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33 Of The Best Apps And Tools For Freelancers

33 Of The Best Apps And Tools For Freelancers

Almost all of the apps and tools listed in this website are free to use, be it via a trial run or be they free by default. If you are interested in one of the tools, then try a free trial or use it for free. There are a few that ask for money right away, but it is up to you if you try them. Consider using the tools, but take a lot of time to decide if you should pay to use them. Remember that saving money is just as powerful as earning it. Here are 33 apps and website tools for freelancers.


If you have to handle a lot of recurring projects, then this may be the app for you because it allows you to create projects via the app and then add repeating tasks that will regenerate at whatever intervals you set. It is a free app that is most ideal for visual thinkers. You may upgrade to the advanced version if you are willing to pay. Web, iOS, Web Browser and Android

Microsoft Paint

It doesn’t seem like the biggest and most advanced freelancer tool, especially as it is so basic. But, with a little flair, you may create very usable image that makes the point you need to get across. PC or Laptop

The list randomizer tool is perfect and ideal for any online worker that has to routinely work with other people’s content. The tool allows you to randomize lists and content, which will help you while planning your content and when you are trying to avoid list duplication. Web


This tool gives you your word count in real time, which means you can alter and change it and see how your edits affect the word count in real time. It also counts characters, which is handy when you are typing out your Meta data for websites. Web


As mentioned earlier, you should try to use a number of different spelling and grammar checkers to pick up your errors more thoroughly. This tool is handy because it allows you to check your work with different languages and English types, which is great for people like me who are used to writing with US English, but is often called upon to write with UK English (that is the same one that is used in Australia and Canada too). Web

Auto correct spelling mistake incorrect

Spellcheck Fail


Schedule your tasks throughout the week, log the time you have taken, and track your hours as you work. Color code your projects and integrate the app with your calendar. It is a time and productivity tracking app. If you become fast-friends with the app, then you may consider the paid version. Web and iOS


[fusion_youtube id=”p56kW8EFUzo” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”&rel=0″ hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_youtube]

eVoice allows you to appear as if you have a business line, when in-fact you are using a third-party connection. Your calls are wired through to the automated systems at eVoice. The user picks the appropriate options and is connected to you or asked to leave a message. You can make it appear as if you have numerous numbers and departments where all you have is just one phone number. You may use more phone numbers if you wish, but with a bare minimum of just one phone number, you are able to use the eVoice system. Web based but you need at least one phone number


Keep track of your working hours with this app. Using it to track the time you spend on your projects may be counterproductive, since it is often best to use your own judgment. However, if you are trying to improve your working process and your efficiency, then an app like this may help you track your time and help your determine your productivity. The free version allows you to track time. The paid version is more for people who are looking to charge their clients with the information they record into Toggl. Web, Android and iOS


Why mention a social media network in an article about freelancer tools? Because your Google+ account and the apps/tools you use to access it are very powerful for online freelancers. Get involved in Google+ and the SEO (Search Engine Optimization) benefits are enormous. It is almost as if Google has a live feed on every profile and it picks up on user engagement like a leech attaches to ankles. Create a small viral fuss on Google+ and watch your search engine ranking shoot upwards. Web, Android and iOS


Free video chatting programs are not a favorite of mine. It really bugs me when clients want to video chat, especially when their typing skills are distinctly better than their verbal English skills. It is 100x worse for female freelancers because people who claim to be clients will do anything for a quick video chat. Talk to some female freelancers, especially in the web-content creation industry, and you will hear some horrific stories. Skype is not the only free video chatting program on the Internet, but it is certainly doing it the best so far, especially since they have made the software work on just about any device you can buy commercially. Web, Windows, Mac, Linux, Xbox, TV, Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry, and Amazon Fire


If you need a contract writing up, then you may consider this freelancer app. It asks you a series of questions and then creates a contract based on your answers. It is a good starting point for freelancers who do not wish to hire a lawyer. As time goes by and you are screwed over more often, you will learn how to amend the contracts to offer yourself more protection. iOS

Guy filling out a contract


I have added this to the list even though I do not use it myself and do not recommend using it. However, there are many freelancers that do use it, so it is only fair that I add it to this list. It is a social media network where you upload your CV and make business connections. In my opinion, it is only suitable for people who are brilliant at one thing, it is not suitable for many online freelancers.

For example, if you have a master’s degree in Bio-engineering, but you have spent the last 25 years reading every book you could read on business marketing, your clients will simply look at your LinkedIn profile, see your degree, and assume you are not the business marketing expert that you claim to be. Be warned that a LinkedIn profile can remove as many opportunities as it creates. Web, Android, and iOS


Create tasks, assign them to folders, set deadlines and so forth. The app tracks how much time you spend on each task and allows you to track how long each takes. Wrike is more of a collaborative app for groups of people working on the same project. The app is free for up to five users. Web, iOS, Mac, Linux, Windows and Android


If you are a writer, it is always a good idea to run your text through numerous spellcheckers. Many of them are powered by Ginger, so try to pick different tools with different spellchecking databases. This one is powered by Nadaclair Language Technologies. Web


I love the company and the fact they offer a very flexible and function-filled service. I love the fact they are an online wallet that is accepted on almost every eCommerce website I visit. The service allows me to add money to gambling websites, and the third-party nature means that all the eCommerce websites I visit do not have access to my credit card or debit card information. The only place they fall flat is their exchange rates, which are really lousy. Try to find an alternative if you receive money from abroad. Consider opening a foreign currency account or using Transferwise. Web, Android and iOS


This is one of my most favorite online tools because it converts the case of your text. I use it often to change the case of my text for titles, headings, and paragraph content. Your text may be written as sentence case with just the first letter of the sentence capitalized. AS UPPER CASE, and lower case. It Will Change Your Text To Capitalized Case. aLtErNaTiNg cAsE and iNVERSE. Plus, It Will Turn It to the Very Popular Title Case. Web


Create a project and set it into sub-tasks. Assign instructions for team members and highlight sections with a color-coding function. It allows for the dissemination of projects and easy collaboration, and the app is free to download and use. Click here for list of app integrations



Taskboard is a great app because it is a free open-source tool that allows you to plan projects, which includes planning collaborative tasks too. One of its finer functions is that it allows you to set automatic functions that close and complete tasks as you go. For example, if you tick off that you fulfilled a bunch of smaller tasks, then it will mark off the bigger project as complete if all of its tasks are done. Web, iOS and Android

Paper Rater

If this were written before the middle on 2016, then this tool would have received my highest praise, but they keep pulling a trick where they turn the tool off and ask you to use their “Advanced check” which takes you to a paid website. When the service is online, it is free and very good. It checks your work and even rates it according to simple (but easy to understand) standards that apply to academic texts. As a web content writer, you will find it handy for picking up on typos, which is something that too few spelling and grammar checkers do. This tool is powered by Ginger. Web

Invoice by Wave

This tool is a simple and free accounting app that you may use on your iOS. It is up to you if you want to go the free route or the paid route for your accounting. I go the free route because I like holding on to my money. However, paid tools are often big time savers, which is just as valuable to highly productive people. iOS

Oh Don’t forget

The Oh Don’t Forget tool only has power if it is used correctly. The fact they charge you for texts is a very good thing because you may the tempted to abuse it if they did not. Have the system send you text messages when things are due. It is not a great idea since you can program most calendar apps to give you notifications when needed. The argument is that an SMS text is more urgent and more quickly viewed than a Smartphone notification. Web

Google Drive

Cloud storage is very handy for some freelancers, but not for others. If you are in the habit of working for people and being paid right away, or if you sell all of your digital stock very quickly, then there may be no need the online cloud storage. If you sell your stock quickly and you sell your rights to it, then free cloud storage is only good as a backup to go along with your locally backed up content. Give consideration to many of the Google tools since almost all of them are free. Web, iOS and Android


Put all of your lists in one place with this app. It is a little like a catalogue for your post-it notes. It allows you to create recurring tasks for you to complete and you are able to check off your tasks as you do them. The app is only free for 30 days, after which you will be expected to pay. iOS



Track numerous projects at the same time. Many of the apps and tool on this article seem to deal with just one project at a time, or collaborative projects, but this app assumes you are a busy freelancer who has numerous assignments at one time. With this tool, you are able to create tasks and follow them through and jump between clients on the system as you work. Web and iPhone


This app will help stop you becoming unfocused and lost when you are supposed to be working, especially if you are the type of freelancer that cannot keep himself or herself off of Facebook. It has timers that help you take a break at appropriate times to help stop temporary and long-term burnout. Online, Windows and Mac


Hootsuite is rather well known. Originally, one can only imagine that it was built for Twitter, but now it works for a number of social media networks. It is not a tool I have ever tried, but it is so popular and so well reviewed that it deserves a place on this article. You are able to manage numerous social media profiles via a single Hootsuite interface.

I don’t have to involve myself very deeply with social media, which is why I have not used this tool yet, but there are many people who rely on social media and they may benefit from this tool–even if they only use it as a time saver. I am planning on giving it a go, but I am always worried when I have to enter my passwords into third-party apps just in case they are hacked. After all, if a hacker were to get my YouTube or Google+ password, then he or she would have access to all my Google accounts. Web, iPhone, iPad and Android


I tried the tool for around 3 days of its 14-day trial. I can see why some people prefer to use this bid/proposal creation software. It makes creating a proposal very quick, and it takes a lot of the thinking out of it. It is mostly useful for people who deal with larger companies. If you work for smaller companies or you rely on personal contacts rather than faceless contracts, then this tool is not for you. I tried the tool on a few prospects, but only the larger companies responded, and they were fairly bland responses. If I tried a BidSketch templated proposal on the owner of eCheck or one of his team, he would probably assume I was fixing to sue him and send some hired goons around to rough-up my office. Web

[fusion_youtube id=”FsUuhW7WbIg” width=”” height=”” autoplay=”false” api_params=”&rel=0″ hide_on_mobile=”small-visibility,medium-visibility,large-visibility” class=””][/fusion_youtube]


Keep track of your receipts and your outgoings with this popular app. It is a little pricy, so give it some thought before your 30-day trial ends as to if you are really going to use it to its full cotangential. It is able to integrate with other services such as Evernote and Dropbox, and it saves some freelancers time on their tax returns. Web, iOS and Android


The most useful function on this app/program is its activity level tracking. The only problem is that it may be difficult to interpret its data if you have to do a lot of research that involves looking at just one page. However, most people have to move the page fairly frequently in order to keep reading, so it still works if you know how to interpret its analytics. It is a free app that is ideal for people who work on computers for most of their day. Windows and OS X


It is a handy tool for creating mind maps. The only problem is that it is very tricky to use and learn. If they gave full instructions on how to use its different functions, then maybe the tool would receive higher praise. If you learn how to use Mind Maps, you may use them as planning and brainstorming tools. Note down your thoughts and your ideas in a way that doesn’t require a massive amount of reading when you look at it in a few days. Web, iOS and Android


The Freedom app allows you to block and lock things on your desktop computer and your Smartphone that distract you. It allows you to block apps and whatever notifications that cause distractions. You may build habits with their locked mode, and you may schedule sessions where you are may be productive. iOS, Mac and Windows

Open Office

The Apache Open Office suite is a great replacement for Microsoft Office. It is not as advanced, but it has many of the tools that the Microsoft Office suite has, and it uses many of the file types that the Microsoft Office toolset uses. You may use the Open Office suite for free, and it is very user-friendly and intuitive for people who are already accustomed to Microsoft software. It is also open source, which means you may change and alter the code to add more functions. Windows, OS X and Linux

WriteRoom (Mac) and DarkRoom (PC)
To Help Avoid Distractions

There is the Write Room version for Mac and DarkRoom version for the PC, and even though they are created by different developers, they both do the same thing. They create a very sterile and empty environment for you to write and work within. They remove all distractions and give you just a blank word processor to work with. Both tools are free to use. Mac and Windows

Freelancers Distractions are many, and hot women are not one of them


Of all the freelancer tools you require, you must not forget your communication tools. You need a reliable email service (there are plenty of free ones), a reliable phone network, a landline number and call blocking features, and a free video-calling program. A mobile number is also handy for text messages too.

Now you have a few tools, let’s quickly cover criticism. If you are a freelancer and a creator of any sort, you are going to attract people who want to criticize you. Whether their criticism are valid or not (usually it is 90% not, 10% are), you need to remember that some times you are going to create crap. It is not directly your fault, though some instances may be avoided, suffice it to say that sometimes you will create something that you think is good…but is actually quite terrible. Just roll with it and keep creating. No creator has a 100% strike rate. Usually, a creator’s terrible work is placed on the back shelf and forgotten, and their great work is what remains on display.

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    Nice list. Surprisingly, i’ve never heard about many of these tool. Will surely check them. I’d also like to recommend proofhub for project management here. Its a very efficient and feature rich tool to keep your scattered team together!

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    Nice list. You have covered all the useful tools. I would also like to suggest one tool. ProofHub. I am using since year for Project Management and Time Tracking.


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