The Credit Sesame credit reporting company is a freemium web-based tool and Smartphone app. It is not a credit scoring company in the same way that Equifax or Experian are. It is a credit-reporting tool that checks what other companies are saying about your credit rating, it doesn’t come up with your credit rating for you.

Credit Sesame is very similar to Noddle and Credit Karma in that it gives you a free credit report and credit score that it pulls from credit scoring companies such as Equifax, Experian, Trans Union, etc.

You may sign up without having to pay. There is no trial subscription, and no hidden fees. There is a premium subscription you may buy, but you may see your credit report and credit score without paying. Their website says that your score is updated every month, but this doesn’t appear to be true (in my experience, it updates more frequently). In addition to credit score updates, it also gives you alerts on other financial matters that may help you build a better credit rating.

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They Will Monitor Your Debt For You

Credit Sesame has a great app, which is a killer selling point on its own. Another great selling point is that they monitor your debt for you. When you sign up, you give them enough details to pull up your credit score. At that point, they are able to see all the debt you are in.

If you are amenable, they will monitor your debt for you and send you prompts about how to save money. For example, if your credit rating changes or a new credit company springs up, you may be eligible for a cheaper loan to the one you already have. If that is the case, you may scour the offers that Credit Sesame has and apply for a cheaper loan to replace the one you have.

Credit Sesame screenshot how much you may save

It will suggest how much you may save if you take one of their offers.

Do You Have To Pay?

If you want to see your Trans Union credit score, then you may do so for free. You may sign up, open your account, and see around 75% of your credit report for free. If you wish to see all of the factors affecting your credit score, then you will have to pay. If you wish to see what other credit scoring companies have on record (other than Trans Union), then you will have to pay for a subscription. The subscription upgrades your phone account too.

A Reality Check – Based On Consumer Complaints

Credit scoring companies such as Credit Sesame receive unfair criticisms from time to time. One of the criticisms that seem to haunt Credit Sesame more than other credit scoring companies (maybe because Credit Sesame has a more aggressive marketing strategy) is that Credit Sesame claims you can get a loan or credit card that you cannot.

For example, the Credit Sesame tools may say that you have a good chance of getting a platinum credit card. The credit scoring company will base their claim on your current credit score and the debt you have already. However, just because these factors are working for you doesn’t mean you are guaranteed to get the platinum card. There are other factors, such as how long you have lived in your house, how much you earn, how long you have been employed, and so forth that are going to affect your chances of getting the platinum card.

What Features Make Credit Sesame Better Than Its Competition?

The job of a reviewer is to try to be as unbiased and honest as possible. However, opinion plays a part in all online reviews, and despite the fact that Credit Sesame has numerous strong selling points, I think its best selling point is its app. You may use it on your Android device or Apple iOS device, and frankly, it beats the piss out of any other free-credit-score app on the national and international market.

I have reviewed apps from around the globe, including playing with apps with very odd translations. The only genuine negative point about the Credit Sesame app is that if you pay for a subscription, then it will not allow you to cancel the subscription via the app, you have to contact the customer service department.

How good Is The Credit Sesame App?

Credit Karma Android AppThere is a Credit Karma Android app and an iPhone app. The app has a very easy-to-use interface that allows you to see your credit report and your credit score on your Smartphone. It is convenient, and it is safe. Monitor how much debt you have individually, from your credit cards to your mortgage. Easily keep track of your credit rating every week as you try to improve your rating over time.

The Credit Sesame company doesn’t update your credit rating as often as Credit Karma, but it is only noticeable if you check your credit score very frequently.

Credit Sesame offers alerts for your account, which will appear in your email inbox. With the Smartphone app, the alerts appear as notifications. There are a slew of good reasons why the alerts are a good thing with regards to the app, but the best reason is that it gives you a reason to check your account.

If you are working on improving your credit rating, then you can check the app and your account once per week, but that is boring, especially when your rating doesn’t change from one week to the next. However, if you set the alerts, then you need only check your account when you get an alert. It tells you when your credit rating changes, so that it is worth your while checking your account.


Those Forking Emails They Send!

If you have become irritated because of the mother forking emails that the company keeps sending you, then here is what you do. The email problem is a mistake and/or a bug relating to how the phone app and website tool is synchronized.

Go To Your Website Account

Go to the website and alter your email preferences. Use the website, click on the “Hi, *your name*” button and click on alerts. Read each one carefully and decide which emails you would like to receive. For example, you may like to receive emails and nonfictions if your credit rating changes, but not if they have special offers from third party companies. After you are finished, make sure you save or update your profile (if applicable to you).

Go To Your App Account

Now go to your app and do the same (if applicable). If you change your settings on your website account and on your app, then it will disable all of your “Extra” alerts and emails. However, it will not stop all emails.

You Cannot Stop All The Emails

Credit Sesame’s terms and conditions state that having a free account means accepting at least two emails per month from the company. The only way to stop them sending these emails is to cancel and close your account. You can lower the amount of alerts/emails you receive to as few as two per month, but that is as low as you can go.

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The Biggest Credit Sesame Selling Points

Right off the bat, if you decide to go for a free account, then you get a free credit report card, access to your credit score for free, and free monitoring alerts. You also get a free debt analysis and recommendations. Your account also comes with financial tools you may use free and financial tips that you may access for free. Your account also comes with free identity theft protection. Plus, when you start your account, you do not have to input any credit card information (since a company asking for your credit card information is usually a sign they are going to charge you).

  • They offer real-time alerts and monitoring that tell you if you are being scammed
  • Their real-time alerts tell you if things are going terribly wrong with your credit rating
  • Get free identity theft protection and fraud resolution assistance if you sign up and agree to their terms
  • See insights into your finances through your credit score and online tools
  • Mange your debt and your loans in one place
  • See historic data about your finances to see how well you are doing
  • The Credit Sesame services are secure and safe to use
  • Joining and getting an account is free with no hidden fees
  • The website has mobile apps that work almost as well as their online web browser version
  • Credit Sesame offers a number of saving options that people may not have otherwise known about

Conclusion – There Is Little Wrong With The Company

Their app is very well developed. If you are a heavy Smartphone users who is more likely to interact with credit services via a Smartphone than a desktop computer, then you should probably opt for using Credit Sesame. The fact you cannot escape their emails is only mildly annoying because you can have their emails sent to your junk folder. The company lives up to its online claims for the most part, and there is very little to complain about. Is Credit Sesame head-and-shoulders above its competition…no it is not, but the others are not exactly superstars either.

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