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A Review Of The Npower Power Company (UK And Europe)

A Review Of The Npower Power Company (UK And Europe)

This article is packed full of information about the Npower energy company. It details their standing in the YouGov customer satisfaction survey. It explains the company’s main selling point and things such as how much CO2 and nuclear waste that they produce. Npower used to be called the Central Electricity Generating Board, but after the company was privatized in 1990, it became known as National Power, and now Npower. Npower is owned by a German group called the RWE Group. Here are some statistics and facts about Npower.

How many people use Npower in the UK?

Npower currently have over 6.5 million customers. They sell to domestic customers and business customers in the United Kingdom. The only other energy companies that have more customers are British Gas and SSE.

What are Npower’s selling points?

They are a large company and are one of the few that are less likely to go bankrupt during the global economic crisis. They offer free energy efficiency advice on their website.

Npower customer satisfaction

Of the six major energy suppliers in the United Kingdom, Npower scored the worst on a customer satisfaction survey conducted by the YouGov group. Npower achieved an overall score of 51.8%. The energy company that scored the highest was E.ON, who achieved an overall score of 73.5%.

How do N-Power generate energy?

Gas is used by N-Power as their main source of fuel, with 60% of their energy being generated using gas fuel. Around 28% of their power is produced using coal, 9% is produced using green renewable resource, and around 1% to 3% is produced using nuclear fuel.

How much CO2 do Npower produce?

They are the third largest producers of CO2 in the UK, and they produce just over 500 kilograms of CO2 per kWh. They produce ever so slightly more than SSE (who were formally Scottish and Southern Energy). This power company produces just over 200 kilograms of CO2 per kWh than EDF, who are one of their main competitors. In addition, even EDF is beaten in CO2 production by Ecotricity and Good Energy, who produce less than 200 kilograms of CO2 per kWh.

How much nuclear waste is produced by Npower?

They generate less than 0.0005 grams of nuclear waste per year. The national average is 0.00175 grams per kWh of power produced.

Npower general knowledge

Over 10% of the electricity used in the UK has been produced by power stations operated by Npower. They also offer a free phone number that has trained advisors available to give free advice and tips on saving energy.

They have made a few changes to try to improve their customer service. Their support telephone numbers are either free or operate at a reduced charge. They offer a number of tariffs so that people are able to pick the one that suits them the best. This power company also has an online service that allows customers to submit their own meter readings and pay their bills online. They will also send you reminders for when you need to read your meter, so that you may keep your bills more accurate.

In a further effort to improve their customer relations they have all of their call centres based in the UK, which means that customers will be more likely to reach a person who is a native English speaker.

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