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111 Stupidly Simple Ways To Save Money Every Day

111 Stupidly Simple Ways To Save Money Every Day

According to the book, “The Millionaire Next Door,” most people who have over $1 million either in their bank or tied up in investments have never spent more than $300 on a suit. These people range from retired investors to caravan salespersons. They haven’t lived a glamorous life full of fast cars and catwalk clothes; they have built their wealth by cutting back on what they spend rather than by earning more money. Here is how you may cut back your budget so you have more money to invest and build wealth.

  1. Get A Consolidation Loan For Your Credit Cards

The problem is that people keep getting back into debt with them once they have paid them off or paid off a chunk. Get a consolidation loan for a cheaper rate and cancel all your credit cards.

  1. Sell Your Car, Van Or Motorbike

One of the biggest budget vampires is a motor vehicle. If possible, sell it and use public transport, a bicycle or walk.

  1. Use Balance Transfers If Applicable

Apply for another credit card that has 0% on balance transfers and that has an interest-free period. Weigh up all the costs before you do it because sometimes it ends up more expensive–especially if you do not pay off the balance before the interest-free period is up.

  1. Cancel Your Gym Membership

If you are honest, you can do just as much exercise at home and in the park. A gym is convenient, but in most cases, it is unnecessary unless you are bodybuilding.

  1. Insulate Your Home For Heat And Cold

Plenty of online articles suggest this, but why not go on the Internet right now and find out how you can insulate better and find out how much it will cost.

  1. Consider If You Really Need Insurance For Certain Things

For example, if you buy a big electronic device, will the cost of insuring it eventually cost more than it would to replace the item. If you were to keep it for two years without paying insurance, would your insurance savings help you replace the item if it were to break?

  1. Find ATMs That Will Not Charge You For Withdrawing Money

These days you need cash in your hand less and less. Still, it may be worth finding an ATM or bank that doesn’t charge you ATM fees (read checking account fees you should never pay)


  1. Make Sure Your Partner Is On The Same Page As You

There is nothing more damaging to wealth building than a partner that spends too much or that doesn’t understand how and why your wealth building efforts are in place.

  1. Use Comparison Websites And Research Cheaper Travel Expenses

There are sometimes bus passes, train passes, and travel offers that can save you a lot of money. You just need to do the work and find them.

  1. Stop Paying For Things Such As Extra TV Channels

If you want to build wealth, then you need to make some sacrifices, and these should be one of them. Do something more productive with your time.

  1. Use A Clothesline Rather Than Radiators Or Driers

They can save you money for just a slight inconvenience. Even in winter, the cold air can draw moisture out so that your clothes don’t need as long on the radiators.

  1. Lower Your Standard Of Living Until You Have To Wealth To Enjoy It Fully

There are plenty of online articles about saving money without sacrifice, but if you genuinely want to build wealth so you can stop working, then it is going to take sacrifice.

  1. Unplug Things On Mass With A Power Strip

Unplugging your things before you go to bed or before you go to work is a good idea. Do it on mass and quickly with things such as your entertainment center with a simple multi-socket power strip.

  1. Buy Clothes That Don’t Need Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning costs are expenses that you can live without. There are plenty of clothing options where using machine washing at home will be fine.

  1. Rent DIY Items Rather Than Buying

Do you really need to buy a jigsaw and nail gun to fix your shed roof? Can you borrow what you need from other people or hire them for a day instead?

  1. Can You Fix Something Yourself Rather Than Having It Repaired Or Replaced

Some people reach for their phone whenever something breaks down so they can call a repairperson. Go on the Internet and see if there is an answer you that allows you to do it yourself.

  1. Expensive Cleaning Products Are Cleaning Out Your Savings

Despite what the adverts say, there is a limit to what cleaners can do. Test a number of different brands, including the economy and the expensive and see for yourself that some cheaper cleaners are just as effective as cleaners that are more expensive.

  1. Take Care Of Your Teeth To Lower Dental Bills

Dental bills can drain your funds dramatically and yet in most cases they are avoidable if you regulate your diet and eating habit’s a little better, and if you take care of your teeth better.

  1. If You Have A Vehicle, Keep Its Tires Inflated

Even a few bars lower than the optimum and you will find yourself burning through fuel.

  1. Use Public Transport

If you use them correctly and efficiently, then you can make massive savings compared to owning a motor vehicle.

  1. Decide What Food You Are Going To Buy Before Buying

Use online grocery shopping if possible, decide what you want and only buy that. Do not let their marketing sway you.

  1. Maintain Things Routinely Such As On Weekends

Every weekend you can maintain your car, electrical device, furniture and so forth. Remember that the stitch in time…

  1. Stop Impulse Buying Things You Know You Won’t Use

Are you really going to use that Margarita Maker? Is your sandwich maker or George Foreman grill going to be as useful as you think, or will it be stuffed in a cupboard and forgotten?

  1. Raise Your Deductibles For Insurance

Take a chance on having to pay more if you need to claim and you can save money.

  1. Compare Utility Prices At Least Twice Per Year

Their prices change at least two times per year, so it pays to stay on top of which are the cheapest.

  1. Get Free Plants From Giveaway Websites On The Internet

Buying plants is just silly. People give them away on the Internet all the time and it is far cheaper to grow them yourself.

  1. Wait To Buy Bigger Items To See If You Can Get A Better Deal Later

You may need a washing machine right now, but if you wait and shop around, a better-priced one may fall into your lap.

  1. Consolidate Your Student Debts

Many people claim the benefits of consolidating their student debts; you too may be one of them.

  1. Cancel Your Club Subscriptions Where Possible

Unless they are a big part of your social life, you should consider cancelling them at least for a while.

  1. Use What You Have Instead Of Buying Something New

You smashed two cups from your set, do you have to go out and buy a new set, or can you use two old cups of a different style that you have gathering dust in a box somewhere?

  1. Use Swap-home Schemes For Cheaper Holidays

It is a bit of a risk having a stranger stay in your house, but some people can save an absolute fortune by swapping houses for a while with strangers from another country.

  1. Make And Pack Your Own Meals For Work

This is a well-known and easy way to save money every day and it can help reduce your impulse purchases too.

  1. Repurpose Some Of Your Old Furniture Or Up-cycle It

Up-cycling is where you refurbish things and repurposing means doing things such as using a stool as a place to put your bedside light.

  1. Buy Energy-efficient Items Even Though They Cost More

The initial cost is often restrictive in some senses, but if the item lasts longer and uses less energy, then you save money in the long run.

  1. Plan Your Meals To Avoid Impulse Eating And Grazing

It stops you gazing into the fridge for something to eat, it helps you maintain a healthy diet, and will help lower the amount of grazing you do on your days off.

  1. Have A Programmable Thermostat

Set it to start just before you wake up so you are warm, and set it to go off around 40 minutes before you go to work.

  1. Sell Items You Do Not Use Anymore

Do not sell items that you may use, but if you have gone a year without using it, then you may not notice its absence if it is sold.

  1. Grow Some Of Your Own Food Items

It may only save you a few dollars every year, but many veggies are low maintenance and the experience is often rewarding.

  1. Have Your Teeth Checked At Dental Schools And Hair Cut At Hair Schools

Yes, you are taking a risk when you do this, but if you are committed to cutting back, then take it all the way.

  1. Get Rid Of Online Subscriptions For Stuff You Can Get For Free

Porn is a common online subscription that people pay for that they can get for free, but it also includes subscriptions to dating sites, shares websites, racing tipsters and so forth.

  1. Turn Off The Lights In Your House

Just turn them off when you are not using them; this idea seems to be lost on some people!

  1. Write Down Your Expenses To See How You Are Hemorrhaging Money

That big puddle of money in your account (your wages) is a deceptive little water feature. It leads people into a false sense of security. Write down all your coming expenses, both regular and one-offs and you may see how little money you will have left to save at the end of the month.

  1. Do Not Eat As Much If You Are A Little Too Indulgent

People that like their food and like to snack are often people that have money troubles because indulgent eating is their biggest expense–but it is one you can avoid.

  1. Don’t Give So Much Away To Religious Groups

Lower the amount you tithe or give away to religious groups. They have almighty deities on their side, so they can live without your hard-earned cash. If an almighty creator has a problem with that, remind him of your gas bill last month and ask that he add a little more oil into Texas oilfields.

  1. Check Your Budget For Unneeded Regular Services You Can Live Without

This one is up to you. Everybody has their unneeded regular services, be it TV channels, subscriptions to grape-soda weekly, or a mistress…

  1. Have Birthday Parties At Home

Believe it or not, you don’t need a bunch of waiters singing happy birthday to have a good time, nor does your child need a ball pit, too much sugar, and pee-stained slide in a restaurant to have a good time.

  1. Carpool To Work

It always saves money, it is convenient, it means you may use carpool lanes, and you may even make a few friends.

  1. Stop Buying Takeaway Coffees

It is a really dumb expense–just stop it. Look up the studies that show the cars people could buy if they didn’t buy takeaway coffee. Spending 3 dollars a day on a coffee equals 15 dollars a week and 60 dollars a month and $720 a year. Just cutting out your starbucks (and brewing your own coffee) can pay for a yearly vacation!

  1. Cook Your Meals And Freeze Them

Buy ingredients for a meal and buy a lot of them. Make a fair amount of the meal and separate them into portions. Put them in separate plastic containers, freeze them, and then use the microwave to heat them up for lunch.

  1. Install Power-saving Light Bulbs

They are readily available and there are some that use even less energy than ever before.

  1. Consolidate Your Current Debt To A Lower Rate

If your credit rating allows for this, then it is worth considering. In some cases, you may only save a few dollars, but it may be worth it if you can lower the rate enough.

  1. Complain For Refunds If The Service Isn’t Great

For example, if your Internet or TV service goes down for half a day, get on the phone or email and make a complaint for a partial refund.

  1. Re-use Household Items For Other Things And Save Money

Your old wooden spoon may have had better days, so use it to stir paint pots. Your old chopping board may have more gashes than an orange in a blunt blender, but it may make for a good surface to put your boiling pots when you dishing out food to be sure it doesn’t scorch your work surface.

  1. Drive Carefully And Maintain Your Car To Make It Last Longer

Things such as breaking hard, or not being careful about hitting curbs, will wear away at your car and make it depreciate faster. Just be a little more careful in the future.

  1. Switch To A Bank That Has Lower And/or Better Fees

Another bank may not charge you maintenance fees, or may not charge you for deposits, transfers and so forth (see our Best Checking Accounts article and 15 Bank Fees to Avoid)

  1. Stop Having So Many Takeaways And Restaurant Visits

You do not have to cut back completely, but you could at least consider reducing the amount of times you use them.

  1. Burn Calories And Not Your Heating Budget

Sometimes you feel cold because your body has been stationary for a long time. Get the blood pumping a little, and you may find yourself very warm for hours.

  1. Stop Buying Bottled Water And Use A Purifier Instead

If you live in an area where your tap water is not so great, then do not waste money on bottled water, use a purifier with your tap water instead.

  1. Invite Friends Over Instead Of Going Out

You may be surprised at how much fun you can have with your friends if you go to each other’s houses.

  1. Shop In Food Stores After They Apply Their Evening Reductions

Some grocery and supermarkets apply discounts to their fresh and chilled goods in the afternoon and then again in the evening. You can pick up some good bargains that you can freeze when you get home so they last longer.

  1. A Less Expensive Area Or Town Will Help Significantly

Moving to a less expensive area is a big commitment, but it may save you a lot of money.

  1. Consider Self Insuring Your Home Contents

Figure out what an insurance company would charge you per week for your home contents insurance and pay that money into a savings account instead of to an insurance company. When you need to make a claim, dip into the money you saved. This will work well so long as you do not need to make a claim within the first year of self-insuring yourself.

  1. Do You Really Need An Outside Light?

People tend to leave them on and it costs a lot of money. Even the motion-sensor ones can cost you a lot of money if you have to frequently let your dog or cat into the garden at night.

  1. Lower Your Hot Water Temperature

Turn it down even a little and you can save epic amounts of money through not having your boiler work so hard.

  1. Term Life Insurance Is Ideal For Wealth Builders

If you are working to build wealth, then why do you need life insurance that spans your entire life? Term insurance is cheaper and by the time you are old you will have enough money to cover your funeral and keep your family safe because you will have been wealth building whilst you were alive.

  1. Intentional Leftovers Save You Cooking Two Days In A Row

Make too much of your home-cooked meal, and you can enjoy savings on food and electricity by eating the leftovers the day after.

  1. Keep A Penny And Coin Jar For Rainy Days

Tossing a few coins away for a rainy day can help you save money that you would have otherwise disregarded.

  1. Are There Cheaper Childcare Options Out There?

They range from setting dates where each parent takes the kids in the group for a day, to politely asking your grandparents if they will have the kids for a night.

  1. Do You Need As Many Clothes As You Have?

This doesn’t mean you should give your clothes away; it means you should actually take a look at all the clothes you have before you run out and buy more.

  1. Ask Your Doctor And Pharmacist About Money Saving Prescriptions

There are some that will make good recommendations that save you a lot of money in the long-run.

  1. Air Seal Your Home To Prevent Draughts

It still needs ventilation, but you can have ventilation without having draughts running through your house.

  1. Do Not Try To Keep Up With Your Friends Or Neighbors

If they are silly enough to spend money on fancy new things, then let them, you will be laughing in 10 years when you are rolling in cash and they are drowning in debt.

  1. Visit Places Where Tipping Is Not Allowed

This tip was inspired by the various massage parlors that claim their services are so good that they don’t allow tips. The first thing I thought was, “They don’t want the tip…of what?”

  1. Reduce Your Phone Bills By Any Means Possible

It may mean blocking the ability to make outgoing calls, banning your kids from using them, or setting up a 3-minute calls policy.

  1. Tell People You Are Cutting Back As Your Excuse Not To Spend

If you are honest with people and tell them that you are cutting back so that you may save and build wealth, they may treat your money with a little more respect and not suggest you all go out to the most expensive venues.

  1. Avoid Labels On Clothes And Consumer Products Where Possible

When you buy clothes and products with big-brand labels on them, then part of your money goes towards covering their advertising costs, which is a waste of your money.

  1. Pay-as-you Go Phones May Save You More Money

Learn to use your phone less to the point where you can save money with a pay-as-you-go phone.

  1. Bulk-buy Nonperishable Items In Bulk

This can range from anything from toilet paper to bags of rice. Buy in bulk so you may enjoy the associated savings. Plus, the longer you have them, the more you save on inflation-rise prices.

  1. Drastically Reduce Your Grooming Expenses

Do you need to smell like an Academy award hallway or a catwalk runway? Do you really need razors so sharp that they can cut glass?

  1. Will A Short-term Car Hire Save You More Money?

If you only need a car on an irregular basis, or once per fortnight, then consider a short-term car hire instead of buying or long-term leasing a car.

  1. In-source More Than You Outsource

The best example is doing your own house cleaning rather than having a house cleaner to it.

  1. Shop Around For Insurance

It is one of the easiest online services to search for with the use of a varied number of comparison websites.

83. Buy Clothes At The End Of The Season Clearance

You won’t have up-to-the-minute fashion, but you will have good new clothes at a reduced price.

  1. Use Customer Rewards Programs In Places Where You Already Spend Money

Do not sign up for them in places that you do not frequent. If you are going to spend your money in a store anyway, then you may as well take advantage of their rewards programs so long as they do not force you to spend more than you want to.

  1. Consider The Best Times Of The Year To Buy Certain Things

For example, you can buy cheap wrapping paper just after Christmas, and there are now things such as Black Friday where you can get cheaper goods.

  1. Shop Around For Consumer Products

Shopping around has always been a good idea, but it is especially true these days for consumer products where there is plenty of online competition for you to research through.

  1. Only Take Advantage Of Coupons For Things You Really Need

Coupons and discount codes only exist to make you spend. Only use them for items you need and avoid buying things because their offer price makes them a bargain.

  1. Use Power Strips With Timers

They are a great way to save money on things such as space heaters, electric blankets, portable air conditioners and so forth.

  1. Buy Cheap Frozen Pizzas And Add Your Own Toppings

If you try to cut back by buying cheap pizzas, you will probably feel ill afterwards. Instead, buy a few cheap frozen margarita pizzas, and buy cheese and sauces to add to them. They taste hundreds of times better without forking out larger sums for better quality pizzas.

  1. Unplug Unused Electrical Items To Save On The Phantom Charge

There are some items that will cost you a little money by simply being plugged in, so learn to unplug things.

  1. Stop Using Gambling Websites

You start to view your money as credits in some sort of game and suddenly tens of dollars are disappearing without you realizing just how much you are wasting money.

  1. Insuring Your Pets May Be Cheaper In The Long Run

Our furry friends become ill far too often, and even if they don’t, they need checkups and inoculations on a regular basis to the point where it is often cheaper to insure them.

  1. Consumable Habits Cost You Far More Than You Expect

Work out how much you are spending on Vape or alcohol, and you may be astonished.

  1. Lower The Amount You Spend On Gifts

Isn’t it supposed to be the thought that counts? You don’t have to slash your gift budget by 70%, just don’t be as extravagant.

  1. A Good And Larger Deep Freezer May Pay For Itself In The Long Run

You can save food that may otherwise go off, and you can make your own meals and freeze them for later.

  1. Opt For Inexpensive Entertainment Options

You don’t have to go for a picnic in the park every time your partner wants to go to a restaurant, but there are always areas where you can cut back in this department.

  1. Stop Buying From TV Shows

Things from shopping networks are aimed at the vulnerable. Most of their sales happen on the days that old people get their pensions. Do not finance these companies by buying from them.

  1. Teach Your Children The Value Of The Items You Buy

Children and teens that treat your house and the things within with disrespect can bore a hole in your wealth building efforts. That leak may drain your savings with expenses you really shouldn’t have had to suffer.

  1. Refinance Your Home For A Lower Rate

If it is an option, then weigh up the pros and cons to see if you will save money both now and in the long run.

  1. Stay Healthy And Exercise To Cut Healthcare Costs

An apple a day keeps the doctor away…well, almost. You need a variety in your diet, 10 fruit or veg per day, and around 20 minutes of exercise per day and you will stay healthy enough to cut healthcare costs both now and in the future.

  1. Wear Out Your Clothes Before You Buy More New Clothes

You do not have to walk around in rags, but consider wearing your clothes out before you buy new ones. Do you have to look fantastic when you are around the house?

  1. Ladies Should Simplify Their Beauty Regime

Its not really a big ask. Less is more, and there is only so much you can do with potions and chemicals.

  1. Visit The Store Less And You Will Spend Less

Some people just cannot help but snap up the bargains when they go to the store, in which case, go to the store less.

  1. Downgrade Your Health Insurance

Just consider it as an option. Weigh the pros and cons, the costs and the benefits.

  1. Cancel Subscriptions That Are Not Vital

For example, a common one is online TV, movie and porn channels, most of which offer services you can sometimes get for free elsewhere. Plus, are you really using them enough to justify the expense?

  1. If You Are Cold, Your Clothes May Be Moist

This is one of those things that some people just don’t know. You spend your day sweating in your clothes and it makes them ever so moist. It may be worth popping your shirt in the microwave or airing it out for a short while. Even running over it with a hair dryer will be enough.

  1. Kids Eat Free Offers Are Sometimes Big Money Savers

Beware of these offers because they are sometimes loss leaders to get you in and spending. Nevertheless, they can be big money savers if you like to treat your kids now and then.

  1. Shop Around Months In Advance For The Best Holiday Offers

Book early and you will probably get a better holiday offer. Plus, the longer in advance that you plan, then the more time you have to search out the best offers. Hint: use something like to check out airline trips months and months to a destination you are interested in — you could save a lot of money on a flight to a place you were planning to go anyways.

  1. Slow Down Your Speed As You Drive And You Will Save On Fuel

Drive slower and accelerate slower. If you find yourself braking less often, then you are driving more smoothly, which means you are saving money.

  1. Request A Lower Rate On Your Credit Card

Believe it or not, some people are able to ask for lower rates on their credit cards. Try threatening to do a balance transfer from a card you were offered and ask if your current credit card issuer can match or beat the rate.

  1. Stop Junk Mail And Stop Spending On Things You Don’t Need

Hang signs on your door refusing junk mail, and block junk emails without opening them. Even if there is a 0.001% chance you will buy due to junk mail…its too risky.

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