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11 Legit Work From Home Jobs

11 Legit Work From Home Jobs

Fancy stuffing envelopes? Stripping on camera? Selling Bitcoin? Fronting an eBay shop for Chinese scammers? Painting tiny statues? Or, do you fancy being lusty Linda on a phone-sex line? There are plenty of ways you can work from home; it is just a shame that most of them will leave you without your dignity and without getting paid. Here are a few legitimate ways you may earn money from home.

1 – A Graphic Designer

If you have the skills to pay the bills, then there is no reason you cannot become a graphic designer at home. It isn’t just about designing wrappers for chocolate bars. Apps need graphic design, and so do email templates and even content management system templates. You may even secure work designing custom-made product pages.

2 – A Photographer Or Photoshop Images

You may think you are good at photography, but unless you have had college training–you are not. There is a great deal involved with photography that many amateurs are simply unaware of. However, the good news is that there are plenty of knowledge-less fools out there that are as woefully ignorant about photography as you. This means there is a ready source of people out there that will buy your photographs despite their low quality. The same goes for photoshopping because it is another industry where amateurs can easily pass as professionals because most people cannot tell the difference between professional and non-professional work.

3 – Accountancy

Yes, you are going to need qualifications and a license if you want to prepare other people’s accounts. You will also have to abide by whatever laws your state and your country has, such as legally required insurance, qualifications and permits. Still, accountancy is one of the few jobs you may do at home if you want to earn a living. You will probably earn more money if you work for a company, but freelance accountants still make good money.

4 – Online And Offline Tutor

You may teach things such as the piano or elocution offline if you wish, or you may teach people things online via online classes, conferences, and websites that you set up. You may create your own online course and teach people that way. If you have something to teach, and if you have qualifications, then teaching is something you can do from home.

5 – Childcare

For this one you are going to have to check your state laws and make sure you have enough insurance, qualifications, permits, licenses and whatever else you may need. Be very diligent when it comes to the law and what you are allowed to do because it is easy to gain a conviction against somebody offering unsafe or illegal childcare. If you want to babysit for people in their homes, then there are fewer restrictions. If you want to have kids in your home as a form of daycare, then most states allow you to have around five children without having to turn your home into a daycare business premises.

6 – Sculpting And Painting

Any form of artwork may be sold if you are good enough. Sadly, it often takes a while to build a reputation. You will probably have to sell your works of art for less, or you will have to keep them at a high price and see very few sales per year. However, it is true that some people make a good living from their artwork.

7 – Start An eBay Business

What you sell is up to you. It is easier if you sell the things you make in your home. For example, if you take the above advice and sculpt, then you could sell your sculptures. You can sell your own stuff if you wish, and you may buy other peoples stuff in bulk and sell it separately if you wish. Some people buy and sell cars, and some people buy and sell collectables. It is up to you.

8 – Dog Walker

You may walk dogs and make money that way. You may also take pets into your home and look after them that way. It may be tough to convince people to trust you, but that burden is on you. There are websites that allow you to offer your home as a place for pets to stay, but they often charge massive fees. It is easier to set up your own website, put up posters, tell people on Google+, and use Google Adwords to advertise your dog walking services.

9 – Programming

You may learn how to be a programmer at home. There are plenty of free online courses that will teach you, and many of the tools you need are free too because of openware/freeware that is hosted on the Internet. The same is true if you want to be a 3D artist or animator, though the best 3D art and animation tools cost a lot of money. However, there are still many free tools you can try.

10 – A Web Designer Or Web Developer

The great thing about this job is that there are plenty of free courses online that will teach you how to do it. Sure, it is going to take a lot of learning, and it is easier with a paid college course, but nevertheless, you can learn how to become a web designer and a web developer. A designer creates the website; a developer improves it once it is online.

11 – Essay Writing

Writing essays for students is a low paid job. You can expect to receive something around $2 per 100 words. Simply claim to have a degree in this or that and join an essay writing service. You can try freelancing, but students are notorious for not paying and for causing you trouble. You can threaten to post the essay online if they do not pay up, but otherwise you have no legal or moral recourse. Most essay writing services do not mind if you make a mess of it, you simply have to make it look as if you know what you are doing.

On the other hand, there are services that will claim your essay has been rejected. If that is the case, then tell them that it is okay and that you will post it on your websites as a sample of your work. At that point, they may suddenly decide to pay you. If they do not, then spam it onto as many comment sections, forums, blogs and websites as you can. It will ensure that no student may use your work.

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