or any left available. While on the road traveling the day of our check in we were contacted by Agoda by email to tell us they could not get a room. The email arrived at 3pm, “check in time”! The email explained they were very sorry and as a consolation they would refund our money. They offered nothing beyond a refund. Keep in mind they took our money 3 days prior. This kind of service is terrible on many levels. Every hotel in town was booked solid and I booked through Agoda WELL in advance. I will never use them again and would NOT recommend that anyone else book through Agoda. Very shady. Now to try and get my money back. Absolutely awful experience.

  7. Michael Eugster

    As a hotel owner, Agoda is the worst OTA on the market!!

    They charge higher commission than any other agent, but they undercut the other online agents and even pay up with their own money.

    For example: When I sell my rooms for 800 THB/night on every online platform the same, Agoda will through in some “vouchers” and only charge 513 THB/night. This is 150 THB/night less then what we even get paid from Agoda, so they are literally paying from their own pocket in order to steel customers from or Expedia. Dirty Game, Agoda!!!

    When asked about it, they don’t care and so we do not sell rooms on Agoda any longer.

    I would NOT recommend Agoda to anyone as they play dirty and their platform is one big cheat.

  8. Linda

    Agoda took my money without my knowledge and will not return it

    Im currently looking into the small claims court to get money back that Agoda took my me without my knowledge!!

    I tried to book a hotel on the Agoda website, when I tried to pay an error message popped up and said they could not take my booking.

    Days later I noticed they had charged me. I received NO emails from Agoda of confirmation of a booking. I received NO email confirmation from the hotel that they had booked me under.

    When I contacted them they said there had been no issues with my booking. I explained I had not received any confirmations and was told via the website a booking could not be made and that I was unaware they had taken my money.

    They then said I checked into the hotel and stayed there. When I asked for proof of this they changed their story and said I hadn’t checked in and I was being changed for not showing up!

    They will not take responsibility for their error and will not return my money they wrongfully took from me.

    After two months of trying to resolve this I have been forced to go to the UK smalls claims court to resolve.

    Extremally bad customer service, inconstantly in their messaging and false statements made by them.


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