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Caring for Your Garden This Summer

Caring for Your Garden This Summer

With the weather getting nicer by the day, our gardens have been showing signs of emerging from hibernation for some time now. But if you haven’t had a chance to get into your garden yet, it’s high time you did, with just a little bit of TLC your garden can be looking glorious in no time. So, if you are looking for ways to spruce up your garden here are a few ways you can tackle the worst and bring out the best in your garden this summer.

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Cutting Back

This is a big job and you might need some help with it if there are lots of big branches to be removed. But take a walk through the garden and make a note of what you think needs to be trimmed back. Daisy bushes, small shrubs and trees, fruit trees, roses and vines can all do with a bit of a ‘’hair cut’’ at this time as they do tend to take over a bit without us noticing.

Cut off all of the dead bits for a start and don’t be afraid to cut things right back – your garden may feel a bit naked initially, but it’s time for a fresh start. Cut roses generously and if you are not sure where, just snip off a bid below the bud growth. When your roses have started to bud, this is the best time to prune.

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Mow Your Lawn

Your garden may be looking a little bit tatty, but the quickest way to smarten things up is to mow your lawn. Check the level on the mower and make sure you are not cutting the lawn to short, leave grass a little bit longer now – it will look lush and manicured – and rather cut it more frequently, to keep it looking well groomed.

Now is a good time for some lawn feed, sprinkle generously and make notes of the areas of your lawn that are looking patchy and not doing so well. A good sprinkle of evergreen lawn seed may be needed to fix that.
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Now is a great time to reassess your garden, some of your plants may not have made it through winter, or an aggressive vine may have dominated it entirely – hiding it completely from view. A quick glance will tell you which areas of your garden need work and you can start making a list of what plants need to be removed and replaced.

Visit your local nursery and purchase some colourful annuals for your borders and pots – it will add an instant splash of colour to a dull, post winter garden. Geraniums are excellent choices, they flower beautifully from May, sometimes earlier and are known for being a hardy English garden resident. They love semi shade, but will do well in the sun as well – great for pots and they grow like mad from slips.

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Garden Furniture

Now that the weather is nicer everyone wants to sit outside and enjoy the garden and a glass of wine in the evening. Make sure your garden furniture is made from strong materials that can withstand the harsh winter weather and summer sun without perishing. Wrought iron furniture is a great investment, it can be stored outside all year round and you can pick up the loose cushions and pop them inside when you are not using them. If you look after your furniture, it will go out of fashion before it goes out to the bin.

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