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A Step-By-Step Guide Showing How To Create A Jaxx Wallet

A Step-By-Step Guide Showing How To Create A Jaxx Wallet

A Jaxx Wallet may be more suitable for people who are looking for a quick wallet solution. I wrote a full piece on how to use the Multibit HD wallet and I needed 30 images to do it. I didn’t need so many images to explain how to set up the Jaxx Wallet because it does all the work for you, and you can customize it when you have opened your account and completed your download so that it is safer and more secure. Consider a Jaxx Wallet as one of your bitcoin wallets. I have also added an image that shows all the different types of cryptocurrency that you may add to your bitcoin wallet.

How To Set Up Your Jaxx Wallet

You start on the Jaxx Wallet home page. The website is well produced and it explains mostly everything you need to know about bitcoin. The only thing it doesn’t fully explain is what cryptocurrency you are able to hold, but luckily for you I have added an image in this article that shows all the cryptocurrency that your Jaxx Wallet may hold. The image directly below shows you the Jaxx Wallet home page, and that is where we start on our journey.

Jaxx Wallet HomePage

After clicking on the “Get Jaxx Free” button, you are taken to their installation page. This shows you a number of different device operating systems. Click the one you are using. I am on a Windows computer, so I clicked the Windows desktop icon.

Jaxx wallet choose your type of installation operating system

A screen will pop up that asks you your download type. As you can see by the image below, you are able to pick the x86 option and the x64. I figured that I have a good computer, so I should pick the higher number and go for the x86, but I was wrong.

I read on Google that, If you use it on a 64bit operating system, you are going to run into limitations with things such as your processor not being able to access all your 4GB+ of RAM. The same is true if you are a x64 on a 32bit device. The device will function fine, but the device is not being used up too its full potential.” From that, I figured that I should use x86 = 32bit (>3.5GB RAM), and I should use x64 = 64bit (4GB RAM+). I eventually went for the x64 download.

Jaxx wallet pick your download type

Now you have to extract the ZIP file on your computer and put the extracted file onto your desktop. I ran a virus check before and after extraction–and I suggest you do the same.

Jaxx Wallet extract your file

There is a small .exe icon you can click on to start the program. Here is screenshot of what it looked like for me.

what my Jaxx Wallet exe looks like

My virus checker said that it had a large crowd of users, and that it was currently a trusted piece of software, but that it didn’t have a trusted digital signature. You can see what my virus checker said about it below.

Jaxx Wallet Virus Check

Next, they showed me the Jaxx Wallet release notes. Click the “Continue” button once you have read the release notes.

Jaxx Wallet release notes

Next, they give you the option to read the user agreements. You have to click on them to see and read them. Once you are done, you may click the “Accept” button at the bottom right of the screen.

Jaxx Wallet End User Agreement

The image below shows you your wallet creation options. If this is your first wallet, or if you want a new wallet, then pick what I picked and select the option that allows you to create a new wallet.

Jaxx Wallet - Create a new wallet

You now have the option to create a wallet quickly or slowly. The diligent side of your nature may compel you to try the customized one, but you should pick the express one. Every customization may be changed after your wallet has been created, so simply get the creation process out of the way first by picking the express method.

Jaxx Wallet creation - express or customized

Your Jaxx wallet will now ask you to pick the currency you would like to use and/or add to your wallet. I picked them all. These are all the cryptocurrency types that Jaxx wallet allows you to add into your wallet. Again, in the year 2017, these are the types of bitcoin you are able to store in your Jaxx Wallet.

Jaxx wallet choose your cryptocurrency

The image below shows you the screen you see as your wallet is being created.

The Jaxx Wallet creates your wallet

The first time you see your new wallet operating on your computer/device, it should look very similar to what you see in the image below.

What your jaxx wallet looks like the first time

Click on the menu button at the top right, then it gives you menu tabs. They are all very interesting. I was very pleased to see the live rates function as seen on the image below.

The image below shows you the backup functions. These are the ones you play with and you write down when you want to make your wallet safer, more secure, and if you want to be able to recover your wallet in the future.

Jaxx wallet backup function

The image you see below allows you to set your mining fees. It allows you to set your fee levels for your wallet. The higher the fees are, then the faster your transactions go through.

Jaxx wallet mining fees function

Conclusion – I Am Very Happy With The Jaxx Wallet

The Jaxx Wallet was very easy to set up, and all the work was done for me. Each function has a description next to it or under it. As of August 2017, this is the best Bitcoin wallet I have ever experienced. I also love the fact that I can customize the tool with things such as which currency it holds, and I am able to set and reset my own security features to ensure I may keep my bitcoin safe in my own way. I am very happy with the Jaxx Wallet and only hope that they keep adding more different types of cryptocurrency so that I may use it for all my Ethereum tokens too.

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