28 11, 2016
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ReadyForZero Review – Are They An Evil Money Grubbing Company?

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The ReadyForZero financial company is a debt consolidation company. Their aim is to sell you loans, but their marketing message is that they are trying to help you get rid of your debt. Their marketing message is all about helping you, and yet all of their proposed “solutions” involve using their loan services in some

27 11, 2016
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Top 5 Best Food Subscription Services – The Best Food Delivery Services

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Here are five of the best food subscription services you may access in the US. These are national companies that cover most of the US. There are parts of the country that some of the food delivery services cannot reach, so do not get your hopes up before checking their delivery options. All five of

26 11, 2016
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HelloFresh Review: Fresh or Foul? Hello Fresh Or Not?

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HelloFresh is a food delivery service. Like others in the food delivery industry, they deliver meal kits and recipes. They deliver a recipe sheet for you to follow, and they deliver the exact amount of ingredients you need to cook and complete the meal. Hello Fresh do not advertise themselves as a food delivery company

26 11, 2016
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The Dawn of SmartCards: What You Need To Know about Plastc, Coin 2, and Swyp

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Digital wallets, digital bankcards, digital credit cards and digital loyalty cards are becoming more and more popular. These digital cards are called SmartCards, and the driving force behind SmartCards is the removal of cards from your wallet. Instead of having a wallet full of cards, you have a digital account, and if you have a

25 11, 2016
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Is Plastc The Best Credit Card? Why This Electronic Smart Card Rules

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Believe it or not, but Plastc is not a credit card. So, why do so many reviewers and online commenters suggest that it is? It is because you may use it like a credit card, but it is actually a digital wallet with a real-life payment implement. You do not need to apply for credit

25 11, 2016

Coin 2.0 SmartCard And Digital Wallet Review

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Update 2016 - No further Coin 2.0 SmartCards will be produced. The product was very successful, but it is yet unclear if the original company will create Coin 3.0, or if the project will be sold to another compnay. The story seems to change every month, though we suspect that the original company is holding

24 11, 2016

Coin 2 vs Plastc vs Swyp Smart Cards – Which Is The Best?

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There are numerous types of technology that call themselves a Smart Card, but the term is slowly being normalized so that people think of Coin, Plastc or Swyp cards when they think Smart Cards. A Smart Card is, as per its modern definition/meaning, is a card filled with technology that acts as a digital wallet