25 02, 2017
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Plastc Smartcard Review – A Tale of Bankruptcy and Broken Promises

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  Update  April 20, 2017: Plastc has declared bankruptcy and lost 9 million in pre-order funding. None of the 80,000 backers have or will recieve any plastc (including the author of this page). If you did pre-order the card, try disputing your purchase on visa. It's our opinion that the CEO, Ryan Marquis has committed fraud on

25 11, 2016
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Is Plastc The Best Credit Card? Why This Electronic Smart Card Rules

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Believe it or not, but Plastc is not a credit card. So, why do so many reviewers and online commenters suggest that it is? It is because you may use it like a credit card, but it is actually a digital wallet with a real-life payment implement. You do not need to apply for credit