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50 Easy Money Saving Tips That Can Painlessly Save You Hundreds of Dollars a Month

50 Easy Money Saving Tips That Can Painlessly Save You Hundreds of Dollars a Month

The key to building wealth is to dramatically lower the amount you spend. This is where most people fall down. It is tough to change the way you handle money, especially when you have spent most of your life being trained how to spend your money as quickly as possible.

Here are 48 money saving tips to get you started.

1. Create a free email account and sign up for every online freebie, code website, discount website, and online offer you can. You don’t have to give them your real phone number or address if you do not want. Let them send all of their junk mail to your new email address, search through it and pick out the discounts and offers you can use. It won’t matter that the email address gets lots of junk mail because you can delete the account without consequence whenever you like.

2. Stay in a youth hostel or a hostel if you are going on holiday. It may cut your costs down dramatically. Some of them have family rooms where you and your children may have some privacy.

3. Try GOG ( for cheap games that have replay value. These games must have replayablity value because there are people still buying and playing them today, and some are over 20 years old.

4. If you love playing PC games, also look for the bi-yearly STEAM sales (called The Steam Summer Sale and The Steam Winter Sales). During these sales, almost every game in the steam inventory is discounted somewhere between 40 percent to 90 percent. Even newer PC games (less than a year old) may be hugely discounted by up to 50 percent.

5. Share kids clothes with your other friends that have children. Once one child grows out of something, his or her clothes may be handed down to younger children.

6. If you have a mobile phone or Smartphone, then do not buy a watch, calendar or alarm clock.

7. Check your local area for free children’s events because sometimes going to an event is a little like having a working babysitter. You are still responsible for your child, but other people are doing the entertaining. It is like having a rest from your child while you are still with your child.

8. Always be on the lookout for bargains for presents. Just because it is May doesn’t mean you cannot buy a Christmas present.

9. Before you pay a handyperson or decorator, consider doing a job yourself. You can look on YouTube to see if there are tutorials. Some jobs are not as massive as they first appear. For example, a slight tweak inside your toilet cistern may be all that is needed to save you a lot of money on plumbers.

10. Install a solar powered light in your shed or garage. It is charged by the sun during the day. Even a cheap one can save you a lot of money in the long run.

11. Save money on cosmetics and acne medication by washing your hands more often. A small study in Washington and Brazil by the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda showed we touch our faces around 3-4 times per hour. Cleaner hands mean less bacteria and dirt transference, which means fewer zits.

12. If you buy plain wrapping paper at Christmas that just has one color on it, then you are able to use it all year for birthdays and such. Insert Image –

13. Sleep at the airport instead of getting a hotel. There are plenty of people that do this, and it is not uncommon to see people sleeping in an airport.

14. Do not run your faucet to get cold water. Store a jug of water in the fridge, and use it whenever you want cold water. Keep your fridge a little fuller, and it becomes more energy efficient.

15. After Christmas and into January, stores will give you bigger discounts on things such as wrapping paper. It is also a good time to buy decorations if you have the attic space to store it.

16. Save on medical bills by buying free-range chicken and eggs. The sheer weight of chemicals that caged chickens receive has been linked with everything from prostate cancer to premature dementia.

17, Buy two sets of cheaper curtains and sow them together to make thicker and more energy efficient curtains.

18. Buy vegetarian chicken burgers when they are on discount/offer. Do not waste money cooking them in the oven for 30 minutes. Just pop them in your toaster for six to eight minutes from frozen. They will not drip oil, and they will be cooked thoroughly.

19. You are able to save money on your air conditioning and heating bills if you buy and put up bigger curtains.

20. Save money on going out with your friends by taking it in turns to have people around your houses and be the host. Each friend takes it in turn being the host every week or fortnight. Over time, you will all save a lot of money while still being able to see each other. Plus, you may be able to save money on childcare by all taking your kids to one house.

21. Buy toys for your kids and your pre-teens from charity shops. Most kids will not know the difference between brand new and second hand. Most toys will break fairly quickly anyway, and you can often save as much as 75% on toys and games if you buy second hand.

22. Blend old fruit and put it in ice cube trays. The ice cubes are great in martinis, in fancy long drinks, and especially in sangria.

23. Most of the time, you do not need things as desperately as you think you do. Make a rule where you have to wait 10 days before you buy something that is over $20. Usually, you will discover that you can live without it.

24. Learn the joy of carpooling and going on the bus. It will save you an epic amount of money in the long run if you avoid buying a car and taking taxis.

25. Turn down the heat setting on your heating, radiators and water boiler. Usually, most people do not need it that hot, especially the water boiler. Turn off the radiators and air conditioners in rooms that are rarely used.

26. Buy your food online and you lower the amount of impulse buying you undertake. It also allows you to plan your shopping lists more carefully and check what items you do and do not have while you are shopping.

27. Grated cheese seems to last longer than blocks of cheese, so always grate your cheese. You may also freeze your leftover grated cheese, but some people say it affects the taste.

28. Think of your purchases in terms of how much it will cost per year. For example, if you buy two cups of coffee per work day at $1 each, then that is over $500 per year just on coffee. (Approx 260 workdays per year multiplied by $2).

29. Hire a student to take photos at your parties and such and you will save a bundle. You can also get cheap or free haircuts at barber and hairdressing colleges.

30. Payday loans, store cards, loans for people with bad credit, and credit cards for people with bad credit are the worst type of debt with the highest interest rates. Avoid them like the plague.

31. When shopping online, get into the habit of checking your final order and cutting a few things from it that “maybe” you don’t need. Maybe those chocolate biscuits or bottle of whisky is not as delicious as it looked when you first saw it on offer.

32. Collect rainwater and you will save money on your water bills. If you collect it in a barrel and elevate the barbell, you may install a tap so that the water may be more easily removed and used.

33. Rig your drainpipe so some (or all) of the water flows into a water-collection barrel. It is the most efficient way of collecting water that you may then use on your garden. Insert Image –

34. If some of your fruit has become a little old, you can always squeeze out the juice and throw the skin on your compost heap (if you have one).

35. Lower your standards a little when it comes to your appearance and habits. You do not need the most expensive cosmetics, and you are able to wear some clothes again the day after you have worn them once. For example, most people can wear pants (UK – Trousers) for three days before they need washing.

36. Set up a standing order on your bank account that draws out a small amount every payday. It will pull out money without you realizing it and will store it in another account. Try to forget about it, and the amount you save will soon mount up.

37. Order your car insurance over the Internet because it is often cheaper. Trawl many different comparison websites because they all have different rates. Some utilities and insurance companies offer further discounts if you pay by direct debit payments (standing orders).

38. Stop paying to go to a gym if you are only trying to lose weight. You can do plenty of cardio work at home and outside without needing a gym. The gym is just for building muscle.

39. Check the energy efficiency of your electrical devices. It is really worth paying more money if the item is going to be energy efficient and if it is going to last a long time. Things such as washer, driers, fridges, freezers, dishwashers and vacuum cleaners should be heavily researched before purchase. The right product can literally save you thousands in water, energy, repairs and replacements.

40. Taxis are a great way to burn through money, and should only be used if you are too drunk or tired to drive.

41. The best prices for eBay items are often for things that are sold locally and are not up for postage. If your only option is to collect the items, then there is often far less competition for the items.

42. Have you ever wondered why the phone companies push and promote their contracts? It is because they know there is far much more money to be made from phone contracts than there are from Pay-As-You-Go customers. Do not have a phone contract; go for Pay-As-You-Go and you will find it easier to moderate both your use and your phone spending.

43. Grab a bucket full of your bathwater and use it to flush the toilet. Do not throw it on your garden because the chemicals from your soap are bad for the plants and the soil.

44. Cook your meals in advance and freeze them. Split your meals into small Tupperware boxes. In essence, you are making your own frozen ready meals. If you cook more than one meal at a time, then you save on cooking costs, and you save on washing up costs too.

45. Snipe eBay items by placing your bid during the last few seconds of the auction. Look out for auctions that end very late when most people are in bed and you will have less competition.

46. Create and encourage a sharing culture with your friends and neighbors. Why buy things new when you may borrow them from other people? When they want things that you have, then they may borrow them from you.

47. Stop wasting money on your bin. If your bin is plastic and has a secure lid, then smells shouldn’t be a problem. In addition, you shouldn’t put it so close to your house if it stinks. Stop wasting money on bin liners and stop spending money to have it cleaned out. You have better things to spend your money on!

48. If you are able to grind chicken bones into dust, then it makes a great addition to your compost and will help keep slugs away. Do not use caged chicken bones because they have additives that scare off the detritivore bugs you need to mature your compost. Caged chicken bones are also a lot harder to grind because they bend more.

49 willing to take your stuff away, even if they are only using your stuff as firewood.

50. Learn and pre-empt your weaknesses. If you know you spend too much when you are drunk, then only take out a certain amount and leave your bank card at home. If you know you are drawn to the ice-cream aisle at your local store, then shop online or avoid the aisle.

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