Want to know where your money is going every month? Are you genuinely surprised that you are not keeping to your budgets? Are you living paycheck to paycheck when you really don’t have to? The Toshl finance app allows you to track where your money is going, how you are spending your money, and it allows you to plan your coming month. In addition, it has a feature that reminds you when your bills are due.

Toshl offer a money management account with an app that acts as a personal finance app, budgeting app and expense-tracking app rolled into one.

A Free Version Of Toshl

Toshl App Screenshot of expensesThere are two versions to choose from. If you go for the Toshl free version, you get two financial accounts and two budgets. You also get an app with great visualizations and graphics, and a map of the locations where you have spent money.

You get to add in an unlimited number of income and expense figures, and you may synchronize your account with any device you have to hand, so long as it runs on Windows, Android or iOS.

The free version also allows you to monitor your money in as many as 165 currencies, it has exchange rates that are refreshed daily, and one of the currencies includes Bitcoin.

The free version works very well on the Toshl app, but the pro subscription is what really opens up the app and makes the app worth having. Still, you may consider trying the mobile app since you may use it with a free (not pro) Toshl account.

The Paid Version Of Toshl

Toshl Screen shot of reciept shotWith the paid version of the finance app, you get all of the things mentioned for the free version, but you also add unlimited financial accounts. The app will also give you reminders that notify you when your bills are coming up so you know to either pay them or have the money ready in your account.

You may take receipt photos to store your receipt on your phone. Using your SmartPhone, you may photograph up to four times per income and/or expenses.You may also set up automatically repeating account functions, such as having your monthly expenses automatically put themselves in next month’s budget.

If you wish, you may export your tracking and your data onto Evernote, Google Drive, Excel or PDF. Also, if your device has the technology, you may use a passcode to lock your app, or you may use biometrics with your fingerprint if you wish.

Three Payment Plans To Choose From

You may choose the monthly plan for their pro paid version and pay $2.99 per month. There is the chance to save a little money by buying a yearly subscription for $19.99. You are also able to buy a three-year subscription for $59.99, and you get a free T-shirt if you do.

If you decide you do not want your subscription within the first 30 days of buying it, then you may apply for a refund. They have a money-back guarantee that says you can have your money back within the first 30 days if you are not 100% satisfied.

Is There A Synchronizing Error Or Issue?

Some people have complained about the web version and app version not synchronizing up, so I tested it. I changed my password to see if the new password worked on both the app and the website version…which it did. I then tried deleting a few transactions on the app, and it did synchronize up on the website version.

I tried it again over the weekend, and it did take around two hours to synchronize on the website version, but that is the biggest issue I could find. In short, there is nothing to worry about with regards to synchronizing your website account and your app account.

Is The App As Good As The BBC and NYT Says?

Yes, it is. The website web browser version is fine, but the app has added convenience thrown into the mix. Plus, it has a cleaner interface, and navigation is more efficiently thought out on the app.

The only complaint about the app is that the free version feels a little emptier than the web browser version on your desktop computer. However, for just $2.99 per month, you can have all the functions that the Toshl app has to offer.

Use The App To Quickly Find Answers To Your Budget Questions

  • How much you have been spending
  • How much you spent on your last transactio
  • What you have been spending your money on
  • When your next bill is coming out
  • What your bills will be for the month
  • Where your budget will allow you to save
  • Where you can save money without having to cut back

The App Offers Fantastic And User Friendly Visualizations

  • See the bigger picture to see how your budget works
  • See how your income and outgoing mixes in flow charts
  • You can see how much you have to spend on each budget
  • View graphics, bubble graphs and pie charts for ease of understanding
  • See clever expense locations map
  • Receive tips to help keep your finances straight

Expense Entry Is Fast, Easy And Convenient

  • You are less likely to become weary of entering budget figures
  • Adding expenses takes an average of three seconds
  • Save your expenses in pre-determined categories
  • Save amounts and optional data as you wish
  • Use optional multiple tags such as financial account type and location
  • Add descriptions to your expenses, including reminders and photos
  • Create repeating expenses that are reactivated automatically
  • There is a tip calculator you can use
  • See and use 165 currencies with fresh exchange rates

View, Alter, Create And Manage Your Budgets

  • Create a budget for every expense, or limit how you budget
  • Build a budget for any time period you wish
  • Add tags and different accounts to your budgets
  • Create a rollover for your next budget that includes auto-entries
  • Receive a notification when you come close to your budget

Try The Bill Organizer, So You Never Miss A Bill Again

  • Repeat and auto-enter any expense
  • Auto-enter your income too in any time period you wish
  • Mark your bills as paid or unpaid
  • Get a reminder when your due is coming
  • Receive notifications when your bills are close
  • The app can tell you if you have missed a payment
  • Set up recurring payment notifications and one-off notifications

Take Photos Of Your Receipts

  • You may take a photo of the item and add it into the app
  • Photograph the receipt and add it into the app for safekeeping
  • Add up to four photos in for each expense or income entry
  • You may back up your budget and all associated files on toshl.com

Locations Play A Part

  • Save your location and photos for your income or expense entries
  • Your location may also be saved with your GPS coordinates
  • You may use the Foursquare venue to save your location
  • View a map and see where you have spent money
  • See how much you have spent in each location
  • Create quick check-ins for places where you often spend money
  • Save your location, or don’t, it is completely optional

Your Financial Accounts

  • You may have and keep numerous financial accounts on your app
  • The most common accounts are bank, credit card, cash and PayPal
  • You may have each currency set into its own category
  • See your transactions between your financial accounts

Sync Your Account On Multiple Devices

  • You may use your account on unlimited number of devices
  • Synchronize your data between your mobile app and web account
  • Allow the app to automatic backup your data
  • Your data is saved on Toshl servers for easy retrieval

The Web App And Toshl Pro

  • Many of the features mentioned are on the free account
  • All the features mentioned on this article are available on the pro account
  • Open and use Toshl on your desktop computer
  • Use Toshl on a large screen, Smartphone screen and tablet screen
  • You can have your mobile app synchronize automatically
  • Use the app with or without an Internet connection
  • Functions are limited without an Internet connection
  • Only with a pro subscription can you unlock the advanced app features

Conclusion – Is Toshl Worth Signing Up For?

There are quite a few services that offer what Toshl is offering, which is why there isn’t a ringing endorsement of the service right here. However, Toshl doesn’t do anything wrong that would warrant warning you against using it. If you are looking for a personal finance app, budgeting app and expense-tracking app rolled into one, then you could do worse than trying Toshl.

Should you pay for the pro account? Probably not, but if you are trying the free version, then see how you do with it for a few weeks. If you are taking the time to add entries into your budget and you are not missing entries because you keep forgetting, then it may be worth making a bigger commitment to the app. The problem with most budget apps is that people become tired of adding income and expenses into them. If you do not find yourself becoming weary of the budget grind, then consider buying the pro subscription; it certainly makes the app worth having.

Note – I really wanted to place a few images of the software on this article to show you what the Toshl website doesn’t, but I couldn’t fit them in because of size issues (my gf has similar issues, wink wink), so I have added a few screenshots here.


Toshl Screen Print Of Budget Visualization


Toshl Screen shot of budget