28 12, 2016
  • How to Get a Private Student Loan Without a Co-Signer cover image

How to Get a Private Student Loan Without a Co-Signer

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As you may imagine, getting a student loan without a co-signer is very difficult because the lender has to take a bigger risk, and many see no reason to take a bigger risk. Lenders on mass are not chasing student-loan business. They know that students can get a federal loan very easily, and they know

25 12, 2016
  • How to Pay Your Student Loan Faster cover image

How to Pay Your Student Loan Faster

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Pay off your student loan faster and you will be able to start saving to buy a house, you will be able to start your wealth building efforts, and you will be able to start a family earlier. Your student loans are like a mortgage without the house, especially when you consider that many people’s

24 12, 2016
  • How to Apply for Private Student Loans Cover Image

How to Apply for Private Student Loans (and Be Successful)

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In this article, you will learn how to apply for private student loans and you will discover a few methods for getting private student loans. As a note of caution, the methods described are simply options; I cannot personally recommend all of them. I have simply laid out your options, which option you consider is

19 12, 2016
  • How To Get A Mortgage For A Rental Property - Cover image

How To Get A Mortgage For A Rental Property

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If you are looking to buy a property to rent it out, then here is how you get a mortgage for your buy-to-let endeavor. However, let me first say that this is not financial advice by any stretch of the imagination. As a disclaimer, let me say that if you take my advice, you do

18 12, 2016
  • Unsecured Personal Loans - A stamp saying a loan was approved.

Where And Why Apply Online For Unsecured Personal Loans

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If are looking to get an unsecured loan, then there are a few factors that will apply to you. Those factors are covered in this article, along with reasons why you should apply for an unsecured personal loan rather than consider other credit options. There is then a list of the places you should try

18 12, 2016
  • Credit Card vs Personal Loans cover image

Personal Loans Vs Credit Cards: Which Should You Use?

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If you need money for something other than your living expenses, then credit cards and personal loans may be the way to go. If you need money for your living expenses, then you need to improve your budgeting, and you may benefit from an overdraft rather than a personal loan. An arranged overdraft may be

16 12, 2016
  • Game Of Loans Featured Image for employers that repay your student loans

14 Employers That Will help You Repay Your Student Loans

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Paying off your student loans may not be a priority for you. After all, it is a long-term loan that doesn’t have a massive effect on your monthly income. Yet, people who are able to pay off their student loans quicker are also able to start building wealth sooner. Any form of passive help paying

15 12, 2016
  • How To Get A Student Loan Without A Credit Check cover image

How To Get A Student Loan Without A Credit Check

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Having no credit history is almost as bad as having a poor credit history (almost). At least if you have a poor credit rating, then creditors have an idea of just how unreliable you are, but if you have no credit rating, they know nothing about you. You could be the world’s biggest flake and

15 12, 2016
  • upstart loan cover image

Upstart Review – P2P Loans For College Educated People With Poor Credit

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Upstart was only launched in May 2014, and yet it has since grown to give out over $500 million in Upstart loans. The company has seen double digit growth on a month-over-month basis. They have done it by ignoring FICO scores (credit ratings) and use other indicators of whether a person will pay back their

13 12, 2016
  • Image showing that putting money into a house or mortage will repay money too

What Percentage Of Income Can You Afford For Mortgage Payments?

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The problem with the question of what percentage of your income you should pay into your mortgage is that there is no right answer. The amount you choose is not based on what you can actually afford; it is based on what you are comfortable with. If it was really about how much you could