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After a varied career in different industries from the hospitality industry to the financial consultancy industry, Ash now spends his days working as a professional writer.


  1. Brandon Lumpkins

    Simple has a beautiful and smart banking app.. but thats about it. Simple has awful customer service and communication with its members. They close accounts without explanation, freeze accounts that deposit checks and hold or take your money without any notice or timeline when you’ll get it back.

    In 2015 I discovered Simple Bank, attracted to its clean interface and non-traditional bank claims.

    Today, one of the most costly decisions I’ve made. I opened up a account, and I loved everything from the card to the ease of use of the product.

    There’s only one big issue with Simple Bank….it isn’t a bank at all. When real bank issues arrive such as check issues, direct deposit, potential fraud.

    They don’t have any solution or concern to help you. Instead, they just close your account with your hard earn money in it and cut off all communications with you.

    You don’t get a warning, notice, courtesy text, call, email… Only after they close or freeze your account you’ll get updated on this and nothing more. Card deactivated, funds held… and no one will speak to you about whats going on. You’re treated like a criminal.

    I’ve had 2 acounts with Simple closed. The first was because I deposited a check from a client that supposedly expired or bounce and the recent account was closed because I had the first account closing. I opened up a new account with them because a rep suggested I should try opening one… and 8 months later they close my account with 3 of my checks in it.. and won’t communicate to me about my money.

    Now I have to wait to get my money… If I ever get it back.. for no reason.

    This companies business and banking practices are sub par.

    This is not acceptable and stay away from this bank.

    • Ash The Great

      Thank you for your comments.

      It really honks my horn when companies (especially banks) don’t have good customer service. I was on the phone last week with the UK HRMC about taxes I was supposed to pay to the UK government and the woman spoke clearly, she was professional, and she fixed my problem in ten minutes.

      Yet, when I called HSBC to close my flexi saver, I was met with a customer support man with a very thick accent who simply wouldn’t transfer me to their account-closing department because he wanted me to think about my decision.

      It took me 10 minutes of being on hold, and then minutes of dealing with South Asia’s answer to Cerberus to finally reach the account closing team, at which point all I wanted to do was call them a bunch of arseholes and make disrespectful comments about their mothers. For the record, I was closing my HSBC flexi saver because their savings rate is now 0.01%, and I can literally get a better rate with my grocery store down the street.


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