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5 Careers That Will BOOM After the Coronavirus Pandemic

5 Careers That Will BOOM After the Coronavirus Pandemic

In the past few months, many hard working people around the world have found themselves out of work. To no fault of their own, the world economy has ground to a complete halt with the spread of the coronavirus.

The travel industry in particular has been hit extremely hard by the shutdowns around the world and will likely be the last industry to come back online when the dust has settled. If you are currently working in the Hotel, Airline, or travel related industry, you will need to look at other opportunities that will be available in the future.

This article is going to break down 5 Careers that will be Recession Proof.

Become a Nurse

No matter how bad the economy gets, there will always be a demand for doctors and nurses to take care of the sick. During this coronavirus outbreak, medical workers across the world were in high demand in hot spots where the virus outbreaks occurred.

In addition to the demand for nurses during pandemics, the world has an aging population of baby boomers that will require care in the next ten years. Nursing is a field that will always be in high demand no matter how good or bad the economy is.

The downside of a nursing career is that it will require you to go to school for 4 years which is a financial burden. There are other professions in the care industry that require less schooling, but they don’t offer the same upward mobility.

Work for Amazon

With more and more jobs disappearing around the country, the one company that has grown exponentially is Amazon. In fact, Amazon is the reason why retail stores around the country have shut down due to the rise in online shopping.

If you can’t beat them, join them. Getting a job at Amazon is a great way to guarantee that you will be able to rise with the online retail giant as they slowly absorb all of the retail business around the world. While Amazon strives to maximize worker efficiency, they compensate workers with above average pay and health coverage.

While Amazon pays employees on par with industry standards, the main benefit of working for Amazon is that you can be sure that your job will exist in the future. If you like knowing your job will be safe, Amazon is a good choice.

Grocery Stores

Another industry that will always thrive regardless of the economy are grocery stores. No matter how good or bad the economy is at a given time, people need to eat. In fact, during times of economic recession, people spend more time at home and eating.

During the recent pandemic, grocery stores were one of the few businesses that were allowed to stay open. This meant that anyone who was working for a grocery store was able to continue working, while others around them end up losing their jobs.

Delivery Services

A massively growing industry around the world is the delivery service industry. From food, to parcel delivery, the online delivery industry is massive and will only continue getting bigger.

You can work for online food delivery services like Uber Eats or you can even work in trucking delivery services that are becoming available. If you are a driver and have a car, you can make money in the delivery service industry.

The biggest downside to this industry is that there is a lot of competition if you are a basic driver. If you are able to drive larger trucks and work in more specialized delivery supply chains, that will allow you to stay working during recessions.

Online Professionals

With more and more people staying home to work, it is not surprising that more coaches, therapists, and experts are turning to the internet to expand their business. If you are someone who is an expert in a particular field, you should look to see if there are any opportunities to work online.

The benefit of being an online professional is that you can choose your own work schedule and can save time commuting to work every day. Some online jobs like English teaching are easier to land, while other jobs like online therapist require specific certifications and years of training.

Final Thoughts

As the world recovers from the economic slowdown caused by the coronavirus, certain industries like travel and food will feel the long term effects. If you are worried about finding a job that can sustain you through a downturn, try to think creatively and see what you can do using your current skill set.

While I talked about 5 specific fields that will have a surplus of jobs available in the future, there are thousands of jobs that will be abundant if you are willing to look for them. The key is to be active and constantly try to improve your skill set. The more skills you have, the more versatile you will become when it comes to finding the right job.

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