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64 Easy Ways to Make Money On The Side

64 Easy Ways to Make Money On The Side

There are plenty of ways to make money on the side, and many times it is all about using your imagination, but to get you started with a few moneymaking ideas, here are 64 ways to make money on the side, along with some great money making ideas. These are for people who want a part-time job on the side without begin tied to a contract (aka a flexible job that may be done at the workers discretion).

Just To Make A Point About How To Make Money

Do not buy e-books or seminars on how to make money online or how to make money on the side. This article has 64 ways to make money. It is a comprehensive look at some of the many ways you may make money, and you are getting this article for free. Do not spend money on e-books when this article gives the information away for free.

Frankly, this article is better than any of the dozens of e-books I have read off the Internet and Amazon. Only very very few that had usable or good advice, and that advice is listed here, which you may now enjoy for free.

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1 – Use Your College Educated Skills

Many people learn skills and earn qualifications at high school, university and college. If you have any skills or talents you learned at college, you could turn them into a money making venture that you do on the side. You can do a little bookkeeping on the side, graphic design, programming, photo editing, and the list goes on.

2 – Become An Online Editor If You Have English Qualifications

Text editing is very difficult job. You have to know exactly what your client wants, you need to know and understand what his or her target audience wants, and then you have to turn the text into something that pleases both. Your job is not to rewrite the text; it is to change it into something suitable and hopefully better. It is possible to do it without English qualifications, but the job of selling your services is far more difficult if you do not have the qualifications.

3 – Take Care Of Pets While Others Are On Holiday

There are online services, websites and marketplaces that connect people with pets with people who wish to pet sit. You can try them, but many of them charge the pet owners very high fees and it is very difficult to convince them to use your services. Start with word-of-mouth marketing and social media marketing, and if you get any clients, you can invest your profits into more effective online advertising.

4 – Try Becoming A Proofreader If You Have The Skills And Knowledge

If you have lower English qualifications, but you also have a good understanding of English and you know all the rules, then become a proofreader. You can learn as you work. Take the time to keep improving your skills so that you become a better proofreader as time goes by.

5 – Become A House Sitter While People Are On Holiday

Just like pet sitting for people, you need to start with word-of-mouth marketing, and social media marketing. Invest your profits into better and more effective online advertising. There are some online services that connect house sitters with people who need house sitters, but the websites are very difficult to trust because it is like advertising the fact you are going to be out of your home.

6 – Cleaners Can Make A Very Tidy Profit (Ahh, I’m So Funny)

Speaking from personal experience, I used to have a house cleaner in a property I owned years ago. While chatting with her, I checked online to see the value of her house (she lived near me), and her house was the most expensive in the area. She only works two hours here and three hours there in addition to her full-time job, but clearly, she is managing her extra income very well.

7 – Become A Man With A Van

People will always need a person with a van. If you are a strong woman or a strong man, you can advertise the use of your van and the use of yourself. People will have you doing all sorts; from collecting sofas they bought on eBay to clearing the junk in their garden.

8 – Babysitters Are Still All The Rage

Oddly enough, if you are a spotty 15yr old advertising on Facebook, then parents will hire you. Yet, if you say you are a nursery nurse (early years worker), and you say you have all your qualifications, licenses, police checks and so forth, you will be quizzed and condemned by trolls and easily-scared parents. Experiment with what you post on social media communities to see which works the best.

After babysitting, tell the parents that their kid was good when he or she wasn’t. It will make you sound more competent, especially if all the other babysitters said the kid was a nightmare. In addition, the morning after the child will be rewarded, which will cause the kid to ask for you again.

9 – Sell Your Stuff That You No Longer Need

I am not a fan of people selling their stuff. They usually need it in one way or another. Plus, if you have ample things to sell, then doesn’t that indicate that your spending habits are a little messy? If you have things that you no longer need, such as items where you have upgraded and bought something better, then sell them and keep the money.

10 – Make Things That You Can Sell

There are some people that make a fair amount of money selling their homemade goods. It is difficult to sell your homemade items because you often require a following of some sort. Nevertheless, people sell their knitted items, paintings, carvings, sculptures, and so forth.

11 – Write And Sell Your Comics Or Cartoons Online

Create your comics or cartoons and put them online. Start by putting them on social media for sale. Add a watermark to them so that people are less likely to steal them. Offer them for a reasonable price and see if you make any sales. If you do, then invest in a website and sell them with single-use, recurring use, full-rights and exclusive licenses.

12 – Refurbish Old Furniture And Sell It On

Start small and you will be surprised how easy it is. Find yourself a piece of furniture that was not originally pre-packed and/or flat-packed like Ikea goods. Find something that is made of wood and not made from fiberboard. Sand the wood to remove all the old varnish, stains, and so forth. Now that it looks clean and nice, you may varnish or stain the wood until it looks as good as new. Start small and sell for enough money to cover your costs with a thin amount of profit. Over time, you may increase your prices and your range of furniture as your skills increase.

13 – Try A Little Up-cycling And Try Selling The Results

Upcycling is a little like refurbishing, but you can use things for something other than their original intended purpose. If you are creative, you can make a fair amount of money and gain a number of followers on social media as they eagerly await your next invention.

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14 – Buy Cars From Dumb Teens And Sell Them On

This tip may seem a little mean sprinted, but you can be ethical about it. Teens buy cars on finance that they cannot afford after half a year. They often take them to car buying firms that give them a terrible deal on their car. You can take the car off their hands for more than the dealers do, and then take your time selling it on eBay until you get a good price and a healthy profit.

15 – Sell Your Photos Privately To Websites Or On Online Marketplaces

Websites need photos, blogs need photos, marketers need photos and social media managers need photos. There is a high demand for custom photos and stock photos. Stock photos are the easiest to sell because the best ones happen by accident. Whenever you take photos, make sure you take a great many of them.

Trawl through them to find the one perfect moment. Find the one perfect photo that will make you money. Watermark it and offer it for sale. Watermark across the image; do not put your watermark or logo in a place where it may be snipped off. Only people who have bought your photo may have a logo and watermark-free image.

Perfectly Timed Photo of woman being hit with wave

16 – Ask To Take Things From Dumpsters And Then Sell Them

It may sound like scavenging, but the fact is that people throw things away that are worth money. For example, builders throw away bricks. You can retrieve them, knock off the concrete, and sell them as reclaimed bricks. People also do similar things with timber where they pull out the nails, strip off any plastic pieces, cut off the nasty bits, clean up the wood and sell it.

17 – Walk Dogs For A Small Fee To Make Money

You probably see dog walkers on your street from time to time. Busy people want their dogs walked. Many people don’t know how much they want and need your service until you offer it. Have a few small flyers printed up and deliver pop them in people’s mailboxes.

18 – Wash Cars For A Small Fee If You Are Fairly Young

If you are in your teens or younger, then you may consider having flyers printed and may consider washing people’s cars. Be careful and learn as much as you can about car washing because some people are very fussy about how their car is washed. Even the wrong type of sponge may send them into complaint mode.

19 – Buy Things From Thrift Stores And Sell Them On

Thrift and charity shops will often mis-price items. They may not realize the true value of a pair of jeans, or how difficult an old console game is to find. With electrical and common goods, you can quickly look on eBay’s completed (sold) listings to see how much any previous versions sold for. Do not look on Amazon because you have no idea how long those adverts have been on there.

20 – Offer To Sell Other People’s Items For A Commission Fee

Some people set up small businesses where they sell things on eBay for a commission. Around 10% is usually enough commission. Ask for a price range and try to sell for that price. If it doesn’t sell the first time, offer to try a second time. If it doesn’t sell a second time, you may ask the clients if they will reduce the price or if they would like to pick up the item.

If you are lucky, they will often say, “Nah, just keep it, I don’t mind.” At which point, you may sell it for whatever price you like and it is mostly profit besides the small amount you lost on selling fees for your first two attempts and for your third attempt.

A room full of items that are due to go to auction

21 – Become A Discount Tutor

It is imperative that you charge less than professionals do. You are going to really struggle to sell your tutor services against the massive amount of competition if you are not cheaper. Advertise to people in your area because being a local will often help people trust you a little more easily.

22 – Do Odd Jobs On Craigslist To Make Money

I don’t recommend this one myself, but there are many people on the Internet and on social media that claim they have made good friends and earned good money doing odd jobs off Craigslist. It is not impossible that a job offer to come around and mow an old man’s lawn is genuine, it may be genuine, but there have been too many scare stories about Craigslist for me to trust them.

23 – Take Free Items From Craigslist And Other Classified, Fix Them Up And Sell Them

There are some people that take free items, fix them up, and sell them. Some people do as little as wash the clothes or clean up the items before they are able to sell them.

24 – Donate Blood, Sperm Or Eggs To Companies That Pay For Them

The US seems to be fairy unique in some respects, and one if them is the fact that people are able to sell their blood, sperm and eggs. It happens in other countries, but it is not as common.

25 – Do Not Take Part In Any Scheme Where You Have To Pay Them Anything!

As you surf the net for ways to make money on the side, you are going to find jobs and tasks where you only have to pay a few dollars and they will set you up with a business that cannot lose. If you have to give your credit card details or pay money, then it is probably not real and you should avoid it. It is better to be safe than sorry.

26 – Offer Do To Landscaping Or Garden Work For A Fee

People do enjoy gardening, and some people think of it as a great hobby. Others feel like their garden is a big chore and they would love to pass the work on to another person. That is where you come in. you can advertise on lampposts, in local stores, on social media and on your blog. You may also print flyers and pop them in people’s mailboxes. If you target people nearby, then you will not have to spend money on travel.

27 – Do Not Be A Handyman Unless You Have The Correct Licenses And Insurance

Usually, when people see tips such as number 26, they figure that they are no good at gardening and landscaping, but they are good at decorating, wiring, installing carpets and so forth. If you try to earn money doing such jobs (DIY and so forth) and you do not have the state required licenses, insurance and/or qualifications, then you are probably breaking the law.

28 – Sell Cosmetics If Mary Kay Is Still Operating

Is Mary Kay still sending people out to knock on doors? Is there a local company that is doing something similar? If there is still a demand for people to sell cosmetics door-to-door, then by all means give it a try.

Adult Items And Toys Party With Women29 – Sell Lingerie Or Tupperware By Arranging Parties

If Tupperware parties still exist, then by all means, you should try selling it. There are some companies that provide women with lingerie stock, sex toy samples and catalogs. The women have parties at night where they show off the sexy goodies to their female friends. The woman takes orders and earns a commission on what is sold.

30 – Start Writing A Blog And Charge Companies For Links Or Advert

Don’t rely on PPC advert because they do not pay very well. After all, when was the last time you willingly clicked on a website advert without it being an accidental click? Secretly sell links from your website to generate income. Create a page that says you accept guest posts, and when people ask to post, say that they may buy a link instead of going to the trouble of writing a guest post. You may also sell advertising space for a limited time, but it is tough finding people willing to pay when they can put their adverts on an affiliate network and have them shown on hundreds of websites.

31 – Edit Audio Files Such As Pod Casts

If you have the skills to pay the bills, then this may make you a sweet amount of cash on the side. You can do it in your spare time and on your days off from your full-time job.

32 – Consider Being An Audio Translator

You may advertise yourself online, or you may solicit work from companies. There are some companies that claim they are able to put you in contact with companies that require audio translators, and you may try them so long as they do not ask for some sort of payment or subscription.

33 – Do Not Write E-books

There are hundreds of thousands and even the people that give them away cannot give them away. Do not risk investing all that time on a 0.00000001% chance it will sell. The same goes for selling information products and online courses. The only time you should ever consider writing an e-book is if the buyer orders one in advance and pays you at least 25% of your price up front.

34 – Translate Text From One Language To Another

There are audio translators and there are written translators. You do not have to be fantastic, you simply have to be better than the people who use Google translate and try to pass it off as their own work. Google translate assumes the text is written perfectly, and content is rarely written so robotically that Google can make perfect sense of it.

35 – Work As An Online Virtual Assistant In Customer Support

If you can find a company that allows flexible hours, then you may be able to work as a virtual assistant. People ask a question in the Live Chat area on a website and the question is redirected to you. The website user asks questions and you answer based on the pre-written answers the company gave you.

36 – Do Not Become A Writer

The pay is terrible. If you write, then do what I do and do it for free, for links to your own websites, or for publicity. Write because you love writing.

37 – Have Sex For Money

Well, not really, but there are companies where you sit in front of a web camera in front of an online audience, and you have to encourage them to donate in order for you to do sexy stuff or get naked (not giving links to those websites)

 baby psychic38 – If You Have A Special Gift, You Can Become An Online Uuuuuuu(1)

Some people are born with or learn a special gift where they can read uuuuu(2). Maybe you could sell your uuuuuuu(3) powers over the internet somehow and make money that way.

As a side note, if you are gifted in this direction, then you should know what the words labeled and strings of the letter u are. However, for those of you without the gift, in order they are (1) psychic, (2) minds, (3) psychic.

39 – Sell Your Jokes And Funny Content

I have made easy money doing this. You cannot sell a joke in Europe because they laugh at you, in China because they get angry with you, or in Australia because they don’t pay for stuff they have heard (it’s a cute trick). However, in the US, people will pay money for jokes and funny content. They do not pay much, but you can earn a few dollars for literally seconds of work. You can get paid for work that takes literally seconds, just like the job of counting famous funny women (there’s a joke…$2 charge…money in the bank baby!).

40 – Paint And Sell Your Artwork

I was going to say that you shouldn’t paint and sell for the same reasons why you shouldn’t write (because the pay is terrible). Even though I have seen many paintings sells for peanuts (or not at all), there are occasionally some that sell for hundreds. I knew a guy that owned a frame store and he did loads of paintings, most of which he never sold, but I once saw him sell a painting of a warrior princess by moonlight for $900 because the buyer wanted to make posters out of it for resale.

If you have still not found something that inspires you in our list above showing 40 ways to make money on the side, then here are a few quick ideas to inspire you further. These are pretty self-explanatory…enjoy!

41 – Sell Fetish Stuff – I Hate To Mention This, But Some Men Buy Old Socks!

42 – Turn Ordinary Objects Into Art – Some People Buy This Stuff

43 – Become A Social Media Manager If You Are Willing To Work For Less

44 – Try The Amazon Turk System

45 – Do Not Complete Surveys Unless You Want To Be Scammed

46 – Become A Peer-to-peer “taxi” Driver For Other People

47 – Deliver Takeaway Food If You Can Find A Flexible Working Partner

messy house after renting for a party48 – Rent Out Your Home Or A Room To Exchange Students Or Holiday Makers

49 – You Can Try Drop Shipping If You Set It Up Yourself

50 – Do Not Use A Drop Shipping Company Because They Are All Scams

51 – Draw Caricatures In The Street Or Via Online Special Order

52 – Rent Out Your High-end Items And Tools

53 – Do Not Make Youtube Videos Because You Will Not Make Money

54 – Re-sell Discounted Stuff By Holding On To It And Selling It Later

55 – Run Errands For Disabled And Vulnerable People

56 – Buy Collectables And Try To Resell For A Lucky Profit

57 Offer To Help Your Friends And Family Do Their Job For A Bit Of Cash

58 – Teach An Instrument If You Happen To Be An Expert

59 – Teach Coding In Person Or Via Online Skype

60 – Paint Houses And/or Garages

61 – Rent Out Your Vehicle To Friends Or Via A Peer-to-peer Program

62 – There Are Some People That Make Okay Money With Online Voice Acting

63 – Create A Website, Grow It For A Year, Add Lots Of Content, Rank It Up And Sell It

64 – Become An Audio Typist For Companies That Want Their Recorded Meetings Written Down

Girl being an Audio Typist to make money

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