Second chance checking accounts are for a range of people. They are for people with a bad credit rating, people that had their other accounts locked, frozen, suspended or closed. They are also for people with a weak or non-existent credit ratings too. Despite this article refers to bank, it also stands for credit unions, building societies and any company or institution that offers second chance accounts.

They are specifically for people that have been denied accounts elsewhere. This can have an affect on your credit rating that actually makes it difficult to open other accounts because banks and such will check your record. Second chance checking accounts usually come with penalties such as maintenance fees, or fewer perks and tools. Sometimes they come with good things that may help people who are bad with money.

It’s common that these accounts may be called something besides ‘Second Chance’ — but they are the same thing: a special account designed for someone with ChexSystems problems to get a second chance at opening a bank account.

Where to Find a Second Chance Account?

Good news: there are plenty of real physical banks out there that do offer second chance banking options.

The bad news is that most of these are smaller banks and credit unions that are not in EVERY state (or only in one state). However, the bad news is tempered with the fact there are a few big bank / national bank chains that do have (as of time of this article end of 2015) second chance banking.

Below is a list of legit banks and credit unions in the US that offer some form of Second Chance Accounts for people with ChexSystems problems.

Small Banks & Credit Unions Offering Second Chance Accounts

These are the banks and credit unions you go to when you have tried the bigger companies and have been turned down.

You can see that some of them are only small organizations and their websites are not very advanced or sophisticated, but if you get an account with them, then you may start rebuilding your credit rating so that you may go back to one of the larger banks or credit unions in time.

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Many of the listed banks below do not have branches all over the country, with most only having branches in a single state. However, these banks are more likely to give you a second chance account because they need your custom more than the bigger banks and credit unions.