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60 Minute Payday Review – A Review

60 Minute Payday Review – A Review

There used to be a website and a company called “60 Minute Payday” that was at the address “” but at the time of writing, this website no longer exists. What does exist is, and that is the website/service I will be reviewing today. As the name suggests, 60minpaydayloan offers payday loans with the promise that you can have your money within sixty minutes after completing your application. They claim your application takes an average of seven minutes to complete.

A Consideration Before We Begin

Our research team was unable to test this service out to its fullest extent, nor do we have a long-standing history with the company. It started offering loans in 2015, and unlike the other products we review, we have not previous dealings with them, we have not tested them before, and our team was unable to test the service all the way through to completion.

Why didn’t we test it through to completion? We took it as far as the application and up to the point where they showed us which companies were willing to lend us money. After that point, they allow you to select a company that is happy to offer you the payday loan. Since that is where the 60minpaydayloan service ended, there is no point in us trying the loan services. The loan service we pick may be different to the one you pick, and the lenders on offer will differ depending upon who applies and what the applicant’s personal situation is. We cannot give you information on the lenders, but we can review the 60minpaydayloan website that directs you to different lenders.

What Use Is Our Review If We Didn’t Try Them All The Way?

Despite not actually getting a payday loan, our research team is great at digging up the good, the bad and the ugly about different companies. This 60minpaydayloan review offers the fruits of our research. We are not biased in the matter, we don’t have a grudge against the company and we are not being paid affiliate fees by them, we are simply offering the fruits of our research and our opinion on our experience/what we found.

What Does 60minpaydayloan Do? offer payday loans. They allow you to apply online, and under some circumstances, you may be able to gain access to funds within sixty minutes—but this is not a guarantee. How quickly you get your money depends upon which lending company you choose. 60minpaydayloan offers payday loans, what they call “short term” loans, and they offer car title loans.

They give you an online quote in real time for their prices, and they allow you to borrow as much as $1000. The company does take your credit rating into consideration, but as they say, “Your credit rating is considered, but it is not a deciding factor.”

The loan runs up until you are next paid by your work/boss, at which point the loan becomes due and you are expected to repay it in full with all the accrued interest. The interest is laid out as a fee that you see in advance. For example, you enter that you want a $200 loan, and they ask that you repay $299 when you are paid by your employer/work/job within a month.

Why Doesn’t Their Website Show Their Fees?

Upon visiting the website myself, I was a little uncomfortable with the fact that the company doesn’t have terms and conditions that list their fees. I am used to searching out the small print and then going over it with a fine tooth comb to find any holes, tricks, scams, or nasty surprises. 60minpaydayloan doesn’t have such small print besides their privacy policy, which left me a little uncomfortable about if 60minpaydayloan is legit or a scam.

60minpaydayloan doesn’t have a fee schedule because they do not charge you a fee. What they do is take your information and compare it with their database of lenders. If your circumstances suit a selection of lenders, then 60minpaydayloan shows you those lenders and hands you off to them. 60minpaydayloan is paid by the lenders if you take a loan with the lender. 60minpaydayloan doesn’t make profits from fees you pay 60minpaydayloan, they make their money through affiliate sale fees that the lenders pay.

Is 60minpaydayloan A Scam Or Legit?

We have to say, “No.” But, it is a cautionary “No” with quite a few gray areas. Here are few things to consider when you use 60minpaydayloan. We cannot say if they are a scam or if they are legit, but here is what our research team found out.

Where Are They Actually Located?

They have hidden their address. They appear to be based in New York and in Bakersfield California, but their actual business headquarters is probably in the Bahamas. Does it matter that the company is based on an island in the Bahamas, and is it unusual for a company to hide its real address? It is worth considering, but it is not a big deal. Quite a few of America’s trusted companies have their headquarters on islands in the Bahamas because it is…tax friendly. Over 250 banks and trust companies representing 25 countries are licensed to do business in the Bahamas, so the fact that this company has its headquarters in the Bahamas is not a big deal.

The company claims to be based in the USA. Many companies set their office address as somewhere that looks good. In my earlier career, I used to hire a PO box in London so that I had a London address to put on my business cards. The location of the company and its attempts to hide their location is not a big red flag, but it may be worth considering. It doesn’t mean they are scammers outright, it may just be that they wish to appear more successful than they actually are.

If you try doing a little location research yourself, do not believe the websites that claim the company is based in Thailand. The company bounces a little traffic off a Thai server, but they are not located there. We also saw links from Somalia, but we believe that was from the company that owned the website prior to the current owners.

What Of Their Privacy And Security Policy?

The bad news is that there is no real way of checking if they are following all privacy and security laws. How imperative is it that they keep to their privacy and security policy, and what are the repercussions if they do not?

It is unlikely that they are selling people’s private information in a big way because they are making money from loan companies to which they direct targeted traffic, but there are other ways that companies can profit from your information.

The most obvious and common way that a less-than-honest company may profit from its customers’ private information is by selling their email list or even their address lists. Once their lists are in the wind (sold to the highest bidder), there is very little left to link the list back to the company that sold it. How do you know that the junk emails or junk mail you receive was due to this company selling your information, or the next company selling your information, the only way to know for sure is to catch the buyers and force them to confess as to where they acquired the information.

In other words, despite the fact that selling somebody’s information without their permission is illegal in most countries, it is very difficult to detect and catch the companies that are actually doing it. For example, how do we really know how the 2017 Equifax hack happened? Was it hackers exploiting an old tech flaw, or was the flaw left in on purpose? Did hackers figure it out all by themselves, or were they led by somebody in the company? Even if we discover that the hackers had help when they stole people’s information, who helped them? Was it a company head, a floor manager, or even a minor/freelance technician that they hired? Catching those who sell private information is very difficult.

I can’t say if 60minpaydayloan follow all of their own privacy and security rules/promises, or if they follow international laws either. I am not saying that anything ugly is going on, but I cannot ignore the possibility.

How Up To Date Is Their Website?

It is reasonably up to date, but they are not using the most recent Internet protocols. This may change in the coming months or years, but at the moment the website is behind the times. Will this affect their security? That depends if they become a target, or if they hold any of their user’s submitted data.

They Are Not Blacklisted

Our team found connections between 60minpaydayloan and other websites, some of which were blacklisted and some which were note. We found that 60minpaydayloan is not blacklisted by any of the most popular lists. This means that the company has not been misbehaving in a way that gets them banned from using certain internet service providers.

Where Is The Company Actually Located?

The website is registered with an address that is located in New York, but their actual address is hidden because the company is in the Bahamas. As I mentioned earlier, it is not unusual for companies to set up offices in the Bahamas because it is a very tax-friendly place.

Their phone number is also based in New York, but we cannot tell you if it redirects, or even if they hire a third-party call center/service in New York

The website says its business is located in California. It says their office is based in 324 Oak St Ste P Bakersfield, CA 93304. According to Google Maps capture in December 2016, there is no 60minpaydayloan shop/branch at 324 Oak Street.

Google Map Image Of 324 Oak Street

Important Notes About 60minpaydayloan

60minpaydayloan has an affiliate program, which isn’t unusual, but it does mean there are many online reviews that you cannot trust. Some of them make it blindingly obvious that they are being paid for their support by offering rewards if you sign up to 60minpaydayloan, but most are quite subtle about it. This means you have a bit of a problem regarding professional reviews such as this one and regarding user reviews left by 60minpaydayloan users.

60minpaydayloan is one of those companies where people will mostly go online to leave user reviews if something bad has happened. There is very little incentive to go online and say great things about it unless it has provided a better-than-expected service; which is rarely the case. As a result, you are going to see a disproportionate amount of negative online user reviews.

On the other hand, due to the affiliate program, you are going to see a disproportionate amount of professional and semi-professional reviews that are overly positive. 60minpaydayloan has made it so easy to join their affiliate program that any part-time blogger or YouTube uploader can get an account. As they used to say in the X-Files, “Trust No One.”

Conclusion – Should You Try 60minpaydayloan?

Our aim at is to help you build wealth and generate success, which is why we cannot recommend you use 60minpaydayloan on the principle that payday loans are a poor solution to a terrible problem. If you are having such problems with your finances that you are having to get payday loans, then you are in a lot of trouble and need to make some serious changes.

Payday loans are not a bandage for a temporary problem, they are a symptom of a much larger problem that you should deal with first. Don’t get payday loans, make some big changes instead. If you are running out to get a payday loan and you still have a TV, then sell the TV instead. At night when you have no TV to watch, you will have more time to think about the changes you are going to make to improve your financial decision, especially if those decisions mean far less spending on your part.

In my opinion, I think you should stay away from 60minpaydayloan both for the reason mentioned in the previous paragraph, and because I cannot guarantee you will not be screwed over in one way or another. I am not saying that 60minpaydayloan is one of the many (flippin Many) shady companies that offer payday loans, but I can’t rule it out either, which is why I say no.

Our research team did their best to figure out if 60minpaydayloan is a scam or legit, but they couldn’t be certain either way in the end. They are only 70% sure that it is a legitimate and safe company to do business with. The company is not popular enough to have a large or solid online reputation, so it is hard finding out what genuine users think of the company.

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Choose to use 60minpaydayloan if you wish, but keep your wits about you if you do, and remember that you do not have to take the loan offers you are shown. 60minpaydayloan is only running a soft search, as most comparison websites do, which means you can run a search with their service without it affecting your credit score. Just because 60minpaydayloan shows you lenders that may give you credit, it doesn’t mean you have to take them up on their offer, you can keep shopping around with other comparison websites if you wish.

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    They were fast, and the process was easy. They walk you through it all, and I had my loan approved in less than three hours.


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