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A Guide to Legit No ChexSystems Banks (2020 Edition)

A Guide to Legit No ChexSystems Banks (2020 Edition)

One of our more popular topics is Non ChexSystems Banks, that is, a list of Updated major banks that don’t require ChexSystems.

We’ve given an older list (by state) of various Non ChexSystems banks.

You can also read the comment section — people often post their own recommendations and currently results when trying to open a bank. You may find some working banks listed there.

However, I thought I’d give an easy summary of banks that will allow you to open a new bank account even if you have a bad chexsystems record.

This is a list that’s updated in 2020. The reports come from our own experience and experiences that other people have reported. I’ll do my best to update it each year for you guys, but do help out and leave comments if you encounter problems with banks on this list or you find new ones.

As a disclaimer — the advice here is what it is: advice. I can not guarantee the recommended banks WILL 100 percent accept you or reject you with a ChexSystems record. The problem is that bank policy often changes and individual circumstances (and luck) can mean you might be able to open a bank account with a ChexSystems history while someone else with the same issue may find they cannot open an account. So, keep this in mind. 

What To Do Do If You Have a ChexSystems Record and Need a Bank Account?

There are basically three options here when it comes to getting a no ChexSystems account:

Option 1: Find a Bank That Uses a Different System

You open a regular bank account with a bank that uses EWS which is another system banks use to approve bank accounts.

My best bank account recommendation for this is to try applying online for a BBVA Free Checking account.

BBVA has a similar process that other banks use, but they use the EWS system. It’s a fully featured checking  account so there will be NO limitations. If you get it, you’re done and you can forget about ChexSytems and that damn database for good.

Even better though, if your  BBVA Bank Account application is denied, then BBVA offers you their Second Chance account, which is called the BBVA Easy Checking Account — this one is ready made for people who are not approved for their normal checking account.

So this is your best bet.

Option 2: Open a Second Chance Account

Second Chance Account is a bank account for people with ChexSystems or credit problems. My recommendation here is to apply for the BBVA Easy Checking. BBVA will give this account to you if you apply for their regular checking account and get rejected — so you don’t apply for it directly. Just apply for the BBVA Free Checking first. If you get approved, then you get a fully featured checking account and problem solved (BBVA does use EWS). If your application is denied, you’ll be offered their pretty good Second Chance Account (i.e. the Easy Checking account).

The difference between a Second Chance Account and a regular bank account is the Second Chance has some stipulations and limitations applied to the account. You usually will have to pay a small monthly fee (which is something you might pay anyways if you get a non-free checking account from most banks).

We have an article about The Best Second Chance Accounts of 2017 for more information about these type of second chance accounts. You can also look at our State List of

You can also look at our State List of Non-ChexSystems Banks at the bottom of this post. For many of the states we’e also included an updated list of second chance accounts for that state as well. However, I can’t promise as to how accurate the list will be. You’ll probably have to call a lot of the banks and ask on the phone — and expect a fair number of them to say no as the list may be outdated slightly.

Option 3: Dispute Your ChexSystems Record (and win)

The third option is to successfully Dispute your ChexSytems Record to get the problem records removed by the company.

Now, note that just because these banks don’t look at your ChexSystems record, they still may look at other services that track your credit in some way, such as using EWS, Telecheck (the alternative to Chexsystems) or do a credit check.

I HIGHLY recommend you do a credit score check first to see what your actual credit history is because these banks might just look at that score instead of ChexSystems, so you need to know where you stand. You can have a bad ChexSystems score but a decent or great credit score — the two are not necessary related. So keep this in mind.

You can have a bad ChexSystems score but a decent or great credit score — the two are not necessary related. So keep this in mind.

The Best No ChexSystems Bank Accounts of 2020 (Option 1)

We highly recommend you read our other articles on this topic as well:

Here’s our list of legit no ChexSystems bank accounts (many work too if you have Telechex and EWS records)…

Discover Online Savings Account

This is a flexible savings account.

A few years ago, people with ChexSystems problems were not allowed to open accounts here, but there are reports now that you can open a bank account with a ChexSystems record.

This bank account is actually a pretty decent one if you are looking for a savings account. They offer mobile check deposits and an interest rate of .95 percent, which is higher than the average by several times. You will need to put in a $500 deposit into the savings account when opening it but you don’t need to keep this amount in the account after you open it. It’s also a no monthly fee account, so no need to keep paying each month to maintain this account.


  • No ChexSystems Requirement
  • $500 deposit that does not need to be maintained
  • No monthly fee
  • Mobile check deposits
  • .95% interest rate on savings
  • Ability to apply for a checking account ONCE you open the savings account

Washingtons Savings

If you are willing to live with the $10 USD fee per month, this bank account does do a ChexSystems check, but they won’t deny you an account because you have a record (the exception being a fraud report). There are some advantages to this account.

  • Over 50,000 ATMs in the US
  • Debit Card enabled
  • Checking (with a checkbook)
  • No overdraft fees
  • $10 maintenance fee.

TD Bank

This is another option to consider if you need a non-chexsystems bank account.

The TD Ameritrade account does not do a ChexSystems check which means if you have a ChexSystems record, you can freely open this account.

However, there is a process you need to follow first. You need to open a brokerage account (TD Ameritrade is, in fact, a brokerage), then once you have the brokerage account created, you then need to sign up separately for checking abilities (which adds checks and debit card to your account).


  • No ChexSystems or EWS requirements
  • No minimum deposit
  • No monthly fees
  • Pay bills online
  • Direct deposit allowed


If you are in one of the handful of states that has this bank, you can open an account even with a ChexSystems account. The exception for this being that you cannot owe the bank itself any money (which likely will not be the case). Note that TCFBank will look at your EWS record — so if you have both a ChexSystems and EWS history, you may not get this account.

TCFBank has branches in Arizona, South Dakota, Colorado, Michigan, Illinois, and Minnesota. As of 2015, no other states have this bank just yet.

Renasant Bank

The good news with this bank branch is they don’t care about either Telecheck, ChexSystems, or EWS — so you can have a record with one or more of these without a problem. The only condition is you can’t owe Renasant any money.  There are only branches as of yet found in George, Mississipi, Alabama, and Tennessee.

This bank offers:

  • Mobile banking
  • Online application
  • Free bill pay online
  • Checking Accounts

This bank is only located in Mississippi, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia. You can have a Chexsystems, Telecheck or EWS record but there must not be any money owed to Renasant Bank. Checking accounts offer free online bill pay along with mobile banking. You can apply online.

USA Checking

For those who are connected with the military or have a spouse or parent who served in the military. Another bank account that does not use the ChexSystems database.

However, they do use the EWS system (an alternative to ChexSystems), so you may or may not get in if you apply. You need to put down a $25 deposit into the account to start it and you have the full range of regular bank services (credit cards, debit cards). USAA specializes specifically in military personal, so this bank won’t be accessible to you if you don’t have family members who have either had a USAA account and/or been in the military.

Capital One 360

You can open a Capital One 360 account with a ChexSystems history (they will do a lookup of your ChexSystems), but Capital One doesn’t not ONLY look at ChexSystems. They will pull your credit history and do a EWS report as well. The good news is that unless you have a history of banking fraud on your ChexSytems account, you still will be able to open an account provided you have a decent credit score. In years past, many people recommended the Capital Ones 360 as the best non-chexsystems account and pretty much a guaranteed way to start a bank account with bad chexsystems history, but now those policies have changed. If you have chexystems history and bad credit, you may be rejected. But it’s worth the try as they don’t only base acceptance on ChexSystems

United Bank

A bank account to consider if you have problems due to ChexSystems. Keep in mind that only select states have United Bank Branches. The beauty of this bank is that they don’t do any ChexSystems checks. So if you have a United Bank branch in your state (currently Washington DC, Virginia, Ohio, Maryland, Pennsylvania have bank branches).

Fort Still National Bank

This bank, as of yet as reported by customers,  does not do a ChexSystems check on customers applying for a new bank account. It’s worth checking out an applying if non of the other options work for you.

First Convenience Bank

If you live in one of the few states that have this bank, you are in luck as they do not do any credit check OR Chexsystems check. Additionally, they don’t look at Telecheck or EWS either, so you pretty much are guaranteed to be able to open an account here if you have a ChexSystems record. You’ll have to pay a $12 dollar fee though per month if you don’t meet their requirements every month (which has to do with keeping a minimum balance at all times in your account). Additionally, you’ll have to pay a dollar (yes, that’s $1 USD) to open a new checking account.

Note that as of 2105, you can only find First Convenience Banks in the states of Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.

Second Chance Checking Accounts (Option 2)

If the above bank accounts don’t work, the next option is to look into Second Chance Checking accounts. There are designed for people with ChexSystems, Telecheck, EWS histories who can’t get regular bank accounts. Keep in mind that you will often need to pay higher monthly fees and you’ll have a number of restrictions applied to your account. If you prove yourself over a year or two though, the banks WILL upgrade your account to a regular account.

BBVA Free Checking

BBVA may give you their fully featured checking free checking account, even if you have chexsystems problems. And if they deny you for their regular checking account, they offer you a second chance account just for people with ChexSystems problems called BBVA Easy Checking Account.

However, you have to apply for one of their regular checking accounts first and get rejected. Best case, you get a regular checking account. Worst case, you get a second chance account from them.

There are reports that they will deny you if you have am EWS record, however. But word on the street is BBVA is the go to bank for people with chexsystem issues.

The account features the following:

  • no minimum balance requirement
  • check writing
  • visa debit card
  • $14 USD service charge with a $25 deposit when you first open the account.


You can open this account even with a Telecheck or ChexSystems record (provide there are no reports on it of fraud on your part).

US Bank

There are reports of people being able to an account here with bad credit and ChexSystems.

Woodforest Bank

This bank has a specific ‘Second Chance Checking’ account you can apply for. You are given checking abilities, a debit mastercard, and regular bank abilities. However, you won’t be able to apply online but must go into the bank in person. unfortunately, this is not a nationwide bank, so there are some states that won’t have the bank.


Using the non-chexsystems banks list and the second accounts lists above, you should be able to open, with one of these options, a bank account even with a ChexSytems, Telecheck, EWS record, or bad credit history.

However, it is sill possible to have problems after you open the account.

Banks Can Still Close Your Account

Keep in mind that ONCE you have a bank account and you have a ChexSystems record, your bank may at any time shut your account down out of the blue. This could be because of a policy change or the bank does a ChexSystems check (after you have a bank account created), finds you in ChexSytems, and closes your account. Often, if you have money in the account and they close it due to ChexSystems, your balance will be frozen until things are sorted out.

So just be aware that even if you do have a bank account created, you may still lose it afterwards.

Ordering Checks Can Trigger ChexSystems Alerts

Also, if you order checks, some of the check companies will report your information to ChexSystems and ChexSytems may later your bank and your bank may then close your account. So to avoid this, make sure you order checks from companies that do NOT notify ChexSystems.

NON-SAFE Check Ordering Companies

There are reports these companies share information with ChexSystems:

  • Deluxe
  • Designer Checks
  • Checks Unlimited
  • Current Checks

So avoid these companies if you can.

SAFE Check Ordering Companies

If you need checks, order from one of the safe companies so you don’t have any potential problems.

Disputing Record with Chexsystems

Finally, once you have an account, you should keep your account in good standing. ChexSystems records stay around for years (5 years). Even if you have an account (and are in good standing with the bank), it can still be closed if your bank finds out about your ChexSystems record (assuming you manage to open a REGULAR account because the bank doesn’t do a ChexSystems check. If you have a second chance account, this won’t be the case).

Here is a Table with what your ChexSystems records, description of those records, and how long the stay

Account ClosureYour bank shut down account usually “for cause” (e.g., writing too many bad checks or fraud)Removed after 5 years (unless you dispute it with Chexsystems and win or your bank withdraws record from ChexSystems)
Bounced Checks & OverdraftsMore than one usually
Unpaid Negative BalancesUnpaid NSF (non sufficient funds  fees), overdraft fees, or other fees owed to bank you have not paid
Savings Account, Debit Card or ATM AbuseFraudulent behavior such as depositing empty envelopes at ATM or transferring more than the allowed transfer limits.
Outstanding Checks in SCAN Database of Returned Checks & Instances of Fraudfraudulent check cashing or other fraud behavior
Suspected Fraud / Identity TheftModifying checks or giving fake information on applications (false identity)
Chex Systems Inquiriessome party doing a ‘check’ of your ChexSystems score — either employer, a bank, a credit agency, you, or some other enabled partyMay be removed after 90 days (but a maximum of 3 years) if YOU do the check. If another party does the check, the record stays for 5 years
Lost Checks & Debit CardsThis information is not necessary bad and routinly reproted by banks as a matter of coruse, though it can indicate fraud or problemsRemoved after 5 years (unless you dispute it with Chexsystems and win or your bank withdraws record from ChexSystems)
Check-Ordering History from Past 3 Years
Number of Accounts Applied for in Past 90 Days
Social Security Number/Driver’s License Validation and/or Verification

The Final Word

We’ve given you a pretty complete template for getting a bank account if you have ChexSystems (or other problems). IF you try enough of these options here on this page, you should be able to open a bank account, eventually.

Two final suggestions if you still can’t open a bank account.

1. IF you want more options, look at our Best Second Chance Accounts for 2020 article


2. And also check out our list of SECOND CHANCE ACCOUNTS by state.

Need a Bank Account but have ChexSystems problems or Bad Credit?

Try opening a BBVA Checking Account! BBVA is one of the more forgiving banks and may give you a full-fledged REGULAR bank account when you apply online...even with bad banking and credit history.

And if you don't qualify for the regular BBVA checking account for some reason, you'll then be given the option of opening the special BBVA Easy Checking Account, an account designed specifically for those with banking problems.

...learn more about BBVA Second Chance Banking here

Just click on your state below and a page with a list of both non chexsystems banks and second chance accounts in that sate will appear. Give the second chance accounts (and the non chexsystems banks) on the list a try. You should be able to open a bank account with at least ONE of these banks listed.

About The Author

Ben Todd

Ben was a seriously broke graduate student with bad credit who after finding himself rejected for any sort of credit card or loan for most of his adult life, finally decided to get his financial life in order. ' He spent several years reading as many financial advice books and blogs as he could. And suprisingly, Ben found he actually LIKED the topic of personal finance; after fixing his own finances, starting his own successful work at home website business, and using his earnings to get out of debt, created to help others do likewise!


  1. Rob

    I opened a TD Ameritrade account and got an email a week later saying that they ran me through ChexSystems and was closing my account. ETrade did the same. Just FYI guys.

    • admin

      Good to know! Thanks for the update — I’ll make a note of this on the article.

      Some of the banks do let you open a new account, but then run ChexSystems later (because it’s part of the procedure or something about your account triggers a flag) and close your account.

    • SDC

      I was also denied checking with TD Ameritrade. They did tell me to open the brokerage account and reapply in six months. I ended up going with BBVA Compass and they somehow gave us a regular account.

  2. K

    Same here, also had cs ira for 25 years and tried to open their brokerage and the same thing happened. Schwab was due to credit score supposedly, but etrade are scumbags, and ive yet to use my td because allow me margin, options and everything under the sunm but no debit card priveleges… maybe timr to take biz to singapore lol

    • admin

      The difficult is that while credit scores are not ‘usually’ looked at by banks, they still can be. ChexSystems is by far the most important factor in your ability to open an account, but if a bank doesn’t use ChexSystems, they may use TeleCheck or an EWS record. And if they don’t do those, then they may indeed look at your Credit Score and base their decision on that.

      Also, banks are always changing their policies — they may not use ChexSystems one year, then use it the next year, then stop using it the year after.

      The best method is to just keep trying with different banks till you find one that lets you in.

  3. Roger

    Just opened at Regions in FL.

  4. Bonnie

    US Bank is listed as bank that may take people with a not so good history with Chex Systems. They reported me to Chex Systems and refused to cash a check (drawn on this exact branch) years later unless they received permission from the account holder.

    This “bank”, and I use that term loosely, reported me personally to Chex Systems rendering it impossible to open an account anywhere. We had a corporation…a 501c3 nonprofit. When opening the account, I put our treasurer down as primary contact person and her mailing address. Being I opened the account, they said they required my personal ss number, as well as my husbands. That sounded strange, but they assured me it is common practice. They had copies of all corporate documents.
    We closed the account with them after a year and went with another bank. Our treasurer closed the account, all checks had cleared, and brought it to a zero balance. US Bank charged a monthly fee to our account AFTER it was closed! Being there were no funds in there, we received an overdraft! No one knew about any of this for a few years because our treasurer died suddenly and her husband moved out of state.
    My husband and I went to open a personal account elsewhere and were denied because US Bank showed us as being in default and stated they closed the account.
    I gathered all documents and went to meet with the branch manager at the location we opened the account initially. He looked everything over and said it was never opened as a corporate account, but a personal account. I told him what the officer told me about it being standard practice for a corporate account. He smiled and said she was new at the time and probably made a mistake!
    We were still liable! I offered to pay $100.00 just to get this off our record. He assured me he would notify Chex Systems and have it removed. A month later I received a check from US Bank in the mail for $100.00 and a note stating they were unable to accept the deal I made with Doug, the branch manager. I was livid and went back up there. That snake weaseled his way around everything. I said screw it…got up and walked out vowing NEVER to walk into another US Bank.
    I should be careful what I vow. We received a personal check in the amount of $62,777.71. I went up there to see if I could cash it…or get some in cash and the remainder in a certified or cashier’s check. Same old Doug was still there. He said he’d have to contact the writer of the check to get their permission! Why would that even be an issue? Why would he have to ask the person who wrote the check (drawn on US Bank) their permission to cash a check she wrote to me? I asked if it was to verify the check being made out to me. He said no, he was aware of the trust papers and knew checks were made out to my daughters and me. He said he needed her permission. She was going to close the account after the checks clear….so she said. US Bank probably has other ideas of what it means to close an account. It made no sense, but nothing at that place does. I wished her good luck. She said she heard so many nightmare stories about US Banks and feels terrible the owner of the trust had the accounts opened there. She had no say in it, but stated she would never consider an account with US Bank either. She is a financial planner.
    My two daughters each received checks from US Bank too for large amounts, but less than mine. They were told the exact thing but the same person. The writer of the check would have to authorize us being able to cash it there.
    At least I know I didn’t hear it wrong.

    How they’ve stayed in business is beyond me.

    Please beware of this place. They are not consumer friendly and have the most outrageous rules. They make them up as needed, I think.

  5. Jay S.

    Why not just open a checking account with a credit union? Credit Unions are non profit organizations. No overpaid CEO’s or Execs making $150,000,000 a year and no corporation profiting tens of billions per year. I’ll go with a credit union over a corrupt national bank any day.
    U.S. income inequality has grown significantly since the early 1970s
    The U.S. was ranked the 6th worst among 173 countries (4th percentile) on income equality measured by the Gini index.[33]

    From 1998 through 2010 business interests and trade groups spent $28.6 billion on lobbying compared with $492 million for labor, nearly a 60-to-1 business advantage.[151]

    The result, according to Smith, is a political landscape dominated in the 1990s and 2000s by business groups, specifically “political insiders” – former members of Congress and government officials with an inside track – working for “Wall Street banks, the oil, defense, and pharmaceutical industries; and business trade associations.”

    The Pew Center reported in January 2014 that 54% of Americans supported raising taxes on the wealthy and corporations to expand aid to the poor. By party, 29% of Republicans and 75% of Democrats supported this action.[174]

    Amalgamated Transit Union international president Lawrence J. Hanley has called for a maximum wage law, which “would limit the amount of compensation an employer could receive to a specified multiple of the wage earned by his or her lowest paid employees.”[226] CEO pay at the largest 350 U.S. companies was 20 times the average worker pay in 1965; 58 times in 1989 and 273 times in 2012.[227]

    • Eric

      Credit unions use Chex as well so there’s your answer.

    • Anonymous

      Just followed your advice on your blog. Just got approved. Thanks!

      • admin

        Great to hear! Can you tell us what you did and what bank — this will help other readers!

        • Anonymous

          I placed a freeze on ChexSystem report and reapplied to Capital One 360. I was approved after being denied 3 days ago

          • Loli

            How long after you places the freeze did you reapply for 360?

          • Anonymous

            @Lori Afterbplacing the freeze in ChexSystem it says to wait 24 hours. Think I waited about 10 mins and it worked

          • Mo

            Thank you so much! This worked for me as well!!

          • Marcelo

            Hi 🙂 GREAT advice! How did you freeze your chexsystem report?

      • AnOnymous

        I’m scared to try it because my luck just doesn’t work like luck should but if this really works and has helped all these people get back a sense of normalcy then this is effing genius and why didn’t I try this before! I’m a victim of DV and my husband left half a dozen account over drawn and somehow opened in my name and when I left a few weeks ago this was all just the most horrific thing that could go wrong when you’re hiding from someone like that. I wish when I had called around asking anyone at all how to get past this that anyone had told me to try this. Thanks for Sharing and helping each other out!

  6. London

    I’ve been with Renasant Bank a few months now. Great bank!! Info given here is true

  7. Liz

    Republic bank in TN also opens accounts for people who are in chexsystems. The account is called simple access checking

  8. Lifesaver

    If you live in Michigan please try first Merit bank they are life savers, I called to see if they do any credit checks, tel check, check systems, or even ews, and they stated that they dont do any of that, they are more of a second chance bank with regular accts, all you have to have is your Id match your current address. I truly love banking with them, if you cant open an acct anywhere else in Michigan try First Merit Bank

    • Michigander

      You were so right! First Merit rocks! Thanks for the tip.

  9. nonane

    huntington will let you open if on chex,-ews- great bank

  10. Cap One 360 don't try

    We know this isn’t the news you were hoping for. We declined your application based on information we received from ChexSystems, a consumer reporting agency. We’ll send both of you an email shortly with more info. If you have questions in the meantime, you can contact ChexSystems at 1-800-428-9623 or http://www.consumerdebit.comOpens a new window.

    Questions for us? Email us at [email protected] a new window.

    • Kim

      Go on Chex system and freeze your account. Wait a lil while(1 hour or so) then reapplt

  11. Jay

    Just a heads up everyone. I have a chexsystems reported from 2012. I called US bank and the branch manager said they do not check that or credit report. I went in that afternoon and opened a checking and savings account. I’ve had them for just over a year now.

  12. AMF

    I went to Capital One 360 and tried and they denied me and my husband. My husband has nothing on his and a great score. Went and froze both of our chexsystem and within 3 mins tried again and boom, we have capital one 360. I do say this though be aware that no matter where you go to bank they can still close the accounts. If you use them properly you shouldn’t have a problem from what we have seen from others who have done the same.

  13. Robert

    I applied at Wells Fargo online and was denied, I do have a Chex history. It said that I might be elgible for an opportunity checking account. I went into the branch to inquire about the opportunity checking and upon pulling up my application info, the rep stated that I was actually approved for a normal checking account. I opened a regular checking and savings right then! I will still split my direct deposit for a couple of months just in case it gets frozen, but somehow Wells Fargo came through when other banks wouldn’t. I’ll try Capital One 360 as a back up.

  14. Lee


    I placed a freeze on ChexSystem report and reapplied to Capital One 360 and I was actually approved after being denied earlier this by them because of bad chexsytems I was victim of identity theft and even have fraud on my account and they still approved after Freezing chexsytems it really works. I also applied for UNITED BANK(unfortunately only available in the DMV DC, MD, VA, WV) but after freezing I took a chance and went into the branch and I got a free checking account with rewards, & a savings account too with IRA, job loss support, a small life insurance plan etc. all covered by the account at no extra cost and they do not check credit at all I thought it was a lie but they actually don’t and I also got checks guys it been a few weeks with both accounts, so far so good fingers crossed. I opened a TD AMERITRADE account fine but was denied a check account and told reapply after 6 months but my brokerage account is fine I can trade and make money but can only access the money at a branch or by transferring to my other bank. There is still hope guys keep trying.

    • admin

      Glad you found a solution! Yes it is possible, though it usually takes some elbow grease! Thanks for sharing your solution!


  15. Lee

    My pleasure keep up the good work helping people like us.

  16. Carlos

    Another bank to add to the positive list: Suntrust… they opened me a checking and savings account, both, fast and easy. I have two issues on chexsystems and also I have my credit screwed up… I just opened it online, they made me questions to verify my identity, I deposited the amount required and ready to go. Most of the banks above rejected my application but suntrust was fast and good.

  17. Jesus Centeno

    I am trying to open a checking account with Texas trust credit union but i dont know if they do chexsytems or early warning signs can anybody help me and let me know if they do thanks…

  18. Matt

    First National Bank DOES use Chexsystems

  19. Eric

    Can verify that Huntington National Bank allowed me to open a checking account. I have issues on Chexsystem.

  20. Marcelo

    Hi guys! How do you freeze your ChexSystems report to be able to open an account? I’ve been denied at 3 banks so far and desperately need help! Thank you so much for your time 🙂

    • Ninah

      Hi, after reading this online I went to place a hold on my Chexsystems profile. I just simply typed it into Google and it came up. If you go to their website, on the site there’s a tab that says “Security Freeze”. Hover over it to see the drop down and select the “place a freeze” option.
      Hope this helps!

  21. nina

    After reading this article and a few of the comments, I decided to put this to the test. I went to the Chex Systems website and put a freeze on my profile. 30 mins later I applied for an account with USAA and I was approved!! I’m so happy to finally be able to have a checking account again, it has been a long road. For the past few years, I’ve tried to no avail to open an account to get back on my feet and I kept being turned down because of fraud reported by Chex that I had no idea about! I disputed it but Chex wanted me to pay. I’m so happy to have found this site. Thank you!!

  22. ATL

    Hi, not sure about Fidelity’s policy but I was given a brokerage account and cash management account with bac checking history. Also, they refund other bank atm fees across the US, there’s no fees, free checks, 24 hr customer service, and I’ve always got direct deposits early. By far the best banking expereince I’ve ever had. Only downfall, it’s an online bank so no branches to go deposit straight cash.

    SunTrust is an awful, awful place as I was employed there for years working in investments, ended up being let go for health issues along with refusing to work 60+ hour weeks any longer, while being forced to claim 40. The CEO is a moron (was on many calls with him). His strategy, cut expenses for employees benefits (Pension removed one day and then within two weeks he took away the coffee across the bank. Anyway, as I was no longer employeed transactions started be deducted differently and I was over 1000k in debt for overdraft fees, which i refused to pay… Could still prob provide some newsworthy “not-really-legal” things that went on there as I have “proof” of a lot of it.

  23. Mina

    Ben Todd, you are a life saver! And, Thank You to everyone who submitted their comments. I did the freeze on Chexsystems. Went into SunTrust a few hours later, and opened a regular Checking and Savings account! God Bless Everyone!!!!!

    • Ben Todd

      Glad you found the solution worked for you!

      Keep us updated on the status of your account in the future!

  24. ShellSMD

    WooHoo I was able to open at SunTrust after placing a freeze. I also wanted to warn that if you open an account with Compass they will turn around and close the account after a few days so beware!

  25. Tatyana Brekher

    Can you put a freeze on business tax Id? Was reported to Chexsystems and can’t open a checking account

  26. Star

    Chase, US bank and BBVA and also Navy Federal Credit Union.. ALL are pretty good banks.. Also Fidelity is also a good option for a non brick and morter bank..

    I was in Chex and EWS for a charge a few years back from Bank of Crap.(America) and about 4 months ago I applied for a Chase and BBVA and was approved waited a few months before getting all happy. And yup still good ! .. BBVA is a really good bank.. We also have NFCU but they are pretty far from us now.

    I was told as long as you have a clean two year record no new reports those banks will approve you. Just don’t screw this one up it might be your last chance for a while..

  27. Anonymous

    After freezing account with Chexsystem. Do you think I can open an account with Wells Fargo? If no, any recommendations for oening an account in CA?
    Thank [email protected]

  28. Steven H.

    Suntrust and Compass will close your account within days after you open it. Suntrust in my city will demand that you appear in person when you try to open an account online and will question you as to why you tried to open an account online and insinuate all sorts of crap. The absolute worst experience ever in opening an account. Will never, ever set foot in another Suntrust and I refuse to accept any check or other type of payment drawn on them.

  29. Salim

    thanks for sharing valuable ideas very pro


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