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A Review Of Freelancer-Friendly Apps

A Review Of Freelancer-Friendly Apps

It has been a while since we offered a list of Freelancer-friendly apps. We took a selection of different apps that were suggested to us by our viewers, and we reviewed each one of them. Some of them seem to have a far better reputation than they deserve. Our hope is that you will search through this list and find a few apps that work well for you.

Hopper app

Hopper app

The Hopper mobile app lets you book accommodations and flights on your phone. The app will advise you which flight and accommodations are a suitable choice for you.

If you use the Hopper app, you will be able to save money, you will be notified when cheap flights are available, and it will help you book the your chosen hotel quickly and securely. The app is relatively secure, which will protect you when you pay for your hotel or flights. Hopper is free to download and use, and you can save you up to 40% if you use Hopper. You save up to 40% by utilizing its predictions system. The app uses pricing information to guess when the price of a flight is going to drop.

Despite being a great app, you will be better off actually buying your tickets and hotel stays either directly or through another agent. This is because the app doesn’t offer much buyer protection, and has no legal obligation to notify you of things such as flight delays, changes in your booking, and so forth.


  • A fast way to book your flights and accommodation
  • Get price alerts for your favourite destinations
  • It sometimes correctly predicts when prices will drop


  • Does not notify you if your flight-seat booking changes
  • The app only shows today’s flights on a day-to-day basis
  • Sometimes the prices have increased before you have had a chance to buy

Grab app

grab app

Grab is a mobile app that offers a collection of services, such as a service for booking taxis, a service for ordering food, hiring bikes, and so forth.

The app offers many services to choose from. For example, there is the GrabTaxi app that allows you to book a taxi from within the app itself. The Grab app is based in South-East Asia, which also covers Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Myanmar, Cambodia and the Philippines. The Grab app offers customers offline and online services in nearly all of South-east Asia, which includes over 500 towns and cities

Grab offers a safe, cashless way to make payments by using the app service called GrabPay. This app is a reasonably safe way for you to pay for the services you order, such as if you use their food deliveries services, or one of their rides services. You pay by using their secure mobile wallet.

You can send documents and parcels with the service called GrabExpress. This service offers an affordable, reliable and fast courier service, which gives you insurance for many of the items you have purchased.

Using the GrabFood app, you can order food from selected restaurant and it will get delivered to your doorstep by using this app. Another app you should try is the GrabFresh app, it’s a service that hand picks groceries and will deliver from the store to your home at a scheduled time that has been set. If you plan to use this service on a daily bases, it maybe wise to subscribe on a monthly basis, as this will save you money.


  • Has a wide range of in-app services
  • You can cancel your subscription any time
  • Order food and taxis without calling people


  • The app will auto renew your subscription without notifying you
  • It is very data-hungry, which may not suit people who are on metered data plans
  • There is no way to cancel and get a full refund

The WhatsApp Business App

Whatsapp business

WhatsApp Business Android
WhatsApp Business Apple

As a freelancer or small business owner, you could probably use the WhatsApp messenger to send private messages to clients and employees with ease. If your business is a little larger, it may be a good idea to pay for the WhatsApp business app.

WhatsApp business is a free messaging app that has a built in end-to end encryption for added security. However, with that said, even though it is safe, it shouldn’t be used for private and confidential communications because there is no guarantee of safety from hackers or other online and offline threats. The app allows you to send in-app text messages, voice messages and video calls. You are able to use WhatsApp on your PC, and on most mobile devices.

Using WhatsApp Business allows customers to contact you and allows them to get a fast response for any questions they have. For example, they may ask your business about what time there order will be with them, how much the item cost, and so forth. You may have your staff answer questions via the WhatsApp business app. The App can be either used for clients who want to make orders/cancel, and may be used by people who do not want to call or send emails.


  • You can use it as a way for customers to contact you or your customer services
  • It is great for having group chats with friends, family, customers and work colleagues
  • It is easy to use and very reliable


  • Despite its encryption, you should not send private information through the system
  • It sometimes tells you that you are not connected when you actually are
  • Notifications can sometimes be sluggish on mobile devices

Facebook Messenger App

The Facebook Messenger app is a text-messaging and calling app that allows you to send Facebook messages without visiting the Facebook website, and allows you to make video calls using the FaceTime function.

Facebook Messenger is a great way to stay in touch with friends and family. You are able to contact your your friends and family though your Facebook contact list, either by using group chat, video chat, text or through person-to-person calls through the Facebook system. The Facebook Messenger App, allows you to play games with your friends, send funny emojis/ GIFs, and you can also send photos too. In selected countries you are able to use the app to send money to your friends and family by using the Facebook payments system. If you are using Wi-Fi and the app, it is free to call people who are on Facebook, but be careful because this app is very data-hungry and will use your phone data very quickly.


  • You can stay in touch with friends and family from around the world
  • You are able to delete, block and mute people you don’t want to talk to
  • Some businesses even use Facebook Messenger as a way of contacting customer services


  • You cannot turn off the auto-update (even though the app settings claim you can)
  • The app shows you are active, so you have people messaging you day and night
  • It is buggy and often freezes up and force closes

Foap App

The Foap app is an earning app where you can earn money by taking photos and selling them, or earn money by selling photos you already have on your phone.

Foap is an app that you can use to help you earn money by selling photos you take on your mobile device, but it suffers from a fairly low purchase rate when compared with websites such as ShutterStock. You may also use the app to purchase photos too. You can sign up using your email, or you can sign up using your Facebook account. The app is free to use, you will be able to connect with others who use Foap, and they will be able to give you feedback about the photos you have taken. Using Foap Mission function, you may be able to find projects where you are paid for taking photos, but the jobs board is usually rather empty.


  • Streamlines the photo-taking and photo-selling process
  • You can upload photos from your mobile device quickly
  • Withdraw your money easily using PayPal


  • The app contain too many ads
  • Too many bugs means the app keeps crashing and shutting down
  • Very few buyers actually use this service

Yolt App

This app is a money managing app that allows you to see all of your bank accounts and credit cards on one place by syncing all of your accounts with Yolt. Your app will be able track how much you are spending, it will help you create budgets, and you can sync more than one bank account within a single app. The spending chart within the app will show you how much you have spent in the last three months. The Yolt app is only available in Italy and the UK.

As all of your bank accounts will be synced together, this means you will more easily be able to send money between accounts, pay bills, send money to your friends and family. Setting up the Yolt app with your bank accounts will take a long time.

This app can also help you find a utility provider that will save you money on energy, and you can enjoy in-app guides that will give you hints and tips on how to save money. In addition, you will be able to protect your family by insuring your home through the Yolt app.

Yolt app says that keeping all of your bank information safe is their number one priority. This means that they won’t sell any of your data, they have bank level security, this means all of your information is always protected and guarded. However, it pays to be cautious, and they do ask for a lot of information, so be careful and do your research before you give out your details. After all, there are many people who do not like handing out such a lot of information to just one company.


  • Clean interface and simple to use
  • The app uses bank-level security and is backed by ING
  • You may never miss a bill as you receive notifications daily


  • Does not support Triodos bank accounts
  • If you lose your 16 digit recovery code you can’t delete or recover your account
  • Requires quite a lot of information

UpWork App

UpWork app is a job searching app that allows Freelancers to search for projects and work. Freelancers will find the UpWork app easy to use. UpWork is free to sign up to and use if you are a freelancer.

You can apply for jobs, you can post jobs, you can submit proposals, and will have notifications sent to you about new jobs that are available. The UpWork app allows you to chat with clients, send screenshots, send documents, and you will be able to reject or accept any job invitations that you may receive.

If you are a client, you can chat with freelancers, send and receive work, and get notifications when a freelancer accepts or declines your offer. When a client sets up their account they can set a fixed price for the work they want the freelancer to do, and they can review the freelancers proposals and profiles.

As a freelancer on UpWork, you can verify your ID when applying for a U.S. job. If you decided to subscribe with the UpWork app, you have four plans you can choose from, and prices with vary depending on which one you choose. You have four plans to choose from are:

Basic Plan:
If you choose to use the Basic package, it offers easy payments and has built-in collaboration tools. The basic package is free to use, and you only pay freelancers after you have chosen them. You can post jobs and look at their proposals for free.

Plus Plan:
To use the Plus package every month, you would get everything that is in the Basic plan, and you get tailored search results featuring top rated freelancers and rising talent freelancers. You also get dedicated account managers to help you find and hire top quality talent fast. There are also project tracking and collaboration tools for teams, and you get to invite up to 15 freelancers personally for each job you post.

Business Plan:
The Business Package offers you everything in the Plus plan, and you will also get detailed reporting with company insights and trends, consolidated billing, and invoicing tools too. Here is a link to the pricing page that contains all the plan’s features.

Viber App

Viber is a messaging and a calling app. The app has the same features as Facebook/ WhatsApp such as, voice messenger, video messages, and video calls that are available around the world.
It is a fantastic app to use if you are working aboard, or if you are planning on going on vacation. You can have fun sending over ten thousand expressive stickers, funny GIFs, and pictures. You can join lots of group chats and/or create group chats for your work colleagues, friends, and family.

As Viber is very security aware, it will keep your friends and family safe by encrypting all messaging conversations. They do this so others can’t read your messages and neither can Viber. With that in mind, there is no way to be sure they are not reading your messages, so never send financial information or private information through Viber.

You can only use this app in the UK, USA, India and Russia. Viber app is free to use, but you will need to have Wi-Fi or be on a data plan in order to use it (aka, you need the Internet to use it, and it can be costly if you are on a Pay-As-You-Go data plan).You are able to call landlines and mobile devices with a feature called Viber Out.

To make using Viber app cheaper you can go onto a calling plan for when you visit your favorite destination or buy pay-as-you go credit, and both will save you money. Using this feature on Viber app will be charged on a low-cost international calling service. If you use the “Viber Out” feature, you will be able to purchase a monthly or weekly subscription. If you subscribe via your iTunes account you will be charged on the same account once the purchase has gone through. The subscription is set to auto renew, but you can turn that option off.

You can stay in touch with friends and family by sharing photos, sending free text messages, attaching videos, and attaching files to each message. Unlike Facebook, you can set up a self-destruct feature that will delete your messages after a predetermined time has elapsed. Set the destruction time, and after your message status is marked as read, that conversation will be erased after a set amount of time.


  • You can sync the app to your PC/laptop to use the app on your desktop device
  • Stay connected with people in the UK, USA, India and Russia
  • Auto-destroy your messages at a predetermined time


  • When you answer calls the speaker is automatically turned on and you can’t turn it off
  • Ads keep popping up while you are talking to people
  • Sometimes the message-receipt function lags

Pennies App

Pennies is an app that helps you separate all of your finances such as your bills, ad-hoc purchases, travel money, events and vacations. Using this app, you can make sure that you have enough money to pay all of your bills that are on your budget, this will allow you to put aside some money each month. The app will notify you if you are spending too much by turning the screen red when you check the app.
If you have an Apple Watch Extension that connects to your iOS mobile device, you are able to stay updated anytime of the day via Apple Watch notifications. Use this app with your watch, and you can check your payment history to see how much you have spent that day and check your budgets through the week with. You have to buy the Pennies app, and there are also in-app purchases within the app.


  • You won’t need to log-in to your internet banking to check your bank account
  • You can use your Apple Watch to keep track of your monthly/weekly budgets
  • Works for the iPad, iPhone and Apple Watch


  • You have to give away an awful lot of personal information to use the app
  • The app is very data-hungry
  • Needs far more functions and features to become truly useful

BlueJeans app

BlueJeans is an app that gives you audio, video, and web conferencing. It helps you create, conduct, and run your meetings with clients, customers, friends and family.

BlueJeans can be used with Google Chrome, Android, Microsoft, iOS and Windows. The app gives you voice recognition, and uses Dolby Voice for fantastic quality sound. The app offers you three trials to choose from. You can try the “BlueJeans Meetings” 14-day trial. With the 14-day trial, you will be able to have a web conference from any device using video or audio.

Choosing the Bluejeans Events option will allow you a 30-day trial, you will be able to livestream interactive events and host them too.

The last 30-day trial is the “BlueJeans Rooms” trial, where you may host online rooms that you may use as web conferencing rooms. It offers one-touch video and audio, which makes the app easier to manage. BlueJeans offers three service plans:

Me Plan:

Meet up to 50 people online, you may connect from any divice, such as an Android, PC and/or iOS. All your meetings will include dial-in numbers.

My Team Plan:

The My Team plan is perfect for teams and mid-sized business, you can meet with 75 participants, there is a command center dashboard, you get have 10 hours/ host Cloud meeting recording, and you will get all of what Me plan features.

My Company Plan:

My Company is the ultimate plan because it has all the features from My Team plan, you will get a room system support calendars connect to H.323/SIP room systems and you will get to meet with up to 150 participants. You will need to contact BlueJeans for volume discounts and prices.


  • BlueJeans app has audio and video conferencing system that is of a high quality
  • There are several free trials you may try out
  • Connect with as many as 150 people in one conference


  • Bugs in the system keep making the calendars stop syncing
  • Seems to work better on some devices than on others
  • The email you sign up with will be spammed

GroupMe App

GroupMe is an app that is free to use, but has in-app offers and purchases. The app allows you to connect with family, friends and work colleagues by using a private chat group. If you lose your phone you can log into your GroupMe account using the website; this way, you can still get into the app and maybe even disable it so other people cannot gain access to your account.

You can include your friends who are already in your contact phone’s list. If your friends do not have the app, they can still contact you by sending SMS messages to the app. This means their single SMS text may be seen by all the people in the group within the app.

GroupMe lets you be in control of which group chats you accept, it lets you control if you receive notifications, and it gives you the option to leave a group or mute a group.

If you don’t feel like writing what you want to communicate, you can use GroupMe exclusive emojis instead. As all the photos and video get saved into your gallery, you are able to keep them and transfer them onto your computer. SMS chat is only available in the US only and standard text messaging rates may apply.


  • A great app for talking to multiple people at the same time
  • Very helpful app to keep your work colleagues in the loop
  • You have the option to turn off the notifications


  • There is sometimes a lag between messages being received and you being notified
  • You cannot hide your presence on the app
  • GroupMe app uses too much data if you don’t have Wi-Fi

Zelle App

The Zelle app lets you send and receive money from different bank accounts in the USA. If your bank does not offer Zelle by default, then you are able to send money via the app itself.

This app allows you to send money from one Zelle user to another, and some banks and credit unions use this app as part of their online banking portal. Zelle is partners with credit unions across the US. However, in most cases, you may only send money between Zelle apps via a phone. If you or your recipient do not have a phone with the Zelle app, then this money transfer company cannot be used. You may use the email address of the recipient, or use the person’s mobile number. This free app will make sending money faster and easier.

Zelle should only be used to send money to family, friends and people you trust. You should not pay for services of products with Zelle because such transactions are at a very high risk. Zelle doesn’t have a protection program for your money, which means you cannot get your money back if somebody scams you and/or if you send money to somebody you didn’t mean to.


  • This app does not charge you any fees to send and receive money
  • Money is transferred fairly quickly
  • Has a clean and simple interface


  • It demands that you give out a lot of personal information
  • Only transfer between the 30+ approved banks/credit unions
  • Does not have a default password

Budgetbakers Wallet App

Budgetbakers Wallet lets you manage your finances across multiple banks, financial institutions and currencies. It allows you to track and manage your budgets via your mobile phone.

Check on all of your money in your bank accounts with this app. It is free to use, and offers in-app purchases. Using this app allows you to stay up-to-date with all of your bills. The Budgetbakers Wallet App will send you automatic bank updates that are securely synced with your bank.

The app offers manual bank updates and financial information imports, so you can save your financial data to a spreadsheet. It produces reports that are easy to understand, and the app offers you ideas that will help you to save money with flexible budgets.

If you decide to try Budgetbakers Wallet, you will be allowed to input your loyalty and reward cards, this means you can upload all of your plastic debit cards, credit cards, rewards cards and loyalty cards (the ones that have barcodes) to the Budgetbakers Wallet. This means you will be able to use your phone rather than having to use plastic cards, real cash money, and loyalty/rewards cards because you will have added them into this app on your phone.

The Budgetbakers Wallet app allows you to set up a PIN that only you know, and it has a fingerprint security feature that means only you can access the app.


  • Budgetbakers Wallet app will send automatic bank updates to your mobile device
  • Export financial data that you can put into spreadsheets
  • Uses PIN and fingerprint security to keep the app locked


  • Asks for a lot of your personal information
  • The GUI is clunky and unintuitive
  • Creating budgets is too difficult and not worth the time it takes

Freelancer-Friendly Apps – Evernote App

Evernote is a paperless notebook that allows you to add voice memos, create text-based notes, add photos, and sync your work between devices.

Using this app, you are able to create and work on multiple projects for your job, or you can use it to make a wishlist or shopping list. Evernote is free to use, and there are in app purchases. You can use the app to scan any notes you have written down on paper, and will add it to your project within the app. This app can help you become more organized, have fun making planners, and take your work with you wherever you go. Evernote will let you share your notes, memos, and journals with friends, family and work colleagues. If you choose to subscribe monthly to their Premium plan you will be entitled to:

  • Turn notes into presentations quickly
  • Annotate PDFs
  • Add your account to an unlimited number of devices
  • You may add 10 GB of new uploads each month
  • Save emails to Evernote
  • Search inside Office docs and attachments using Evernote
  • Access your notes and notebooks offline
  • Scan and digitize business cards

Prices may vary depending upon which location you live in when you subscribe. All subscriptions will be charged to your Google account, and if you want to cancel your subscription you will have to do this at least 24 hours before your current period ends.


  • You are able to sync all of your notes and memos to your phone, tablet and computer
  • Allows you to keep your work private by using a fingerprint and a code feature
  • Evernote app has many tools, features and functions


  • You have to pay extra to have content available offline
  • Not easy to use
  • You keep getting ads asking you to upgrade to premium all the time

Hours – Time Tracking app

Hours is a time tracking app that allows you to record the number of hours you have worked. This sort of thing is handy if you are a freelancer and you are working on an hourly rate.

This app has a start/stop timer that you may use to record your hours, and you are then able to connect to the FreshBooks cloud accounting program to upload your information.

The app gives you as many timers as many as you need for each project, you can switch between one and another with just a tap. You are able to create your Hours account for free online, or you can use the app and use your account that way.

This app is easy to use with a start and stop button. It offers data backup and restoration, so you will never lose your work. It has an “Hours left” (daily and weekly) function where you you can see how many hours and days are remaining for you to complete your work. The app has an “Excel export” function, which means you can export data to your Excel account and create a copy of the selected data, then you will be able to store the data into a copied file that can be opened Excel. It has a “Statistics” function, which means it will collect and analyze all data that has been collected on the Hours app to give you the correct information when helping you track your time. The app also allows you to choose what color you would like the background to be.


  • Hours app allows you to keep track of the hours you work
  • You don’t need to create an Hours account in order to use the app
  • Never lose work as it offers data back up and restoration


  • Hours app blocks phone call coming though when the app is running
  • The time zones function needs to be updated
  • Won’t let you set your schedule ahead of time for some projects

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