The two presentations below were delivered as a 2-hour tutorial on echeck technology that was given at the FSTC General Meeting on September 22, 1999. The first presentation by Chuck Wade provides an overview of the echeck application and illustrates the basic mechanisms used to secure echecks and insure their safety and soundness when used over the Internet. The second presentation by Milt Anderson provides greater detail on echeck transaction flows, and introduces FSML–the markup language used to structure echecks and other digitally signed business documents.

Note, these are legacy documents, created in the 90’s. Keep in mind that it’s been nearly two decades since these initiatives were proposed and things and the technology has of course changed. But for historic purposes and to see how the eCheck initiative originated, it’s worth looking at these.

eCheck Overview and Security Issues (view as slide show to see animations)

PDF file (size 542K)

Treasury Overview

Gary Grippo’s (U.S. Treasury) presentation outlining the US Treasury’s needs and requirements for electronic payments, and summarizing the benefits eCheck provides to the US Government.