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Save Money By Being More Energy Efficient In The Office

Save Money By Being More Energy Efficient In The Office

This article explains who to be a little more energy efficient in the office. The tips include things such as buying one-cup kettles, and explains how having employees follow the office rules on energy efficiency will save the office money that would have been otherwise wasted.

Keeping An Eye On The Bottom Line

All good businesses are adept at keeping a close watch on their expenses. This article gives a few tips on how to lower expenses when powering your office. The business office is often very energy inefficient because the office managers have more to worry about than switching off a few lights before they leave the room. But, the offices that remain indifferent about energy efficiency are shooting themselves in the foot. They are losing money that could have been so easily saved. Here are a few ways that you may save money in your office by being a little more energy efficient.

Your Refrigerator Need Not Be Your Most Energy Inefficient Device Anymore

Since the invention of the fridge, it has been known for being frighteningly inefficient. It is basically a big box that has to replace slightly cold air every time the door is opened. Teaching people to use the fridge less will help, as will making sure the back of the fridge is well ventilated. You will also save a little bit of money if you keep your fridge full. However, the best way to save money on the electricity powering your fridge is to buy a new energy efficient one. The new energy efficient fridges are very advanced. Even though they are still not as energy efficient as a microwave, they are still capable of saving you a lot of money each year if you replace your old fridge with a new energy efficient one.
energy efficient Refrigerators

Change Your Ventilation System For One That Recycles Warm Air

A ventilation system will draw air from a room and pump it outside, whilst pumping fresh air into the room from outdoors. This type of ventilation is often needed in very busy offices where the carbon dioxide levels tend to increase as the day goes on. There are expensive ventilation systems that draw all the heat from the air it pumps outdoors so that no energy is wasted. The recycled air is then used to help warm the fresh air that is coming from outside.

Switch Off Your Personal Computers At Night

Many offices leave their PCs on all night. Many businesses will ask their employees to put their PCs on standby. They do this so that the employee does not waste valuable minutes starting his or her computer in the morning. But, the money saved through not having an employee wait for his or her computer to start, is lost via the extra money it adds to the office power bill.

Offices are often filled with personal desktop computers, and they are often left on standby or in “sleep” mode throughout the night. The trickle of electricity they use every night will soon add up and will inflate your energy bills unnecessarily. Make sure that the last person to leave the office ensures that all the PCs are shut down and switched off at the plug. The sad part is that companies then lose hundreds in staff hours as each staff member turns on his or her computer and waits for it to start up. That is why the manager (who is often in first), should switch on all the PCs before the staff arrive.

Set The “Power Save” Or “Sleep” Mode On Your Electronics During The Day

Lots of machines have a “power save” or “sleep” mode or function. They should be fully switched off during the night, but during the day, you should set them to go into “power save” or “sleep” mode. The types of electronics that have this function include printers, franking machines, PCs and laptops. Sometimes you have to manually set the devices so that they go into a “power save” or “sleep” mode after a certain amount of time of inactivity.

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Try Buying A One-Cup Kettle With An Eye To Energy Efficiency

These are great little devices that have been heavily marketed by the company Morphy Richards, since they were the first to introduce the product to the market in a big way. Their version allows you to boil one cup of water within thirty seconds. You simply fill your cup from the hot tap and pour the water into the top of the kettle. Place your cup underneath the kettle and press the start button. It will boil the water within thirty seconds and pump it into your waiting cup. Not only is it very fast and energy efficient, it also ensures that not a drop of hot water is wasted.

Use Timed Power Strips

Power strips with timers in them have been around for years. People used to use them along with their electric blankets to be sure they were not blazing away all night, though most electric blankets now come with their own timers.

Power strips with timers consist of a plastic strip of plug sockets that you may set on a timer. At one end you can set a small clock to the correct time, and then program the switch to cut power to certain plug sockets at certain times.

Modern versions also have surge protectors in them, and even though they are expensive, they can save you money in the long run. They are very handy if you have water coolers, window-air conditioning, or water coolers in your office because you can set them to switch on and off during the times when your staff are most likely to be in the office.

timed power strip with display

Program Your Timed Power Strips And Save Money

It is possible to buy power strips that will cut power to the plug sockets at certain times in the day. You can set the power strip so that the appliances plugged into it will start at the beginning of the day and switch themselves off at the end of the day. They are very good at saving electricity on things such as water coolers and coffee machines. They also remove the possibility of these devices being left on overnight when the office is empty.

How To Make Your Office More Energy Efficient

Being energy efficient in your own office has never been easier thanks to modern energy-saving breakthroughs and the general nudge towards energy efficiency that the business world seems to have taken these days. Take the time to keep abreast of current developments, such as how low-energy bulbs have now been surpassed by LED lights. You don’t have to make a big effort, you may simply create a Google alert for any news relating to energy efficiency breakthroughs and let your email inbox be your research tool.

Teach Your Employees About How To Save Energy

Create some new rules about energy efficiency and then teach your staff about why they are important. Teach your staff how to be more energy efficient and make sure that your staff sticks to the new rules. Do not be afraid of asking your staff if they have any ideas. Overlooking their suggestions may be a big mistake, since they are the ones in the trenches every day where money-wasting mechanisms are more obvious.

Spotting vampire electronics guide by the US dept of Energy


Take note of all you read on this article. This article explained how energy efficiency in the office is currently a hot topic, and it went on to give tips on how to save energy in the office. It explains how timed power strips should be used, and how personal computers should be switched off at night. It explains the benefits of buying a new energy efficient refrigerator, and the benefits of buying electronics that have “power save” modes. There are always ways to improve energy efficiency in the workplace.

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