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Non ChexSystems Banks in Massachusetts

Have you found yourself on the ChexSystems database? Are you wondering how you will ever open another bank account?  Luckily, there are financial institutions that do not use ChexSystems, or they subscribe to it but do not use the information to keep people from joining.

If you have poor financial credit, many banks will consider you a risk. ChexSystems is an agency that tries to protect banks from customers at risk. This means that when you have bounced checks, kited checks, accrued NSF fees, or even had a negative balance for a specific amount of time, you will appear in their database. Oftentimes, once your poor credit has been noticed you will no longer be extended the opportunity to bank with ChexSystems banks.

However, every state has what are sometimes called ‘last chance banks’ or ‘non-ChexSystems banks’ which provide services to customers with bad credit. These financial institutions accept you, knowing that you are a risk. It is impossible to survive without a bank account, so these financial institutions can be just what you need. Once you have survived five years, your name will be removed from the ChexSystems list and you can get into a normal bank.

Massachusetts has one financial institution that does not use ChexSystems. You may want to start with this one and see if they can provide the services you are looking for. If not, try doing an Internet search for recent additions to the Non ChexSytems bank list.

Please note that the information about non chexsystems banks changes each year (even month). We cannot guarantee any of the banks listed won’t do a non chexsystems check (though at the time of compiling, these banks don’t require a chexsystems check). You will have to call the banks to see.

We recommend trying to apply for the BBVA Compass ClearConnect Checking Account. This bank account can be applied for nationally and they have a reputation for giving accounts to customers with bad banking history — like you.

Even better, if you get your application rejected, they will offer you their Second Chance ‘BBVA Compass Easy Checking‘ Account. So either way, you should be able to get an account.

You can also see our list of Best Second Chance Accounts, which are accounts for people with EWS, Telecheck, or ChexSystems records.

Also make sure to check out our updated list of Non ChexSystems banks.

Non Chexsystems Banks in Massachusetts

Bank of New Hampshire       

Alden Credit Union                          No Boundaries Checking

Tremont Credit Union                     Second Chance Checking

Washington Savings Bank              Rewards Card Checking

More Non ChexSystems Banks in the US by State


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