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Why You are Not Wealthy (and here’s how to change it)

You have been trained to spend and you need to break the cycle

The test question – If you won $1 million tomorrow, what would you do with it? Give yourself a few minutes to answer the question and we will come back to it later.

What Is The Biggest Reason You Are Not Wealthy?

One of the biggest obstacle to wealth building is the lack of a detailed budget and the will to follow it. Most people assign a little of their money for bills and overheads, they save a little for a rainy day and they spend the rest. People that do this will never accumulate enough wealth to comfortably take them out of work. Even people in high paid jobs often find themselves near destitution when they lose the job without prior notice.

How Is It That You Are Living In The Richest Country In The World Without Being Wealthy Yourself?

The simple answer is that you have been trained to spend, and you weren’t trained to do it by mass media, by advertising, by your government or the powers that be. You were trained by your parents and/or the people that bought you up.

Parents that undermine your spending training, the people that tell you to save, and the people that teach you how to invest and manage your money are going to make you rich. If a parent “fails” to instill money management skills in you, and “fails” to undermine the influences that compel you to spend, then spend is all you will ever do.

Sure, some people reach retirement and are able to live comfortably, but few people are able to earn enough wealth to take them out of work without relying on a pension.

Are Your Parents To Blame Today? Yes And No


You will become a spender if you are not guided on how “not” to be a spender. It is a default position that exists in developed countries. It is like a background noise that people pick up on, usually learnt from other spenders, and that parents have to undermine and change to stop their child becoming a spender.

It is also your parents fault you are still a spender today because most people do not know it is a problem and do not understand that their spending habits are the reason they are not wealthy. It is like somebody that smells bad; they usually don’t know they smell bad until another person tells them.


As an adult, you are in control of your actions. You may not know that your years of training on how to be a spender are the reason you are not wealthy right now, but it is your job to find out why you are not wealthy, to get to the route cause, and to change how you think.

It is your job to stay and keep informed about adult issues such as how to build wealth. It is the same as how you should know that when you eat Halal meat you are causing unmentionable amounts of animal cruelty, or how when you eat lots of pies you become fat.

What Is Your Answer?

For the question, “If you won $1 million tomorrow, what would you do with it?,” most people answer with a laundry list of things they would buy, places they would go and things they would do. Very few people say they would save or invest it unless they are already wealthy.

Previously, you may have thought wealthy people said this because they already have lots of money so will not enjoy the laundry list of luxuries you just thought of, but that is not the case. The way that wealthy people think makes them more predisposed to saving and investing over spending.

The reason you gave a laundry list of things you would buy is because you have been trained to be a spender. You have been trained to give your money away as quickly as possible, which explains why laundry list of things has more high-priced luxuries than things such as “get more laundry detergent” and “have the dog spayed.”

What Is The Right Answer?

If you won $1 million tomorrow, what would you do with it? The best answer is that you would spend a little on the things you were already saving for. You would pay off your debts if you have any, and you would improve your current home and/or vehicle to become more valuable and more efficient. You would then invest the rest in a number of diverse investments to ensure you keep and grow your wealth.

At this point, if you couldn’t already, you could invest the money and live from the interest so that you need never work again (other than manage your investments routinely).

What Should You Do To Break Your Spending Training?

Firstly, you cannot look upon your spending as a habit or a compulsion. It is all about how you think about your money, so the first thing you should do is learn about money and how to manage it. You should learn to view money as a commodity and gain important insights such as how money actually has the least amount of value.

Once you understand that you spend the way you do because you think the way you do, it is possible to start adjusting your thinking and your outlook. When you have money in your account, you can learn to become more excited about how you are going to invest it rather than how you are going to spend it. Imagine that once you have money in your hand, that there are thousands of ghostly hands trying to pull take it from your hands. Investing is a way to lock it away from these ghostly hands, and more importantly, is a good way of locking it away from yourself in case you are having trouble resisting your urges to spend.

Learn about investing, and learn about banks. Learn about accounts and which are the best for you and your wealth building methods. Become more informed about how to keep your wealth and you may train yourself to become a wealth builder rather than a spender.


About The Author

Ben Todd

Ben was a seriously broke graduate student with bad credit who after finding himself rejected for any sort of credit card or loan for most of his adult life, finally decided to get his financial life in order. 'He spent several years reading as many financial advice books and blogs as he could.And suprisingly, Ben found he actually LIKED the topic of personal finance; after fixing his own finances, starting his own successful work at home website business, and using his earnings to get out of debt, created to help others do likewise!


  1. M. P. Anthony

    Please tell me how “investing” $ is any different than “spending”? Investing is “spending” as “giving” one’s money to an already so-called “wealthy” entity with pages and pages of disclaimers to eliminate any responsibility of the investment firm when the money is mismanaged or “fails” to perform over the 10 year previous periods used to “suggest” it is a good investment. In other words, the so-called investment firm turns out to be “like” the “parents” who are “blamed” for a person not learning to “manage” money. Money is a commodity in exchange for generally an equal value product or service. Banks can, have and do fail. Same with any business, investment firm, and any other business.

    Many people have saved, saved, and saved…in many different ways and still the “ghostly hands” as called in the article
    use “disclaimers” as a disguise to avoid responsibility for mismanagement and waste of investments including 401K’s, IRA’s and any other form of “saving” a person can dream up. And so America, according to financial reports (true or not) is Trillions of $$$ in debt and threatened by so-called “terror attacks.” So….cause and effect.

    • admin

      Taken from that perspective, the world is a bleak and horrible place where people get unlucky because they could have put their money with company A instead of company B. If I were smart (but ignorant), I could counter with the claim that nobody has ever lost any money investing in US or UK government bonds. But, being that I am not ignorant, I could cite the case of how Greek investors in government bonds may not see a return one day and how such financial ruin could (probably won’t) happen in the US or UK.

      It is true that people can lose their money no matter where they invest. I cannot give advice either way. In my opinion, the only way to truly determine the fate of your investment is to start your own business and invest in that, but that prospect alone has far more risk than blue chip shares, Japanese mid-caps, bonds and even peer-to-peer lending.

      In a perfect world, you see little-to-no return when you spend money without consideration for its growth. You are more likely see a return and growth when you invest. If you “spend” on a piece of antique furniture and its value goes up, then it is a good investment. If you “spend” on a plastic helicopter that you may only resell for 1/5th of the cost, then that is a bad investment.

      If you were to take the bleak outlook that no investment will ever pay off, then put your money in a tin and bury it. The money will lose value over time, but you will still have some. Otherwise, if you want your money to keep its value, and if you want to accumulate wealth, then you will need to invest it somewhere where it will work for you. The only alternative is to not invest and live hand-to-mouth.

      Only shysters will tell you there is no risk in investing. It is up to you (if you want to build wealth), to set your own risk tolerance. Yet, there is still a chance that savvy investors will be unlucky in the same way that foolish investors will get lucky.

      Finally, yes it is true that the US is in debt. It is in 14 trillion dollars worth of debt, most of it to China. As for terror attacks–the USA has had the fewest number of terror attacks of any country ever in recorded history with the exception of Vatican city (which is a country within Italy).


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