15 12, 2015
  • growth shares

How You Should Be Investing In Growth Shares If You Want To Build Wealth

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You can invest in shares, you can invest for income where you buy shares and they pay you dividends. If you want to save your money without letting inflation eat away at it, then invest in larger and more established companies that have more expensive shares (large caps/blue chips). If you want to invest so

26 10, 2015
  • investment personality types

The 11 Investment Personality Types (and which one best suits you)

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Take a look down the list and see if any of the personality types listed match yourself. If you find a personality type that matches yours, then try one of the wealth building options listed. 1. Spendaholics should invest in peer-to-peer lending Peer-to-Peer lending allows you a fair amount of control over the money you