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There is a fair selection of check designs on the website. Our review concentrates mostly on their personal checks service because their professional/business service is a little lacking. To sum up quickly, should be considered for your check printing needs, but I am personally not a big fan of theirs.

What Does Do? allows you to order checks where you may select your own designs, shipping amounts, order amounts, and so forth. Do not be put off by the fact that this company prints your check books for you because even if you buy checks from a bank, most banks do not print their own checks—they often use companies such as this one. You may upload your own photographic images to be used as check designs. allows you to upload a total of four images to be used as checkbook designs. After uploading your images, you may customize your checks and alter their designs a little such as by add different font lettering, monograms and logos.

You should always do your research prior to making an order, especially when a company is going to have access to your financial information. Yet, at the time of writing, does follow all the standard security protocols. They follow the rules of the CPSA, but despite that fact, doesn’t have a money-back guarantee. They will try to resolve your issues, but for the most part, if you order your checks then you get your checks, and you either like your order and live with it, or you don’t like your order…and still have to live with it because you are not getting your money back.

4checks example of checks – Pros

  • They are part of the Deluxe Corporation, which is a very large company with a very robust stock price. It is one of the biggest check-printing companies in the world, which is reassuring because it suggests that the company would go out of its way to protect its reputation, so are probably not “Cheaping out” when it comes to security.
  • The company is reliable in terms of getting your checks to you. During our many reviews of this company, and our many updated reviews (such as this version), we have always received our checks. There are also very few online examples or complaints about their delivery or reliability.
  • You get to choose your own check designs, customize your checks, and even upload four of your own images to use as part of your check designs. provides checks, but they also provide accessories for checks such as checkbook covers, personal cards, address labels and things of that nature.
  • They have a 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of their products, but that doesn’t include a money-back guarantee. What it means is that they will try to the best of their ability to satisfy your complaint, but you will get your product and not your money back.
  • All varieties of checks can be copied if the forgers have the right equipment. However, it takes specialized equipment to forge the checks that professional check printing companies produce. produces checks that have the same security features that professional check producers have. – Cons

  • Business checks and personal checks are ordered and designed on different websites. If you want business checks, it sends you to another website that doesn’t have the same design options that has.
  • When you make your order, the checkout page doesn’t accurately represent the amount you are going to pay. Each time that we have made an order, the checkout page showed us one figure, but the amount we paid was higher. Are there hidden fees? Yes, I would say that they are hidden because neither I nor our research team were exposed to the true cost of the order until the very end when it was time to pay.
  • Their rush-shipping service is somewhat misleading. They will process your order more quickly in their factory or packing plant, but they take no extra steps with regards to postage. The checks are not posed via second-class mail, but they are certainly not shipped over night.
  • There are tick-boxes within the ordering system where they are ticked automatically, and if you do not untick them, then you will probably end up paying whatever extra charges (usually security charges) you didn’t opt out of.
  • Their customer service department is not terrible, but they can do a lot better. Calling their customer support is not fun, and the staff are less than helpful. In our experience, they cannot wait to get you off the phone, almost as if they are incentivized to lower their call time.
  • The shipping fees kinda suck. It is another charge that slips in near the end, along with their hidden charges, and it just sucks. There are plenty of other routes they could have taken, such as giving free shipping if people order a certain amount, or simply having a minimum order amount and then having free shipping. Nevertheless, has shipping charges, which is apparently something they wish to continue charging.
  • One of the things I personally do not like about is their website. It is so old fashioned that I personally have a hard time trusting it. I don’t think it looks cheap and spammy, I just think it looks old and poorly updated. I am happy that our research team was the one handed over personnel payment information because I wouldn’t want to hand it over to a website that looks like it was built in the early 00s.

Screenshot of 4checks homepage

Fees And/Or Charges

There is a handling cost for your check orders at $3.45 per box, which is a bit high (and maybe pointless) for what is essentially a tagged-on charge. It is like McDonalds having a burger for 99c, and then charging you an extra $3.45 for putting it in a box and handed it to you. The image below shows you the shipping prices that are current at the time of writing.

Shipping and Handling Rates for

The amount of time it takes to get your delivery to you is going to vary from order to order and person to person. The verification times vary, then it takes between one to five days to process your order, and then it takes between two days to ten days for your order to be delivered. Here is the delivery-time image that they show on the website.

Shipping and delivery times

Is Right For Me?

They have over 800 different check designs for you to choose from. You may view them on the website. There is a varied mix, including the sort of designs you may have chosen in the early 90s. Having 800 designs is sufficient, but there are others with more, such as how CheckAdvantage has 2500 designs and Carousel Checks has 1250 check designs. Still, one would be silly to judge a check-printing company based on how many check designs they have unless you have looked at all of 4check’s designs and decided you don’t like them; in which case, you should probably try one of their competitors.

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I don’t like their web design, and I do not like the way they tag charges on at the end of your purchase. Personally, despite the fact that offer checks that are cheaper than some of their competitors, I do not like it when companies tag on extra charges at the end, or make it so that you have to read every line of every page in order to avoid their extra charges. Do I think you are a fool for using them for your personal checks? No I do not, but I wouldn’t use them personally for the hidden charges reason.

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