26 09, 2015
  • guide to scholarships

The Complete Guide To Scholarships

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College tuition costs have been soaring throughout the years and will only continue to rise from here. It can be very difficult for a student to get through college and most students have to seek some sort of loan to be able to attend college or university. Fortunately, there are many scholarships awarded to deserving

26 09, 2015
  • scholarships for single moms

Scholarships for Single Mothers

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Single mothers in the USA are among the lowest income of any population in the United States. They are prone to low paying jobs while trying to provide all the necessities for their children to ensure their children maintain a good quality of life. It can be very tough for single mothers to maintain an

1 08, 2015

Student Loans without Cosigner 101

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to go to college and get a better career but how can I afford it?” Well there are several answers to this question. Some college students pay their way with scholarships, which allows them to get the help they need without having to pay it back at

18 09, 2009

Sallie Mae Scholarships

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Want to Know More About Sallie Mae Scholarships? Sallie Mae is an Organization that gives out unique scholarships and many other types of college grants. Their primary criteria revolves around economic statuses. If you can't get a loan elsewhere, this fund is here to help. The Sallie Mae Fund strives to get the people who