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24 Things You Should NEVER Pay For

24 Things You Should NEVER Pay For

Here are things you shouldn’t pay for because you don’t have to. There are other lists like this on the Internet, but they often feature things that people do not like personally, such as cable TV and sodas. This list only deals with items that you don’t have to pay for because there are better alternatives.

1. Fabric Softener

Modern clothes do not need fabric softener. Many modern clothes are unaffected by it. Some clothes, towels and bed sheets are affected by it and will feel softer, but you have to ask yourself if it is worth the expense.

2. Credit Score Monitoring

You need to follow the commonly known guidelines for improving your credit score, such as repaying your credit card balances within the space of a month, and not overdrawing on your account. What you shouldn’t do is monitor your credit score because it adds nothing. You may check your score once in a while, but paying to monitor it is a waste of money.

3. Coupons

You are supposed to use coupons to save money, so stop paying for them. Do not buy something because they offer you a coupon, and do not pay to use coupon and discount-code websites.

4. Extended Warranties

You should pick products that already have a long warranty if you are worried it will break down. Also, why are you buying things that may break down soon? Why not invest more time and effort into finding a product that will last a long time and that will be good value for money? You could always use your home-contents insurance to cover your losses, rather than paying for an extended warranty. An extended warranty is only really worth buying if you are drawing some sort of income from the product, or you are using it for business purposes.

5. Lottery Tickets

You have probably heard all about how you are more statistically likely to be hit by a meteor, but with that aside, the world doesn’t give things away and nor do other people. You will not win the lottery, so stop paying for tickets.

6. Most (but not all) E-Books

A common website scam is to offer an e-book. People hope to get a little more advice or help other than what they have read on the website. Usually, the e-books are either poorly-written mush, or are made from articles scraped off the Internet. There are plenty of good e-books, but you have to be very careful when buying because many e-books online are terrible.

7. Many Types Of Insurance

Insurance is sometimes unnecessary. It is up to you to do the math first before you buy insurance. You need to examine the immediate risk, the future risk, the overall cost to you, and the chances you will make a claim. It takes more thinking and calculating than one may first think, but it is worth it because it may save you an unnecessary expense.

8. DVDs And CDs

There are plenty of legitimate online dealers that allow you to stream or download them for a fee. The cost of downloadable movies and songs are far cheaper than if you buy new DVDs and CDs.

9. Calendars

Stop wasting your money on them. They may be good for remembering dates or birthdays, but there are cheaper alternatives. Most Smartphones have a calendar and organizer already installed, so use them. You may also download apps that notify you in advance for things such as birthdays and special dates.

10. ATM / Bank Machine Charges

If an ATM charges for use, then either turn up with enough money, or find one that doesn’t charge. If the bank you use doesn’t have a local ATM that you can use for free, then switch banks. Try to use online banking, online payments and online transfers rather than drawing out money for ATMs that charge (unless you are charged for online transactions). Plan how you use your money a little better, so that you are never forced to use an ATM that charges you.

11. New Formal Wear

Unless you go to a lot of formal events, it is not worth investing in a new tuxedo or ball gown. You will save far more money by hiring a suit and/or dress rather than buying a new one and storing it for months between formal events.

12. Weight Loss Products And Courses

There are thousands of websites that will give you free advice about weight loss and dieting. You do not have to pay for courses because they will give you nothing extra over what you can get for free online. The fact is that you will lose weight if you exercise a few times per week, if you eat a balanced diet, and if you eat the required amount you need to give you energy. There is no other healthy way to lose weight, so stop spending money on courses that add nothing and products that cannot help you.

13. Paper Towels

Paper towels are a massive waste of money. You may use a dishcloth and soak up spills just as efficiently. The idea that using a paper towel is more hygienic is outright wrong, unless your dishcloth goes months without being washed.

14. Webmaster Tools And Analytic Tools

You will find many online articles that say the Google web master tools and analytics are not good enough. Those articles are commissioned by companies that sell web master tools and web analytic tools. The fact is that the free Google products are good for all small and intermediate websites, so stop paying money for them.

15. Baby Shoes

A baby does not need shoes. Stop wasting money on baby shoes. They are only for decoration. You may as well buy the baby a chemistry set for all the use it is going to get out of it.

16. Banking And Checks

If you are in the US, then it may be difficult to avoid paying for bank charges, but if you cannot get your checking account for free, then at least avoid as many of the charges as you can. For example, plan how you are going to use and draw out your money so you may avoid transaction fees.

17. Magazines

Do not buy magazines. They are a waste of money these days when the Internet is faster and cheaper. If you prefer the type of magazines that allow you to order things, then avoid them too. They manipulate you into buying because you feel like you have wasted your time looking through it if you don’t buy.

18. Watches

Ask somebody over the age of 20, and they will tell you of a time when people used to stop you in the street and ask you for the time. This doesn’t happen anymore because almost everybody uses their mobile phone to get the time. Watches are becoming a thing of the past, so stop buying them and use your phone to tell the time.

19. GPS Systems

This is a tricky one. There are many Smartphones that allow you to navigate in a car, and many of them are free, especially if you use Google maps. However, there are some larger GPS systems that are updated frequently and they do have a bigger screen. In conclusion, if you do a lot of driving into strange and new places, then invest in a GPS device. If you do not, then use your Smartphone.

20. Store Vouchers

Usually, they are purchased as gifts. They give the user a certain amount of credit at one store or another. In some cases, they are lost, not used, or expire. The risk of loss could be averted by giving the other person money, or buying them another present.

21. Shaving Cream

Try lathering up with a bar of soap for a week. Shaving with a lather of soap is just as easy as it is with a lather of shaving cream, except that shaving cream is cheaper.

22. Alarm Clocks

What is the point in buying an alarm clock when you can use your phone? You may like to use it as a backup for your phone, but by that logic, you should buying two cars to get to work just in case the first one doesn’t start one morning.

23. Motivational Seminars And Videos

Motivational books, videos and seminars only have a temporary effect. None are able to produce long-lasting motivation; despite the fact they all claim they will change your life. Do not pay for this temporary effect, when you can find videos and e-books on the Internet for free. Motivational seminars are only meant to get you all pumped up so you leave thinking you have got a good deal. All motivational speakers are losers in real life; otherwise, they would have a real job and enjoy real success, rather than spending their days coning people into thinking they are successful.

24. Credit Card Interest And Fees

Fees occur when you miss payments or overdraw. Credit card fees are a sign of severe financial distress, and are an indication you need to drastically change the way you handle and manage your money. Credit card interest is a silly and empty expense that is born from the fact you haven’t repaid your balance quickly enough.

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