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9 Tips for Hiring the Right People and Picking the Best Employees for Your Team

9 Tips for Hiring the Right People and Picking the Best Employees for Your Team

How do know if you are hiring the right people? You do not have a wizard hat that tells you which department people are best suited for and many people “Interview” well, but are completely wrong for a job, or are unable to work as part of a team. Here are a few important tips to help you build a team.

1 – Get Involved in HR Personally

As is mentioned a few times in this article, your HR staff are not personally invested in the people they recruit. They do not have to sit side-by-side with these people on a day-to-day basis. They’re looking to complete a task (hire Joe Blow or Mary Sue). They’re not diligently looking for the best fit for your company.

Get involved yourself and find the jigsaw piece that fits, rather than letting your HR department force in a misshapen piece that doesn’t fit.

2 – Get Your Team Involved to a Degree

One of the biggest problems with a group dynamic is internal personality struggles. The second biggest is when people are forced into a group to which they aren’t suited. Part of the problem is the new employee, and the other part of the problem is your team.

If you give your team a say in who enters their group, then they may feel overly empowered (not always a good thing), but they may also gel far better as a group. They have an investment in the outcome of their success because they helped decide who entered the team.

Obviously, you can stack the deck, by which you only present them with team members who you think are already perfect for the job. You cut away all the unsuitable candidates and only present your team with people who you think are great for the job. They pick the ones they like and disregard the others and you still win because your team were never given the chance to pick a poor quality candidate.

3 – Always Opt for New and Young Workers

Want to know how to hire good employees? You pick people who have no experience, and you “create” good employees. Younger employees have a higher turnover and are typically more difficult to train because they have absolutely no experience. But, they also have no bad habits, no work-place prejudices, and no reason to question your methods. Finding a diamond in the rough is tough, but it is worth it.

4 – Stop Asking Questions That a Resume Could Answer

We all want to hire the right employee and yet few employers actually ask what the employee knows. Interviewers ask the sort of questions they could answer with a quick glance at a resume.

Instead, you need to throw a few scenarios at the future employee. Find out what that person would do and see what experience and knowledge the employee uses. The candidate may claim to know stuff, so put it to the test with a scenario or two.

5 – Ask the Question: How Many Sick Days Have You Had?

Unauthorized absence is the plague of the developed world. What is worse is that the employees with 100% attendance are almost always taken for granted. Want proof that your employees are messing around with you?

Host a competition where people with 100% attendance for a full year get a $1000 bonus. See how sharply the unauthorized absences fall. Push the attendance issue and find out how many unauthorized days off the candidate had with their last job.

6 – Run a Long Campaign but Get Back to People Right Away

You know how it works: You post a job, you get plenty of applications, and then they drop off quickly as your advertisement ages. You may post a few others to drive a little more interest, but you haven’t received enough “good” applications to bother starting interviews yet.

The problem is that you need a longer recruiting campaign, but the longer you run it, the harder it is to keep future employee interest. That is why you need to reply to people right away as soon as they apply. You need to give them an interview date, even if that date is weeks away.

Advertising a job can be done via many of the same channels that you advertise your products. Here is an article on free ways to promote your website. Many of the methods in that article may be used to recruit staff.

7 – Hiring The Right People by Listening to Your Intuition

Intuition means looking for red flags. They are those indicators that are so subtle that people with less experience would miss them. Your veteran HR staff may know how to find the right employee, but they do not know the dynamics of your team or the qualities that make a perfect employee. They miss red flags all the time because they’re not the ones that have to work side-by-side with a new employee every day.

Red flags can be shocking or subtle, such as

  • People turning up to the interview with a black eye
  • Somebody gently mentioning that they are epileptic even though they are applying to work in a camera and photography store.
  • Avoiding answering questions
  • Having to think about easy answers
  • Being overly familiar without encouragement.

These are just a few of the red flags you need to keep watch for. It is sometimes hard to put yourself in the shoes of the applicant, and sometimes their behavior is born from being nervous, but experience will teach you the difference between acting nervous and red flags.

8 – Stop Trusting References From Other People

Maybe references were a big help back in the old days, but these days you can learn more about somebody from their work history on their resume or from their status updates on Facebook than you can from references. Work references are so easily manipulated that they should not be trusted.

9 – Stop Using Recruitment Agencies

It is amazing how many companies claim they are having a hard time finding the right employee, and yet they keep using recruitment agencies. The problem is not a lack of quality talent, it is because you are using recruitment agencies. Modern recruitment agencies are more like meat grinders that draw people in with promises of great jobs, and then hand off these poor disenfranchised people off to you. Unless you are running an Amazon warehouse, stop using recruitment agencies and get involved in the recruitment process personally yourself.

Final Thought – Stop Being Part of The Problem

Blaming managers and trainers is unfair and blaming your HR department is too easy. Hiring the right people demands that you take an active role. Leave the paperwork and the due diligence to your staff but get involved in the personal side of the interview process. The best way to hire employees is to get to know people to see how well they may work with your current staff.

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