24 12, 2016
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How to Apply for Private Student Loans (and Be Successful)

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In this article, you will learn how to apply for private student loans and you will discover a few methods for getting private student loans. As a note of caution, the methods described are simply options; I cannot personally recommend all of them. I have simply laid out your options, which option you consider is

18 09, 2009

Sallie Mae Student Loan Program

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What kind of program is Sallie Mae? Assisting millions of Americans in obtaining a higher education, Sallie Mae is the top administrator of savings plans for college students and the primary supplier of student loans. Sallie Mae essentially offers loans, private and federal, for students seeking a post-baccalaureate education and for their parents; this includes

18 09, 2009

Sallie Mae Scholarships

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Want to Know More About Sallie Mae Scholarships? Sallie Mae is an Organization that gives out unique scholarships and many other types of college grants. Their primary criteria revolves around economic statuses. If you can't get a loan elsewhere, this fund is here to help. The Sallie Mae Fund strives to get the people who