26 12, 2016
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How to Get a Personal Loan With Bad Credit

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Getting a loan with bad credit is like having seawater delivered to your sinking boat. People with bad credit do not need more debt, and they certainly do not need debt that will charge them almost 100% of what they are borrowing. If you are getting the loan in order to make ends meet, then

18 12, 2016
  • Unsecured Personal Loans - A stamp saying a loan was approved.

Where And Why Apply Online For Unsecured Personal Loans

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If are looking to get an unsecured loan, then there are a few factors that will apply to you. Those factors are covered in this article, along with reasons why you should apply for an unsecured personal loan rather than consider other credit options. There is then a list of the places you should try

20 06, 2016
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Reasons Why Your Check May Have Been Denied By TeleCheck

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TeleCheck reports on your bank history. It has links with your credit history, but it does not actually provide credit information. It reports on your banking history so that companies and banks may see if you are a viable customer. It also helps them decide if they should accept checks from you and/or allow you

14 06, 2016
  • telecheck

What is TeleCheck (and what to do about it)

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TeleCheck is legally a credit scoring company, but to avoid confusion, they refer to themselves as a consumer reporting company. They keep records on how you handle your bank accounts, store accounts and checks. If you mishandle your accounts and/or perpetrate misconduct, then they file a blemish on your account. These blemishes will affect your

12 06, 2016
  • telecheck

How to Get Out of TeleCheck

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What Is TeleCheck? TeleCheck keeps a record on your banking behavior. If you have bounced a check, have overdrawn, or had non-sufficient funds, then TeleCheck will make a note of it. They create a risk report based that is based on over one hundred banking/behavior signals. They consider how you handle your money, how you

1 08, 2015

Student Loans without Cosigner 101

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Have you ever thought to yourself, “I want to go to college and get a better career but how can I afford it?” Well there are several answers to this question. Some college students pay their way with scholarships, which allows them to get the help they need without having to pay it back at

25 01, 2011

Loans for People with Bad Credit

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If you have a bad credit history, the most important you can do for your long term financial well-being is to repair it. But what if you have bad credit and you still need a loan? It may see like your case is hopeless and no financial institution will work with you, but this is

20 01, 2011

How to Buy a House with Bad Credit 101

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Houses today are more affordable than they have been in many years, thanks to the collapse of the housing bubble a few years ago. Prices have declined in almost all areas of the country, and in some places they continue to decline to this day. Home prices in Las Vegas, Nevada, for example, are in

8 04, 2010

Bad Credit Student Loans without Cosigner

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There are a few options that you can choose from if you're looking for financial aid to help you pay for college. The easiest way to get a financial aid is, simply, to get a scholarship. Scholarships might not pay for all of your education, but they definitely help. And after you've exhausted all your