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After a varied career in different industries from the hospitality industry to the financial consultancy industry, Ash now spends his days working as a professional writer.


  1. Sanjay

    I have a revolt card and it just got hacked. Awaiting to hear what they can do, but having read the bulletin boards, it’s likely nothing. So I am out of pocket £750 which is what I had in there (it was all taken out a cash machine, Rbc Cannegieter Brnch), which when I looked is in St Marrten & Saba. It happened right after I had placed an order with JCREW on their website using the card (was a US order so wanted to get a favourable rate on USD). So, in order to save pennies, I have lost hundreds of £s!!

    Please be careful when advising such cards and make sure people are aware of the downsides. If I get a refund, I will come back and change my report.

    • Simon

      Can you update us with the outcome?

  2. Charles Forbes

    I think below says it all from Revolut own FAQ’s ” ”

    What should I do if I find a transaction I don’t recognise?

    Block your Revolut card in the ‘Card’ section of the app straight away.

    “There is no fraud protection for your pre-paid card as stated by ‘The UK Cards Association’, therefore any money used in a fraudulent transaction will not be reimbursed.”

    If you would like to challenge a transaction that has been made an account we can raise a chargeback for you to retrieve the funds. However this does depend on your transaction’s situation and circumstances. By raising a chargeback we would effectively charge the merchant back for the funds

    Also no 24/7 helpdesk is manned

  3. Disappointed customer

    I’ve had a nightmarish experience with them and I wouldn’t recommend to anybody. First my debit card from an other bank was copied and some money stolen from it so I had to restrict my card. But it would take forever for my bank to.send me a new card so I decided to order a card at revolut after a friends recommendation. The company claims that they will ship the card to anywhere in the world including countries from the list within three days. It’s a lie, they wont. They lied about why the card will reach me later , they blamed it on holidays but they shipped it after the holidays. Then they claimed that they take absolutely no responsibility for the shippment process which is realized by fedex. They dont take any responsibility fot anything including their lies and false advertising but they want to work with yiur money. Well i worked with fedex a lot in the past and they always give you a date of delivery. So they must have given it to revolut but at the same time I was receiving notifications from them that I will receive the card within three days. Never happened and they started blaming fedex for that. Their customer service is a nightmare , it took me 7 hours to register through an application. Nothing worked. They don’t have a working phone line so you could talk to service support, they come back at you in intervals and you have to drop everything and talk about the same things over and over again. Definitely NOT recommended for travelers who are on the move and would like to plan their travels, it was much easier to discuss the delivery conditions with my original bank in the end.

  4. Aloe-girl

    Such a shame to read these posts. I heard about Revolut through a review of ‘Top 10 Money Apps’ in the Money section of The Times so I would normally trust this source.

    I guess it’s only the really bad experiences that get written up. Wonder how many users they’ve got? It is a concern that they are not protected re fraudulent transactions. Nervous now.

    Re how they make their money, it’s also through their premium service (which uses Interbank exchange rates, not sure what they are?) with a monthly fee, their lending service (which is through a regulated company it would seem) and through services that are “coming soon” e.g. insurance.

    Would be interested to see how the service unfolds and for your updated reviews.

    • Ash The Great

      We are looking into this one again, but it may be a while before we update it. You are right about how people only really go online to write about their really bad experiences, but we are starting to hear some nasty stories about Revolut that we were not hearing when we first wrote the article. It may be worth avoiding Revolut for a while to see if its online reputation improves.

  5. Jonny S

    I have a UK bank account and a Revolut card. It’s worth noting that when I buy a flight with, e.g. EasyJet or Ryanair from the EU to the UK (and therefore charged in Euros) with my Revolut card, the airlines treat the card as a credit card and levy credit card charges. The charges are less than bank charges for using a UK debit card for similar transactions though.

    • Ash The Great

      Thank you, one of our team will add it into our next Revolut Review update.

      We try to keep our articles updated, but it takes time because there are over 600 articles and many more on the way, and many of our reviews require signing up and actually trying the products/accounts, which is also time consuming. Still, we will soldier onwards.

      The last time I went abroad (Venice) with a British debit card, I had a little trouble and switched to my HSBC credit card back in the days when it was a MasterCard (which turned out expensive, but okay). I may try the Revolut myself next time I want to spend with one of my British accounts. Though, to be honest, working this job, I get so many credit card offers that I could probably travel the world for pennies by using just the starter offers.

  6. Tim

    I tried to put in funds from debit card. No success message, so I did it again and ended up with three transactions: 1 accepted and 2 declined (I guess my bank declined the duplicates). Revolut statement showed money transferred but balance on the app showed zero and message “awaiting transfer”. Customer service non existent: fobbed off with a dumb “bot” and response estimate of 4 hrs during normal business hours. Then the 3rd transaction just disappeared (not marked cancelled) after 40 minutes and the statement says no funds ever transferred. I tried again but now my debit card cannot be used because Revolut thinks I’ve already used it and it’s asking for a reference from the last transaction. If this weren’t handling money it would be comical…. 4 hours later Revolut informed me they don’t support 3D secure and could I try another card? First time I’ve come across that. Most companies support it.

  7. Matthew

    I’m not sure where all the negativity comes from?

    I’ve been using Revolut for almost a year now, I’ve put over $15,000 through it and used it in 8 different countries. I have not been scammed, I have not lost money; almost everything has gone swimmingly!

    I’m a Premium Customer so I do have Customer Service 24/7 which is great for when small issues do occur and even though there are delayed resolutions at times (such as the current issues with transfers to the new personal IBANs) everything eventually gets worked out. Given my level of traveling, I use Revolut daily and essentially as my main bank account.

    When I travel, knowing that I alone am responsible for my cards security, I simply block the card or specific features when I’m not using it and then unblock them as needed (which takes a second).

    People need to stop blaming Revolut for issues they could have taken some initiative to prevent and in turn, Revolut needs to seriously improve access to it’s customer service and transparency when issues do arise.

      • Phil

        Hello Ash. I love everything about Revolut bar one thing.

        Can you please tell whether Revolut will ever allow top-ups to anywhere outside uk? I live in Switzerland, so Sepa transfers to the uk are NOT free like Euro ones are (protected by EU law), they cost between 6 and 8 chf (£5 – £7) per transfer. Again, the banks and up screwing the end user. If you opened a bank in Switzerland the transfers would be free.

        It is a major blocking point.

    • Ben Todd

      Most people love the product but hate the customer service. So agreed there! Still, consider yourself lucky you can actually get one. People in North America can’t!

  8. Bob

    I chose a revolut card through a friend’s recommendation.
    I registered the card in July to go to Italy on holiday. I put over 2thousand pounds onto card before travelling.
    In Italy I used the card around 6 times mostly Arms and couple of shops.
    One night I looked at the app. To find 2 transactions for £64 and another for £58 both showing withdrawels in India and amount in rupees.the card was blocked and I was unable to use again.
    Tried customer service and was told to wait on validation core to access the account so I could bank transfer the remaining amount back into my own current account.
    They sent me a total of 13 codes all of which expired prior to inputting them.
    Had to wait a further 2 days before trying again.
    This time successful and remaining funds transferred over.
    Now the issue is charge back.not holding out much hope for the hacked transactions.
    Now wondering if my current account can be hacked as they hold my details.
    Poor customer service. Keep asking you to upgrade to premium. But with not be using revolut again.

    • Ben Todd

      I love the Revolut product, but I do hear horrible things about their customer service. Still, the product itself is pretty darn useful to have. For me, that outweighs the shitty customer support.

  9. Anderson

    I do not recommend Revolut to anyone.

    A transfer of almost £500 was sent to me on the 19th of August and Revolut still has not credited the money to my account. I have already checked with the sender and they were debited the amount from their account. I have provided Revolut with all the details for the transfer, including the Faster Paymend ID, and they keep telling me that they can’t find the money.

    Their in-app support is absolutely awful. All they do is keep telling me that they’ll check if their “payment processor” and get back to me, but almost a whole month has passed and I still haven’t received my money.

    So, if you care for your money, STAY AWAY from Revolut.

  10. Mark

    Currently using Revolut MasterCard in Canada with no issues. Great to see the exchange rate used on a daily basis with the items purchased display in £ and Can $.

    I use wifi hotspots to check my balance daily to avoid mobile roaming charges. Even had money refunded as I returned an item at Walmart.

    I use the card for restaurants and fuel payments. Large ticket items are purchased using Halifax Clarity card for customer protection.

  11. Stuart

    I’ve found it very easy to use and have saved a lot of money by using it in different countries and online. (I actually only came here as result of searching to find out how they made their money, because i couldn’t figure out how i was getting such a good deal on foreign purchases.)

    Having said that, i am wary of using at weekends and take out cash in advance (to avoid the 1% fee on these days). Thankfully, I have never had reason to use their much criticised customer service either.

    If you top up only as and when you need it, and withdraw cash to use prior to weekends when abroad, it cannot be bettered in my opinion. The app is really handy for keeping track of how much you spent and holiday budgets.

    Glowing review from me!

  12. Lidia

    My card was easily duplicate by someone, my money was stolen and the support offered by revolut was really bad. It was impossible to recover my money or to cancel the charge, the support team didnt help at all. My advice is not to trust this card

  13. Yusuf Bulbulia

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    The new Revoult card how which crypto currency can you buy and sell? I read recent reviews where it only stated three being the most common? The card also have a built in wallet? I would like more updates on this card.

    I look forward to your reply.

    Yusuf Bulbulia

    • Ad


      Yes, they have added cryptocurrency support.
      They have added 2 options 2 do it:
      1. Go premium (8€ / month)
      2. Refer friends to install the app and open an account
      You need to refer 3 friends.
      For example the below link, if you install from it, it will refer me in the app:!crypto
      And only after 3 can you access cryptocurrency.

      Not sure of the fees I have not tried it myself.


  14. satish

    I have today applied for this card the receipt of which is awaited until tomorrow. However I have been asked to upload my photo for verification purposes. The message is that ” they are currently reviewing my profile and they will notify me via a push notification when it is complete. Does anyone know how long it take to complete the verification process. Can I use the card when received pending verification ? As customer service is non-existent I was wondering if anyone else had had a similar issue with them. Any feedback on this point would be appreciated.

    • Claudiu

      I did verify my details couple of days ago. During business hours, before Christmas, it was a matter of a couple of tens of minutes. It was really fast.
      I started using the card details until I get possession the physical card for online purchases.

      However, I have something on my mind with this app.
      I registered with my Denmark phone number, so my default currency looks like DKK. However, I am an expat and I would top-up my account with EUR or other currency.
      Does my card have default currency in DKK or it is not having a currency attached and it is withdrawing according to whatever currencies I have in my Revolut account app?



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