2 05, 2016
  • section 8 housing assistance

Low Income Housing Assistance Guide: The Section 8 Housing Voucher Program

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The Section 8 Housing Program also called the Housing Choice Voucher Program is a housing assistance program available to the low income. If you are a single parent or a low income family you know how difficult it can be to manage rent costs that are continually on the rise. Rent costs are a huge

18 02, 2016
  • how to finance an engagement ring

How To Finance Your Engagement Ring

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Purchasing an engagement is one of the larger purchases you will make in your lifetime, with the exception of a mortgage and a vehicle. Obviously, it would be best to just pay cash for your engagement ring, however most individuals are still paying off student loans, or not quite making a large enough salary to

8 02, 2016

How To Apply For Disability Benefits

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Social Security benefits can be a very helpful form of financial assistance when an injury, illness, or disability prevents you or your family members from being able to work and earn an income. It is very important to know how social security benefits work and which conditions will allow you to qualify for the benefits.

25 10, 2015
  • loans for senior citizens

Loans For Senior Citizens: The Safe Guide To Getting The Right Loan

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Seniors are often faced with finance troubles, as living on their fixed income doesn’t always cover all the expenses that seniors face. Seniors are also sometimes faced with difficulties keeping up on their mortgage payments, now that they are in retirement with a fixed income. This article will explain and detail the proper loans to

25 10, 2015
  • work from home jobs

13 Legit Work From Home Jobs For Senior Citizens

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Many seniors want to stay productive and sharp during retirement, while some could need some extra money to get them through until their next retirement check. Either way working from home could be an effective way for seniors to stay sharp, and to earn some extra money. Working from home would be convenient, and beneficial

25 10, 2015
  • senior citizen housing guide

Senior Citizen Housing Assistance Guide

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Many seniors across the United States are faced with dilemmas with home costs, such as rent and mortgages. Many times seniors are faced with low incomes that make housing costs a big issue across the country. Fortunately, there are a wide variety of housing assistance programs available for senior citizens in need. The U.S. Department

25 10, 2015
  • free senior citizen educaiton

Free Senior Citizen Education (How To Go To School For Free)

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Seniors or older individuals that would like to pursue further education can actually get free education in the form of free tuition, or through grants and scholarships. Older individuals who are pursuing college education are sometimes referred to as non traditional students. This article will explain how senior citizens and non traditional students can go

24 10, 2015
  • grants for senior citizens

Legit Grants for Senior Citizens Who Need Financial Assistance

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Many seniors live on a fixed income, and could have trouble covering various costs, which puts them in a difficult position. Fortunately, there are several grants available for seniors that can assist them in different needs they might have, which could increase their quality of life. Grants for seniors come from different sources such as

24 10, 2015
  • senior citizen medical assistance

The Complete Guide to Senior Citizen Medical Assistance Programs

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Senior Citizens need a lot of specialized medical assistance as they age, including different prescribed medications, eye care, dental care and more. There is a lot of medical assistance available for seniors to ensure they get the health care they need, allowing them to live a high qualify of life. The following guide will take

26 09, 2015
  • low income assistance

Financial Assistance Programs for Low Income Households

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Many individuals and families are faced with many issues paying their everyday expenses, caring for their children, and getting through college or university. The rising costs for necessities create an even bigger dilemma for many people. Fortunately, there are many programs designed for low income individuals and families which can assist them in everyday expenses