24 07, 2016
  • assistance resources for senior citizens

Assistance Resources For Senior Citizens in Need (Get REAL Help for the Elderly)

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Senior Citizens across the United States need financial assistance in a wide variety of areas in order to ensure they live a high quality of life. Many seniors need help with housing, health care, as well as financial assistance and advice. Fortunately, there are some great resources and programs  that are designed to assist seniors

2 05, 2016
  • section 8 housing assistance

Low Income Housing Assistance Guide: The Section 8 Housing Voucher Program

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The Section 8 Housing Program also called the Housing Choice Voucher Program is a housing assistance program available to the low income. If you are a single parent or a low income family you know how difficult it can be to manage rent costs that are continually on the rise. Rent costs are a huge

8 02, 2016

Should You Pay Your Mortgage Off Early

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Paying off your mortgage early can have benefits, as you pay down your debt, however there can be risks associated with it, as well investing opportunities you could miss out on. This article will explain both sides of the argument, giving you more information on whether you should pay off your mortgage early. Reasons Why

10 10, 2015
  • guide to tenant rights

The Ultimate Guide To Renters Rights: What Are Your Rights as a Tenant

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Can a landlord actually do that? This is a question you might be asking yourself when dealing with a landlord and your rent obligations. As a renter, you have specific rights that include safety, health, as well as financial actions that can be protected. Yes, landlords create a lease contract that include your rights that