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10 Online Resources for Learning at Home

10 Online Resources for Learning at Home

Here are ten online resources for learning at home, most of them are free and most of the information on them is from reliable sources. They have not been placed online and forgotten about as so many other online learning resources. So, here are ten online resources for learning at home, listed in no particular order.

This is a website that searches a number of government related science websites and resources to give you information on current science news and learning. It is a good place to get current information that you may add to your essays and such.


This is a good place to learn old and new web programming and design skills. They have a wide range of courses that will help you educate yourself on website programming, and they have reference material so you can brush up when needed.

Open Yale Courses

Yale is a well-known University located in the USA and on their website; they offer a free set of courses that are mostly at the introductory level. You do not get course credits for watching, listening or reading, but the content is free and was recorded in a real Yale classroom during lessons.

How Stuff Works

This is a website that offers a fun and entertaining way to learn. You are not going to find much course material for your degree in here, but you will find plenty of entertaining information that will educate you as you enjoy.


This is an online resource that has been criticized for being wrong, but it is no less wrong than many other resources. That is the reason we update textbooks, so basically you should consider Wikipedia as a place to go for easy answers when you are trying to learn online.


The Massachusetts Institute of Technology now has over 12,000 videos you can watch for free. They have included event recordings and academic content that students and non-students can learn from, and all are of a very high quality.

Academic Earth

This is a website where lots of free online resources have been added to a single directory. It makes it a lot easier to find free learning material and courses without having to search amongst paid resources on search engines.


TED is a world-renowned event in which people of stature give free lectures. They are not all great, such as the Mystery Box tripe that J.J. Abrams came out with, but many are going to find some of their lectures helpful and educational. There was a guy who did a TED talk with a speech about banning internet porn because it “Made” him look at sicker and sicker stuff online. Another Laayyyddeee wanted to ban computer games because she said we could put the many hours of gaming to other uses, which is true because before gaming became good, most of our teens were on drugs.

PBS Videos

The PBS network air a few educational programs on their network from time to time, so there is little surprise that they put a few of them on their website. They have documentaries and such that will help you ease gently into the world of online learning.

Annenberg Learner

There are catalogs of learning websites and lectures you can visit. There is a paid section, which means not all the website is free to use, but it is a good place to get resources for your private learning.

An Extra One

Wibit.Net – They taught me all that I know about web coding, and their website is free. They taught me better than college did. Most of the videos are hosted by two nerds, and over time, they start to become more lovable. They are a bit like that tubby kid who hung around with your group in High School who is only missed by the group when his parents send him off to military school.

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