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A Review Of The ScottishPower Power Company (UK And Europe)

A Review Of The ScottishPower Power Company (UK And Europe)

This article has information, facts and statistics about the ScottishPower energy company. It explains how they are the only non-nuclear energy provider in the UK, and how they are the highest CO2 producers in the UK. It gives details on their customer service, as well as brief details about their company profits. ScottishPower are a fairly new energy company. The state-owned Scottish power company was privatised and became ScottishPower in 1990. A regional supplier called Manweb now own ScottishPower after they purchased the company in 1995. Here is everything you need to know about ScottishPower.

How many people have an account with ScottishPower?

Scottish Power currently has 5.2 million customers in the United Kingdom. Of the six biggest power companies in the UK, ScottishPower has the least amount of customers. British gas currently has the most customer accounts with over 20 million people being billed by them.

What are ScottishPower’s selling points?

ScottishPower are doing more research into renewable energy sources than the other five major UK energy suppliers are. They own their own wind farms and hydroelectric plants in the UK.

ScottishPower customer satisfaction

A customer satisfaction survey was conducted by YouGov in November of 2012. Out of the six major power suppliers in the UK, Scottish power had the third highest score. Their overall customer satisfaction score was 70.2%.

How do Scottish Power generate energy?

Scottish Power generate most of their energy with coal at 49%. Gas is their secondary source at 43%. The rest of their power is generated via green methods at just 8%. Scottish Power use a lot of coal and gas, which is why they produce so much CO2. However, they are the only one of the six major UK energy providers that are able to brag that they use no nuclear fuel at all.

How much CO2 do ScottishPower produce?

ScottishPower are currently the biggest CO2 producers in the UK. They generate over 600 kilograms of CO2 per kWh. The second biggest producer of CO2 is E.ON. They generate around 550 kilograms of CO2 per kWh. This is a reasonably high amount when compared with EDF. EDF generate less than 300 kilograms of CO2 per kWh, and Ecotricity generate less than 200 kilograms per kWh.

How much nuclear waste is produced by ScottishPower?

ScottishPower are one of the only large energy producers in the UK that do not use nuclear fuels. Therefore, they generate no nuclear waste at all.

Scottish Power general knowledge

Scottish Power may not have the most energy customers, but they do have a very large delivery network that provides a lot of energy supply services. Their network includes billing, call centre support and metering.

They are the United Kingdom’s biggest CO2 producer; however, they have been implementing renewable energy for a few years now. This has resulted in a slow, but consistent, growth of their production of green energy. Their main focus is on wind farms. They hope to provide over 250,000 UK homes with green energy fairly soon.

The company has been growing organically for over ten years and had a worldwide sales total of more than £6.5 billion in 2012. Their profits in 2012 were £2.4 billion. Scottish Power only has 5.2 million customers in the UK, which means they have fewer customers than the other five major energy producers. Most of their customers are based in America and Brazil, where their business has steadily been growing over the last few years.

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