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How to Convert Bitcoin to Paypal

It is tough finding traders and bitcoin exchange companies that accept PayPal and pay out with PayPal. Nevertheless, there are ways to convert bitcoin to PayPal. The only downside is that there are usually charges involved, but that seems to be the case with Bitcoin across the board. New companies are springing up all the time to offer things such as bitcoin debit cards, wallets, purses, and bitcoin services, and they all have fees up the wazoo. People who convert bitcoin to PayPal are often forced to lose money via fees and exchange rates, but that seems to be the norm in most instances where you use bitcoin.

Try LocalBitcoins And Sell Your Bitcoin To A Person Who Pays With Paypal


You may visit the website known as and sell your bitcoin to people who are looking to buy with PayPal. We have set up an article that shows you how to buy bitcoin using LocalBitcoins.

Sell Your Bitcoin To A Local Trader For PayPal

You may be lucky enough to live in a town or city where a bitcoin trader has set up shop. They are a little like Western Union and MoneyGram shops. They are often small, and they are quite often easy to find. You may even be lucky enough to live near a Bitcoin ATM, but it may not be able to pay out with PayPal. In the image below, you can see the shopfront of a store in Toronto that trades with bitcoin. The store has a Bitcoin ATM, and the store owner is happy to trade bitcoin with you and pay you via PayPal if you desire. It is an example of how a bitcoin trader comes in many forms.

Cash shop in toronto

Bitcoin traders come in many forms, but they are often set up in little stalls or counters within other shops, which is a little like how MoneyGram and Western Union works.

Sell Your Bitcoin To A Person Nearby Who Pays With PayPal

Buy Bitcoin with PayPal

Place an advert on a local classifieds website or even in a store window and see if people living locally would like to buy your bitcoin from you and pay you with PayPal. I wrote an article explaining the process. The article is called How to convert bitcoin to cash. Instead of having somebody local pay you in cash, you may have that person pay you with PayPal.

One of the benefits of selling locally is that you may not have to meet in order to conduct the transaction. However, since part of the process involves trust, you know that you may meet if you wish. You have the option of meeting, and you may even take each others addresses so that you may both meet if something goes wrong.

Try Using Paxful And Sell Your Bitcoin To A Person Who Pays With Paypal

Paxful is another website that allows you to buy and sell your bitcoin with other traders. It is not as good as Localbitcoins in my opinion because it demands a little more identification from you than the LocalBitcoin website does, but the fact is that you are able to get bitcoin from both websites without having to give ID or even a real phone number. That is why I wrote an article explaining how to buy bitcoin using paypal.

Instead of buying bitcoin from Paxful, you may go on there and sell your bitcoin instead. One of the benefits is that Paxful allows you to sell much lower amounts of Bitcoin than Localbitcoins. On the flip side, you may have to wait longer with Paxful if you want a good deal.

How to Convert Bitcoin to Paypal with

I like, but we haven’t done a full review of it yet because it is still too small and too untrusted. They do allow you to convert bitcoin to PayPal if you are willing to do business with one of their traders. The website only has around 160 traders at the time of writing, August 2017, which is not many. The chances of you finding a good deal are slim because your choices are so restricted.

On the other hand, when I visited, I did find traders willing to convert bitcoin to US dollars through PayPal and Euros through PayPal. For that reason, it may be worth giving the company a try. One of the other reasons I like BestChange is because you are able to calculate how much you will get back without having to sign up or give out your details.

You can go to their website right now and see which traders are online. You may see which traders are willing to trade the currency you have. In addition, you may pay with different types of currency and be paid out with different types of currency. They offer a great service, but it is tough to trust them right now, and they have so few traders that getting a good deal is more about luck than it is about shopping around.

With that said, as you examine your options for converting bitcoin to PayPal, consider this website. Search through all of the websites and methods listed on this article, and do research into other methods too (if there are any others). Take your time and make sure you get the most possible dollars for your bitcoin.

Conclusion – There Are Other Options Available To You

Are there better and easier ways to convert bitcoin to PayPal? There are easier ways, but I am not sure that they are better. If you ask me, I say the best way is to sell them to somebody nearby who you can meet face to face, and I say that you should wait for the best price.

My second option would be to sell the bitcoin on a trading website to other traders (not to an exchange company). Again, I would also say that you should bide your time and hold out as long as possible for the best possible price for your bitcoin.

Sadly, both of my preferred methods for converting bitcoin to PayPal are not easy, and they are rather time consuming. They are not options for people who are in a rush to convert their bitcoin to PayPal.

If you do not fancy converting your bitcoin to PayPal with any of the methods you have seen on this article, then try this article I wrote about buying bitcoin with PayPal. The companies listed on that website will trade both ways. They will give you options that allow you to buy bitcoin with PayPal, and options that allow you to sell your bitcoin in return for a PayPal payment. You do have to sign up with the companies and all of them ask you to provide ID, which will slow down the process with your first transaction, but there are ways to get around the ID request with some of the websites.

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