Debitize is a startup company that aims to help people who cannot control their credit card spending. They also work for people who enjoy using credit cards for the various rewards that credit cards offer. Credit card debt is the most toxic of all debt because it can linger for years without you ever clearing the balance and paying it off.

If you have a regular loan, then you spend the money and repay the loan bit-by-bit, but with a credit card you only have to pay interest monthly, which is money you never see again. Plus, if you put extra on your card, there is always the chance you will use the card again and spend the money.

Is It A Service Or An Account?

Debitize sets up an account for you with their company that acts like a separate bank account. It is even FDIC insured up to a quarter of a million dollars. An important point to note is that the Debitize account is yours and yours alone. If Debitize go out of business, the Debitize company cannot claim your account or the money in it, and Debitize’s creditors cannot get at it either.

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Why Do People Use This Service?

They use Debitize because they want to enjoy credit card rewards. They also do it to help make sure they only spend on their credit card when they have an appropriate amount of money in their bank account. It is for people who want to be able to use their credit card without sinking further into debt. The temptation to avoid paying off the full balance of their credit card is rather large, which is also why some people to use the Debitize service.

The people who are best suited for the Debitize service are people who “prefer” to use a credit card to their debit account. To clarify, a debit account is also called a checking account, current account, bank account and personal account.

The Debitize service is for people who have money in their debit account, but they prefer to use their credit card instead. In addition, such people use Debitize because it doesn’t allow them to fall behind on their credit card payments, and it lowers their credit utilization.

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To Recap – Do You Fit The Debitize Profile

The biggest reason why you may use Debitize is if you are the type of person who, when credit card debt has accrued, you consider not paying even when you have the money in your account. Or, you have the money on your debit card, but you spend on the credit card–and then spend the debit account money too. The other reasons you may be a good Debitize customer are:

  • You prefer to use your credit card to your debit card
  • You use your credit card when you have the money in your debit account
  • In general, you are not great at managing your credit card payments
  • You wish to improve your credit rating
  • Your debit management skills are not perfect

Why Do Some People Prefer To Use Credit Cards?

There are actually quite a few good reasons why people should use credit cards rather than their debit cards. The problem is that so few people are good at handling credit cards money that they get into debt that it takes them years to get out of. The sad thing is that most people arrogantly believe they can handle the temptation of a credit card, but the urge to spend is often irrepressible. If Debitize is somehow able to help you drag yourself out of credit card debt, then you should consider it.

Here is an article on why people prefer to use cedit cards more than debit cards. The article gives some brilliant reasons why people should use credit cards rather than debit cards. However, if there is even a tiny chance that you will allow your debt to grow and/or remain without you paying it off every month, then do not risk getting and/or using a credit card.

One could argue that you could “Risk” getting a credit card if you have Debitize in your corner, but you need to fit all of the Debitize profile parameters listed in the section above in order to make Debitize work for you. For example, if you spend on your credit card and also spend all the money on your debit card, then Debitize will not be able to remove your debit card money. If that happens, you will fall into the quick sand that is credit card debt.

One of the reasons why financial advisors tell people to get credit cards is because it may help their credit rating. Debitize may help you use your credit card for improving your credit rating too.

Debitize Short selling point

The Credit Building Benefits For Debitize Customers

Debitize is making sure that your credit card is paid on time. Obviously, if you do not have the money in your debit account when they try to draw it out, then it won’t help you at all. If you are planning to use a credit card to improve your credit rating, then having Debitize may help you plug the gaps in your financial planning and execution skills.

Credit Building With A Credit Card

Building credit means proving to creditors that you are able to handle and manage your debt, and it means proving that you can pay it back without issue and/or any problems.

What if you go 30 years of your life putting thousands into your debit account and never using credit because you don’t need it? Surly, your years of high earnings and your years of clever financial management will help your credit rating…right?

Not really. If you have not used credit in the last 30 years, then your creditors have no idea how you will use it. You could go nuts, turn alcoholic, or be scammed because you are ignorant of how credit cards work. Worse still, after 30 years of perfect financial management, creditors may start asking why you need credit all of a sudden.

Side Note – How To Build A Credit Rating With A Credit Card

To build a good credit rating, you do not need to know the ins and outs of how it all works. It is like driving a car; you don’t need to know how the combustion engine works in order to drive it.

If you are considering building your credit rating with a credit card…then don’t Credit card debt is worse than mobster debt!

However, if you are dead set on using a credit card to improve your credit rating…then get an overdraft, or a loan, or anything else besides a credit card”

Finally, if you MUST get a credit card to improve your credit rating, then follow this guide on the seven building blocks of good credit. The information is clear and easy to follow.

Debitize Lowers Your Credit Utilization

According to the Debitize homepage, they will make extra payments to help lower your credit utilization. In other words, they make extra payments so you are not at the same level of debt all month; your debt level will lower because of the extra payments they make.

Where the Debitize home page explains Credit Utilization

According to the Experian credit company ( ), Debitize’s claim is not marketing fluff, but people who understand credit utilization will know that it not as big of a benefit as it sounds.

A Better Understanding Of Credit Utilization

Your balance-to-limit ratio (utilization rate) matters with regards to your credit rating. For example, if you have $4000 debt on a $5000 limit card, then your utilization rate is higher than if you only had $1000 debt on a $5000 limit card.

The VantageScore model recommends that you do not have a debt balance of over 30% if you wish to maintain a good credit rating. This means that if you make a payment at the end of your payment cycle (usually every month), then it should bring your credit utilization to at least 30%.

That is where Debitize are selling themselves to people who do not clear their credit card balance at the end of each payment cycle (month). They claim to make extra payments to bring your credit utilization down, but credit utilization only matters when your minimum payment is due. If you are paying off your balance every month with Debitize, then your credit utilization will always be 0%, which is perfect.

Debitize say they make extra payments to lower your credit utilization. Lowering your credit utilization matters if you already have a big balance on your credit card and you are not clearing your balance every month.

 Security And Selling Points

Three Pleasant Things About Debitize

The alerts function is very good because it tells you about any suspicious activity on your credit card account. The website doesn’t make it clear if the alerts do anything else, so I asked a co-founder of the company. You can see his replies at the bottom of this article.

In short, he said that the alert system is only for suspicious activity. However, notification system will send notifications if you spend a large amount in one session, if you are low on funds, if you have a Debitize bill outstanding, and things of that nature.

The website has a responsive design, and the website is very well coded. It will work perfectly on any browser you view it on, and it will look great no matter how you view it.

You can set a minimum balance on your debit card. For example, if you wish to keep $900 in your debit account, then you can set a minimum balance with Debitize. The company will only draw out money until your debit account balance goes down to $900, at which point it will stop drawing money from your account.

Why Are There So Many Positive Reviews About Debitize?

One cannot discount the fact that the company is doing its job. Debitize is doing a good job, and they are getting by without offending or upsetting people. They would have a slew of negative reviews online if they were upsetting people, and yet their negative reviews are few and far between.

On the other hand, the company has quite a few positive reviews…maybe too many. Is it just that the company is good at what it does, or is there something else at work?

The company is a good one, but some of the positive reviews may exist because they benefit web masters rather than website readers. Debitize is offering some very persuasive warm-leads incentives and affiliate programs that encourage websites to include positive reviews of Debitize.

They offer good payments for referred customers from websites, they have a sign up bonus for new customers, and they offer referral money to web masters and blog masters.

Promotion Through Third-Party Webmasters

The website referral program encourages web masters and blog masters to write very positive reviews of the company and then offer links to the website. The web/blog master is paid a tiny amount for clicks and a very large (in affiliate advertising terms) amount if the clicker signs up within two weeks (assuming the cookie is still on the user’s computer/device).

It is a very common practice these days, and there is nothing nefarious about it. Debitize happen to offer a good rate for conversions, which is “one” of the reasons why there are so many positive reviews about Debitize online is an independent company that is funded by the clickable article advert things you see littered around our web pages. We remain independent and do not accept payments from companies to alter the meaning, legitimacy, or messages of our articles. We are only paid by the arrow-clickable advert sponsors, and we clearly mark them as sponsored so there is no chance of confusion.

Conclusion – Some People Will Benefit From This Service

The service is not making grand claims about being able to fix everybody’s credit card debt; it only promises to help people who use their credit cards for the rewards that credit companies offer. Debitize is not targeting people who “Have” to use their credit cards to survive and/or a live a more lavish lifestyle.

If you fit the Debitize profile set out in this article, then you may benefit from a Debitize account, especially if you are using a credit card for its perks and not because you need to. I was also won over by the short interview I had with one of the co-founders Liran.

A Short Interview With A Co-Founder Of Debitize

Image of Author Ashley Gaynor - Aka Ash the GreatI asked the co-founder Liran if he could maybe describe the type of person his Debitize service serves. I asked why he and Jeff Hu set up the company.


Liran the co-founder of DebitizeWe founded Debitize originally for people who were using debit cards instead of credit cards, so we could help them earn rewards and build credit without the typical temptations and risks of credit cards. We do help people who are carrying balances stay on top of their spending.

Image of Author Ashley Gaynor - Aka Ash the GreatCould you explain what the Alerts function does? I can’t find a full explanation of its functions.


liran-the-co-founder-of-debitizeThe alert function is a security feature. It examines your bank and credit card activity and identifies any signs that your account may have been compromised. It sends alerts to both you and our security staff, who quickly spring into action if the situation warrants. We do have a notification function that warns you if you are low on funds, if you have a low balance, and things of that nature.

Image of Author Ashley Gaynor - Aka Ash the GreatAs a quick final question, what direction is your company taking? Is there anything new on the horizon?


Liran the co-founder of DebitizeGoing forwards, we have plans to build more functions into our service to suit people who are carrying a balance on their credit card and are looking for a way to pay it off faster.


Liran The Co-Founder Of Debitize

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