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7 of the Most In-Demand Careers in Digital Marketing

7 of the Most In-Demand Careers in Digital Marketing

Here are seven careers in digital marketing that businesses are crying out for. Both very large and very small businesses need people to fill the roles laid out in this article. Before you disregard one career or the next, try to understand that each role may offer very different challenges. For example, a job as a brand administrator for a manufacturing company will have very different challenges and rewards to being a brand administrator for a children’s nursery business.

1 – Social Media Manager

Running your own social media campaign seems fun. Yet, years down the line, you will be so sick of it that even a time-saving tool like Buffer will still make you grind your teeth. Going on social media when you want to is fun, but having to do it every time you create some new content is infuriating. That is why there are many business owners who will happily gather up the weight of their social media campaign and hoist it onto somebody else’s shoulders. What’s more, the business owners who are in this position will often give you free rein to do whatever you like if you are successful with their social media campaigns. They will be so willing to remove themselves from the social media area that you are allowed to be as creative as you like. If your boss is relatively hands off, then a social media manager may be one of the best digital marketing jobs available today.

2 – SEO Expert And Administrator

Possibly one of the hardest online marketing jobs is an SEO expert and administrator. It is difficult because you can get great results quickly if you cheat (and most bosses want great results right now!!). In addition, dealing with bosses who “Think” they know how SEO works is very frustrating. Hearing them demand that you insert a certain number of links or keywords can be infuriating when your current long-term plan offers far more rewards for the company.

3 – Content Publicist, Curator And Manager

One of the most time-intensive jobs in digital marketing is that of a content publicist, curator and manager. It is your job to get your content published on other websites, to promote it, and to either spread a brand message or get links back to your website with the hopes of generating direct traffic. Yet, companies need off-page content and links to their websites, which is why this job is in such high demand.

4 – Content Manager

What should be on your website, what should change, what should be updated, what message is the viewer to see, and how does this help fulfill the goals of the company? Some content managers have to work to very tight schedules with very strict KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Then, there are other content managers that simply produce content and post it when needed. The role has different variations depending upon which company does the hiring, suffice it to say that good content managers are in demand.

5 – Affiliate Advertising Manager

As far as digital marketer jobs go, an affiliate advertising manager can enjoy a lifetime of hard work and success, or a lifetime of sub-par results with very little work. If you wish to build a very successful career in this industry, then you need to learn how to test, how to analyze results, and how to act on what you have learned. You need to be highly adaptable and very aware of how affiliate networks manipulate advertisers. Fiercely intelligent people have failed at this job simply because they do not ask “What if” often enough.

6 – Brand Administrator

Martin Luther from Saxony (in the 1520) said that the bread and wine given at Eucharist are not the blood and body of Jesus, but take on the spirit of Jesus. He compared it to putting a hot poker in the fire in that the poker glows red, but it is not actually on fire. A brand administrator understands the same concept when it comes to branding.

Just like the hot poker, each element of a business’s digital marketing needs the glow of the brand. The brand is the raging hot fire in which each marketing elements needs to be immersed before it is published. A brand administrator controls everything from the signature at the bottom of company emails to the promotional pieces that are submitted to news portals. The meaning, the intent, and even the reputation-by-association is controlled by a brand administrator. If given full administrative powers, the brand administrator can be the biggest power for good within a single company.

7 – Technical Consultant or Administrator

How a website loads on different devices to how the app links into the big-data collection programs, and everything in between. Many companies need a technical consultant or technical administrator for their digital marketing. Many times the role involves data collection, interpretation or manipulation, but it the range is very broad. For example, you may find yourself fixing a checkout in one instance, and figuring out the failing/dropping point in a sales funnel in the next instance. It is probably the most technical digital marketing career you can take up, but your skills will be highly prized in a way that demands higher wages in the long run.

Conclusion – Are There Better Careers In Digital Marketing?

In truth, there are many jobs in digital marketing that are absent from this list because they are not as “In Demand” as the ones featured on this list. Business owners are crying out for people with skills in the aforementioned areas, even if those people have criminal records.

What is odd about the digital marketing world is how intermingled and mixed each role becomes. One would not hire a baker and expect him/her to install the ovens and paint the shop sign. Yet each of the seven jobs listed in this article may be administered in very different ways.

For example, you may join one company as an SEO expert and you may be asked to change the CSS and HTML code on the website and spread a very specific branding message. On the other hand, you may join a different company as an SEO expert and be expected to administer the off-page content side of the business.

Careers in digital marketing are popular, but are not yet normalized. This makes the digital marketing industry unpredictable for people who want to build a career in it, but also offers a significant amount of variety, which is very exciting.

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