20 12, 2014

Repairing Your Credit

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Credit Reports Credit reports are compiled, organized and sold to consumers by credit bureaus. TransUnion, Equifax, and Experion are the three principal credit reporting agencies. What is a credit bureau? Well, simply put, credit bureaus are private organizations that compile information about the credit history of consumers, and this information is sold to businesses that are

20 09, 2009

Improving Your Credit

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Whether you are talking to a bad credit refinance expert or a mortgage professional, you need to be honest when discuss any credit problems you may have had. Unemployment or illness are legitimate reasons for a person having financial difficulties which may lead to credit problems, and a responsible, professional lender will know this. Your

20 09, 2009

Fixing Your Credit Score Using Bad Credit Loans

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You can end up with a bad credit score for many different reasons. Maybe you were late on a payment, or skipped it completely; or maybe you had too many financial obligations and were unable to meet them, causing them to go into a default status. If this is the first time you have had