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The Ultimate Guide How To Earn Six Figures Blogging

The Ultimate Guide How To Earn Six Figures Blogging

This is the ultimate guide on how to earn six figures by blogging, and it doesn’t hold back on the truth because most bloggers are not keen on telling you how they make their money. Our first dollop of truth is rather obvious and that is, “Most people will never make more than three figures blogging.” Most blogs are abandoned within two years, which is the amount of time it takes for most new domains to expire without renewal.

One of the first things to note is that you cannot do all of the things listed below. You can only do some of them, but you may mix them up to find the combination you think is the best. We start with the way we make money, which is through affiliate advertising with adverts (known as display adverts), and then we move on to some of the clever and not-so-clever ways of making money by blogging.

Affiliate Advertising With Adverts on Your Website

This is the most common way that bloggers and web masters make money. Start with a company such as Google Adwords and you may have adverts running by the end of the day. You have a great deal of control over the types of adverts that appear, the Google company is legitimate, and it is not deemed a rogue company by Google and other search engines. Some affiliate advertising companies, typically ones that work on the dark web and that operate on sharing websites, are deemed as rogue affiliate companies and are ranked poorly by Google and other search engines.

We make our money with affiliate advertising. The adverts you see littered around our website are clicked by our readers, and we are paid whenever they are clicked.

Google adwords ads on this blogging website

Affiliate Advertising With Specific Companies and Links

You have to sign up with a certain website that offers an affiliate program, such as Amazon. You then review their products and hope people click the affiliate links so that you are paid.

There is a sleazy trick associated with this type of affiliate advertising, and the Internet is rife with it. There are some web masters and some bloggers that give everything a great review. They make affiliate money by lying and saying that the companies that pay them are all the best. One way is to review a few products, sign up with an affiliate program for one of them, and then promote that one as the best one.

Here Is How You Use This Method The Unethical Way

You sign up for a company’s affiliate program where they pay you money for clicks to their website and/or for sales. They pay you for sales if people come from your website and then buy from theirs. You sign up for their affiliate program and give their company or their products a great review. You then offer links to the company’s website. People are fooled by your positive review, so they click the links, you are paid, they buy the products, and you are paid again.

Here Is How You Use This Method The Ethically Sound Way

Later in the article you will see an example of a company that makes six figures using this technique. He reviews products, links to a vendor, and signs up for their affiliate program so he is paid if somebody makes a purchase.

The faucet reviewing company that uses this technique does not give all the websites and products a good review. The website gives some faucets a terrible review, but the faucet website still creates affiliate links to the negatively reviewed faucets because some people still buy them.

Every item on the website, be it positively or negatively reviewed, has an affiliate link attached. The website is fair and unbiased in its reviews, so people trust the website and buy the faucets it recommends.

Blogging With Affiliate Advertising That Use Videos

This is where a video advert auto-starts when people visit your website. Just don’t do it. The affiliate companies that sell this idea are going to try to blind you with figures. They will explain how most people will suffer through the adverts (that is not how they word it), and they promise you barrels of untold wealth, but you just don’t get the money.

Instead, you lose more than half of your followers because they are sick of your stupid videos taking up their data, taking up their time, and intruding on their evening. In addition, Google has a habit of doing away with online annoyances, and auto-start videos and pop-ups (like ours…whoops) will soon be in the firing line. Take that from a guy who has seen websites go bust because of big Google algorithm updates; just look at the casualty reports for the Panda, Penguin and Hummingbird updates and their later updates for the updates.

Affiliate Advertising for Other Articles on Other Websites

Having affiliate adverts on your website, such as the ones we have, or the ones Google Adwords has is a legitimate and standard way to make money from your blog. Having affiliate adverts for other websites on your blog is another way. However, this method is littered with problems, so we start with the problem of click bait, and then move on to legitimate uses for this affiliate advertising method.

Terrible Uses For This Type Of Advertising

Some websites feature absolutely terrible click bait via these affiliate adverts. They feature articles that are created simply to encourage people to click. For example, the image below is a perfect example.

Duck clickbait - Ducklings see water in a paddling pool

Not that you are silly enough to click the something as dumb as the example above, but the answer is…the ducklings went in the pool. Shock frickin horror! The example of click bait below is just as moronic.

How to stop clickbait - Terrible clickbait example

The answer to the image advert above is that you shouldn’t click adverts such as theirs. Somebody thought he or she was a genius posting something like that. Somebody is probably sat at home right now, sat squatted in a pile of his or her own self-satisfaction.

While we are on the topic of dumb people posting adverts, here is a classic of a guy who says he can help you create great click bait adverts…and yet his advert isn’t click bait. It is like a fat person offering personal training services.

Jeff Bullas is terrible at his job

Not So Terrible Uses For This Type Of Advertising

There are some websites and bloggers that do not use spam clickbait adverts via an affiliate network. They feature stories from other websites that may or may not be of interest to their readers. You often find a few spammy adverts in there that are mainly click bait, but they are not as rife as with some websites and blogs.

Below is an example of an affiliate company placing adverts for other websites on a blog. If users click one of the stories, then the blogger that hosts the adverts is paid. Remember that the articles listed in the image below where not created by the blogger, they are adverts for content on other websites.

Affiliate Advert examples showing website articles

Sell Links From Your Website by Offering Guest Posts

Here is another way of making money that people do not brag about because Google penalizes people who sell links (also known as backlinks) from their website. However, since I am a writer and have tracked my footprints through the dirty underbelly of the industry, allow me to explain how people make money from this. The key is to not mention it anywhere that Google may index the offer.Link selling rules explained new

You advertise that you accept guest posts on your website. Guest posts are deemed okay by Google and they even encourage them. Say that you do not pay for contributions, but you will give them credit on your blog and you will give them a followed link in return for their work. Over time, you will have people ask to post a guest post on your blog, and they will probably submit a proposal for what they wish to write about.

You then need to reply in a way that proposes they pay for the link. You can say something as simple as, “I am not too keen on the blog post idea you have in mind, but I am writing a blog post in a few days about your industry. Would you be willing to pay a modest fee to have me link from my blog to your website?”

You then negotiate a fee for adding the link. You may also offer additional deals where you publicly praise their company on your blog in return for a slightly higher fee.

How much you charge depends upon how many guest post requests you receive per month. How much people are willing to pay. Things such as how popular your website is, and how easily you can prove its popularity. It is also helpful if you can prove the positive SEO (Search Engine Optimization) effect that a link from your website generates because it makes a link from you more valuable.

Just remember that you cannot advertise the fact you are selling links to other websites because Google will penalize you if they think you are. You have to conduct all of your conversations with guest posters over email, phone or private message.

Selling Links is not good for your seo

There are some bloggers that sell links at just $5 each, and they make around $15 per month, which is more than most bloggers make via affiliate advertising or any other form of blog monetization. Plus, around $180 per month for hobbyist bloggers is not bad at all; there is no need to be greedy.

During the World Cup, there were soccer blogs and websites that were selling guest posts and links (you still had to write a post to get your link) at $900 per post because of the timing. I didn’t pay it because I am not dumb, but I would bet one of my motorcycles that some companies do.

Sell Your Good Name by Promoting Something for Money

Some bloggers and social media influencers have a lot of goodwill behind their name, and they can use it to sell the products and services of people who pay them. If it is good enough for cheap and money-grubbing celebrities, then it is good enough for bloggers.

Building a Blog and Reputation So You May Sell It

You may decide to build your blog, its viewership, and its reputation so that you may sell it. There are plenty of people who will buy mature and well-attended blogs for good money. You can prove how many people visit your website by showing the buyers your website analytics, subscribers and so forth.

There are some pump and dump schemes that used to try and fake a high traffic rating, but things such as Google Analytics (which is free) can see through those dirty tricks. If you wish to try this method, you will have to invest a year or more into the blog, and you will have to honestly create a following and raise its popularity and online reputation.

Have People Donate to Your Blog

Some people will donate to your blog if you ask them. Simply tell them how much it costs to keep your blog running. You don’t have to include your domain costs alone; you may also include your hourly writing rate. For example, if you figure you deserve $15 per hour for the six hours you spend writing your blog posts every week, then you can happily say that your blog costs more than $60 (15 x 4) per month to run.

There are also websites such as Patreon, where people may become your patron and pay you to run your blog. Unbelievably, there are quite a few bloggers and social media influencers that have made blogging or posting their full-time job because of Patreon. Even I have paid a few dollars to Lemmino for his YouTube series that used to be called Top10Memes, but he has since changed it.

Here, you may hear Lemmino explain Patreon is a far better way than I can. He himself seems to have pulled himself from the website just recently, but he certainly earned a fair amount of money while he was on there.

[fusion_youtube id=”7ye-UEmM_2Q” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”&rel=0″ hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_youtube]

Sell a Service via Your Website

Plenty of bloggers do this and plenty of them fail. There are people that deliberately try to sell services that they know are pretty awful, but they are looking to make a quick buck.

The worst ones are the ones the succeed in suckering people into spending money. Nafarous bloggers do this because they themselves were suckered by other people and they are passing it on to their victims.

These bloggers see adverts that say, “For just a dollar, I will make you a millionaire.” They then pay just $1, and then discover they have to pay one dollar over 99 days to complete the subscription. They then receive tips that will make them millions (really?!?). One of the tips they receive is that they can sell thousands of coaching books and videos and make millions.

These bloggers then create their own life coaching videos or products that give away information that they Googled, and then they try to sell their “services” via their blog. Please, don’t be a sucker and don’t try this yourself.

Do It The Honest Way

If you want to sell a service via your blog, then sell a legitimate service such as graphic design. Your blog can be all about graphic design, how to buy it, how to judge it, how to get it more cheaply and so forth. You then advertise your own services through your blog.

Sell a legitimate service such as web developing, technical support, web design, or something you can do legitimately and remotely. Don’t sell information products or coaching services like so many other scammers do.

Sell Subscriptions to Your Live Events

If you have a good following on your blog, then people may wish to know more. If they do, they may be willing to pay for a subscription or entry to your live event where you talk about a certain topic. There is a demand for things such as this if you are an expert on something.

Sell Virtual Products on Your Website

Do not sell information products because people will return them and they will complain about you on every online platform they can find. Information products are and were a fad that people thought would make them millions–but the only people who made millions were the ones saying, “You can make millions by selling information products!

Information products usually include videos, books and even apps that are all bundled into one. They are a bad idea that is luckily dying away. If you want to know a good way of making money selling virtual products, then keep reading. But first…

Stop And Ask Yourself Where You Have Ever Heard Advice THIS GOOD!!!

Just to stop and take some credit here. You are not going to read stuff like this elsewhere. Here is a terrible idea, and if you take my advice, it will save you money and hours of your time.

Another terrible idea is selling e-books, and there are two good reasons why. The first is because you can spend months and years creating the most perfect e-book and I guarantee that you will not be able to give it away.

Here Is A Test That Will Save You Time And Money

If you do not believe me, then hire a graphic designer to create a fake e-book cover with your intended title. Give people a contents page and even a few pages of the introduction. Give a page number of something such as 104 or 235, or however long you think your book would have been. The idea is to trick people into thinking you have a full book for sale.

Now, you advertise your book on your blog and as if it really exists and see how many people will buy it. You won’t make a single sale, even if you sell it for a price as low as 99c. Do this and you will be forever thankful that you didn’t just spend a year writing a book that won’t sell.

If by some miracle you sell some of your fake tester books (let’s say more than ten in a month), then refund people their money and start writing the book immediately for sale. If you manage to sell copies of your fake tester book, refund the money and start writing it because you have found the 1-in-999,999 e-book that will sell.

The second reason you shouldn’t write and try to sell an e-book is because the Internet is littered with free e-books that are completely worthless. Many scammers will screenshot web pages such as this one, create an e-book with them, and then sell the e-book or give it away free with a subscription. There are so many poor quality e-books on the Internet that people are simply not willing to pay for them.

Here Are Some Products You Can Sell

If you are going to sell virtual products via your blog, then do it with the photo images you take, the comics you write, or the videos and animations you make. There is even a big market for logo designers where people will happily buy “off the peg” (i.e. pre-made) logos from you.

Do a little research into how to sell images with different licenses because some websites are crying out for them. Even we have to pay for certain photographs that we use on this website, and we buy them from online marketplaces and independent photograph sellers/ photographers.

Sell Physical Products on Your Website

Link back to your eBay and Amazon listings from your blog and tout the virtues and selling points of your own products. Even if you sell silly things such as inflatable guitars, you can say how they are great for stag nights, how people can play with them in the pool, and how they make fantastic whacking sticks for hitting your friends over the head with. You may even sell products on your blog if you set up an eCommerce section. It doesn’t take much coding and installing to add a PayPal checkout and/or PayPal store to your blog.

What Type of Blogs Make the Most Money?

I personally examined a blog that is making a small fortune. Here I will explain how the blog master is doing it and how he is a frickin genius. There are people making six figure sums from their blogging, and he is one of them.

It was years ago, but I met him in Panama when I was chatting to people after a conference. Also, did you know the roads in Panama do not have traffic lights? It was quite a culture shock for me.

The Faucet Blog

At the time of writing, you may type “Which faucet should I buy?” and the results will look like this in the image:

Best kitchen faucets 2016

The top result is a blog that was eventually turned into a full-blown website, but it is still loaded with thousands upon thousands of posts about faucets. The website is completely devoted to faucets and nothing else.

The website features literally thousands of different types of faucets. There are faucets for just about every form of décor, every different type of sink, tub, bidet, outside tap and more.

From each and every faucet that is on the website, good or bad, is a link to a vendor that sells them. The vendor pays the website if the link to the faucet is clicked. Some vendors pay the web master a very good sum if the link is clicked and a sale is made in what are known as “PPA” or Pay Per Action affiliate sales.

A Screenshot Of Doug’s Faucet Blog’s Homepage

Doug the web master has found vendors willing to pay for clicks (traffic) and for referral sales (PPA), and the website is viciously popular because the web master works on it non stop as a full-time job (he probably has help too). The website is of a very good quality content and deserves its place on the Google search engine results. To give you an idea of the sort of things he blogs about and writes about, below is a full-page screenshot of his homepage.

Note the blog post titles and types down the right hand side. Please take note of the sheer amount of value that the homepage offers. It gives you so much and in so many different ways. The massive amount of work that has gone into this page alone is staggering.

Screen shot of faucet blogging website

Why Are Some Genres and Topics Poor Money Makers?

The same problems that existed in the magazine industry in the past are now mirrored (almost exactly) on the Internet with blogs. Some niche areas, topic areas, and industries are simply too well covered. There is too much competition, and some of your competitors are doing so well that you can never compete with them. An obvious example is Wikipedia. The reason there are no famous encyclopedia websites or blogs is because Wikipedia is rightfully dominating the area. Some areas simply have too much competition or too a high quality competitor that you cannot compete with.

Which Genres Are the Most Over Used and Tired?

There are some genres/areas/industries that have plenty of viewers, but they have so much competition, or competition of such high quality that you simply cannot compete. Here is a rundown of some of the industries that are viciously difficult to enter because there is too much competition. Also, we are aware that we are part of one of them (the money genre/niche), but look at how much content we need to produce every week to keep up with our competitors. Can you honestly produce over 60,000 words of HIGH QUALITY content every week? That is almost one quarter of a million words per month just to compete with our competition.

  • Gaming
  • Weight Loss
  • Makeup
  • Fashion
  • Money (Yes, this is our industry niche area)
  • Childcare
  • Health
  • Movies
  • Money Making
  • Opinion Posts
  • Political
  • News

Sell Your Written Content and Remove It From Your Blog

After every post, write at the bottom of your post that you would be happy to sell full rights to your article. People may make offers, or you set your own price. Other people read your post, they like it, and they buy it off you.

The post is removed from your blog, and it is re-posted on the buyer’s website. It takes a while for Google to remove it from their index, so the buyer may have to wait until the Google cache for the page is cleared, but once it is, the content may be posted on the buyer’s blog or website.

Once the buyer has made the purchase, he or she should make sure it has been removed from its original location and then post it on his or her website or blog. If there is a duplication problem, then it will appear on his or her Google Analytics page as a warning, at which point the buyer removes the content and waits for the Google cache to clear from the original location.

Selling content is not one of the ways we make money on this website, but for the heck of it, if you wish to buy this post, then please let us know. I will post a “This article is for sale” on the bottom of this article.

If you wish to sell your blog posts and earn money that way, then do something similar on your blog. Use our example to see how it may be done. *

Side Note On This Issue

My information on the subject is around 6 months out of date. If you remove content from your website, and it is still in the Google cache, does Google still penalize you for duplicate content if the content appears in another location? Also, if the original location still exists, cannot the original location link to the new location until the cache is cleared? I am 90% sure that would remove any chance of a duplication penalty. I simply advise that the buyer posts the content and if their Google Analytics shows a problem, then the buyer removes the content for a few weeks and tries again.

Conclusion – This Is The Best Place For Blogging Advice

You have just read a comprehensive guide on how to make money blogging. There are no other articles or books on (or off) the Internet that will give such honest and real advice. The methods listed in this article will make you a lot of money if you do them correctly and you invest a lot of time into your blog. The route or method you choose is up to you, but it can be done if you are willing to commit and learn as you go. There is no straight line answer (even we mess up now and again), but as the Faucet blog example shows, you do not need fancy tricks or secrets, you just need to make clever decisions and do a lot of hard work.

Would you like to buy this post?

Our post above mentions how you may make money by selling blog posts. We don’t do it on any of our other articles, but since this is an article on making money by blogging, we are doing it on this page. If you would like to buy this blog post, then please get in contact. We are looking for offers of around $180 to $250 for this post. Make your offer, and we will sell you this post. We will take it off our website, and you may place it on your own.

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