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Cellphone Data Plans That Save “Some” People Money In The USA

Cellphone Data Plans That Save “Some” People Money In The USA

The point of this article is twofold. Firstly, we created it because we have a lot of leftover research and analysis data from our extensive mobile-plan testing, so we needed to use it up. Secondly, our leftovers from other articles do contain good deals, but the problem is that they are not good deals across the board. For example, a deal that is good for people who use very little mobile data may the terrible for people who use a lot of Internet data. Here are the cellphone data plans that save some people money in the USA.


Mobile Plans For People Who Are Already Xfinity Customers

If you sign up with their home Internet plan, then you may also use their mobile plan. Their mobile plan allows you to get free calls and texts from your mobile, and then charges you extra for your mobile data. Do your calculations before you buy because your home Internet and your mobile plan may be costing you more as a bundle than if you used separate companies. On the other hand, it could end up costing you less.

  • The plan requires a subscription which is post-pay
  • The post-pay subscription is a residential Xfinity Internet service subscription
  • You will get nationwide text and talk time on your phone with your mobile and home plan
  • There are no line access fees on up to 5 lines
  • Get access to over 18 million Xfinity Wi-Fi hotspots to access
  • Use the phone in over 200 countries with international roaming charges added
  • The Gig cellphone plan will cost you $12 per month per GB
  • The unlimited plan will cost $45 per line and gives you unlimited data
  • There are no data usage limits with the unlimited plan

Republic Wireless

A Low-Cost Plan For People Who Use Little Data

You get unlimited talk and text with the Republic Wireless plan, and you get it really cheap at $15 per month. Pay for only for the data you need. If you only need unlimited talk and text, and you add on no data, then you pay just $15 per month for the MyChoice plan. You also get data flexibility, which means you can add and remove data packages from your plan whenever you need it. If you need more data, it will cost you $5 per GB, and when you need less, you can go back to the original price you were paying for the plan

See your own usage amounts at a glance through their notifications system. Enable their notifications on your phone, and it will inform you of how much data you are using. Even though Republic Wireless does not have any plans that cover international roaming, the customers service agents advised us that we are able to make calls using your Wi-Fi.

  • My Choice Plan gives unlimited talk, text, and allows you to add on data
  • Get unlimited text and talk for $15
  • Get addons like high speed LTE cell data at $5 per GB
  • You can add 4G LTE or have it removed whenever you wish
  • There is customer support that is US based
  • There are no hidden fees or contracts to sign
  • You get nationwide coverage
  • There is a money-back guarantee if you are not happy within 14-days of starting the contract

Project Fi

For People Who Vary Their Mobile Internet Use

Project Fi by Google is odd in that they have set up a Pay-As-You-Go version of mobile data, and yet they call it Bill Protection. My only theory is that so many cellphone plans have mandatory data plans and confusing names that Google can call a chicken a duck and still sell the chicken. If you remove the fluffing and the evil that is their added fees and taxes (“Do No Evil” – Google), then infrequent users may benefit from this plan. It caps your total mobile data expenses during heavy-use months, and allows you to enjoy their lower prices by default on your not-so-heavy data-use months.

The base plan is $20 per month for unlimited calls and texts. You then pay $10 per GB if you use the data. If you do not use the data, then you do not pay, which is like a Pay-As-You-Go system for mobile Internet users. When you get to 6GB of data, they stop charging you for mobile data. This means that if you are a heavy mobile Internet users, you will only pay a maximum of $80 per month (6GB x $10 + $20 for calls and Internet).

  • It costs $20 per month for unlimited calls and texts
  • Pay a maximum of $80 for unlimited data (+ there are fees and taxes)
  • Costs $10 per GB up to 6 GB
  • Unlimited texts with you visit up to 120 eligible countries
  • Add up to five more people to your plan for $15 per month per person
  • There are no early termination fees
  • They have international roaming
  • Add your tablet where you only pay for the data
  • You pay the same for data in 170 countries as you do in the US
  • Call home from overseas and the costs are pretty low

Consumer Cellular

Cheap Calls And Texts And Semi-Cheap Mobile Data

We have discussed Consumer Cellular on a few occasions, but they are a hard company to classify because they seem to suit people who use the Internet very little. However, if you use the Internet up to 5GB per month, then it is actually a good deal.

We do not review Consumer Cellular very often because we have mixed feelings about it. Their prices are okay, and we do not mind the service, but they have a habit of promoting to senior people as if they are technophobes. My grandfather was a technical engineer of some sort from the age of being an egg, and he could take apart a Smartphone and overclock it. He would have thrown his false teeth at adverts that say, “Newfangled cellular phones.” Plus, the Consumer Cellular website sucks.

  • Connect plan will give you unlimited text and talk but no data for $15 per month
  • For 250MB you will need to pay $5 extra on the Connect plan
  • For 1GB it will cost you $10 extra per month
  • Get 3GB for $20 extra per month
  • Get 5GB for $30 extra per month
  • Have 10GB for $40 extra per month
  • This website is not very well set up
  • Get 2 lines and unlimited nationwide calls for just $20

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