26 07, 2016

Telecheck, ChexSystems, EWS: What You Need to Know

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EWS, ChexSystems and Telecheck are all credit scoring companies, which means they operate under the credit-score-company laws in the US. However, they do not handle your credit rating; they handle your banking history. The EWS, ChexSystems and Telecheck companies are used by other companies and banks. They use Telecheck, ChexSystems, and EWS to decide if

20 06, 2016

What’s the Difference Between ChexSystems TeleCheck and EWS

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All three of them are consumer-reporting companies. They help banks, stores and financial service organizations to weed out the good customers from the bad customers. They also help them identify fraud and people that are likely to commit fraud in the future. They do it by keeping a record of your banking history. They also

2 08, 2010

Non Chexsystems Bank List-Do They Really Exist?

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When you are in need of a bank account because of the unfortunate event of having your account closed due to insufficient funds and overdrafts, and being reported to Chexsystems, you may wonder if you will ever be able to get another account. If you are in Chexsystems chances are you won’t, at least not