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Best Ways to Send Cash to Someone

Best Ways to Send Cash to Someone

This article suggests some of the best ways to send cash to someone. They are handy methods for if you wish to send cash because the other person does not have a bank account, or does not have access to the internet. Alternatively, maybe the other person needs cash very quickly, or maybe are sending a cash gift, or perhaps you just prefer dealing with cash. This article gives you tips on how to send cash to someone.

For example, this article suggests that you send cash to someone by using cash-money-sending services, while it also suggests that you hand it over to a mutual friend and have that person hand it over. If your friend sees the recipient more than you do and if you trust your friend, then you may hand it over to your friend to pass on to your recipient. This article offers tips and ideas so that you may send cash to someone easily, relatively quickly, and reasonably cheaply.

Send It Through The Post Via Special Delivery

When you send money via Special Deliveries, you want to make sure it arrives on time to the correct person. You also need to know that the amount you have sent is the amount the recipient receives.

You can send your money through the post via special delivery with USPS. They have a “Priority Mail Express” service where they will delivery your envelope or parcel over night. The service comes with $100 insurance and they have a free-package-pick-up service. Priority Mail Express only charges $23.75 when you first use them, you won’t have to pay extra for the calculating the weight as long as the parcel is up to 70lbs and not over, you won’t need to pay anything else. When sending a parcel with Priority Mail Express, you have somewhat of a guarantee that your recipient will receive your parcel (full of money) by hand because in order for anyone to receive the parcel he/she need to sign for it; ergo, you know it has arrived with the correct person.

You get three choices around how you ship your money to someone else. The three options are “Legal Flat Rate Envelope,” which costs $23.75 for the Post office (online and retail) shipment. The “Flat Rate Envelope” costs $21.18 for commercial Post office (retail and online) shipment and $23.75 for private shipment. Or, you could choose the “Padded Flat Rate Envelope,” which costs $21.28 for commercial shipment and $23.95 for private Post office (online and retail) shipment.

Hide It In A Parcel And Send The Parcel

Picture of a parcel

Sending a package with cash in may result in your money being a little more exposed than maybe you would like. You could always send an item via the parcel delivery service and then hide the money inside the item you send. In order to be able to send money in a parcel you will first need to make sure you have the amount you wish to send hidden inside tissue paper or taped to card to stop the money moving around inside the packaged item.

Use USPS, and you will be able to track your parcel and make sure it arrives to the correct recipient. If you really want to send money to someone by post, then you may also like to get insurance to be on the safe side. Most postal services ask that you request insurance rather than them giving it to you automatically, but with Priority Express, they automatically insure you for up to $100.

Send Money Via Money-Gram And Have The Recipient Pick It Up In Cash

When sending money via MoneyGram online, you are able to choose which Moneygram shop you would like the other person to receive the cash. They will be able to get the money either it at the nearest MoneyGram location, or you may decide to send it online to your recipient’s bank account.

There are certain steps you will need to go though in order to do it online. First, you need to select the receiver’s country and the receiver’s state or province. You then need to choose which location you want your recipient of pick up the cash wants, and then click the button that says next. Once you put the amount you would like to send, you click on the “Get total” button and scroll down to the payment method you wish to use, be it by Debit or a Credit card. Whether you visit a branch and create a transfer, or if you do it online, there is always going to be a transfer charge.

If you have a coupon card or a promo code, you can use that to send money to friends and family without paying MoneyGram’s full fee. Once you have finished entering details into the online payment section, click the next button, they will then ask you to either login or create account. Once that has been completed, you will then be able to finish the transaction and send the money to your recipient.

Send Money Via Western-Union And Have The Recipient Pick It Up In Cash

When using Western Union to send cash to people, you will need to visit the website and choose how the receiver would like the money. You have two options, option one is to send it via their bank account, and option two is to have your recipient pick up the cash at a local Western Union location.

You may also walk into a Western Union branch location and pay cash and have the cash sent to your recipient. The branch staff may also allow you to send money using your credit card or your debit card.

If you want to send the money with a bank transfer from your bank to Western Union, then you may do that online. Beware of how long Western Union takes because it can take within a few hours and up to a few days depending upon your payment choice, and depending upon which country the money is going to.

Western Union charge a fee for all their services, and some of them are a little ugly, especially if your transfer involves a currency exchange. If you have a promo card or discount code, you may use it on the website and lower your fees a little.

When the recipient goes to get the money from the selected pick up point that you both have chosen, then your recipient will need to take with some form of photo ID. All forms of government issued photo ID are acceptable. That is because each recipient needs proof of who he/she is and before being able to pick up the money at a local WU branch. You may also ask for a tracking number so you may see when the money has arrived and when it was picked up.

Send It To A Bank Account And Let The Recipient Draw It Out In Cash Using An ATM

Sending money to friends and family doesn’t have to be difficult, these days you can send money to other bank accounts using your bank. Plenty of banks allow you to conduct ACH transfers without having to pay fees, and others even allow you to send domestic wire transfers for free. It is true that you are not technically sending cash, but you could always have your recipient draw it out of an ATM in cash if needed.

The same is true if your recipient has a prepaid debit card. You could simply upload money into the prepaid debit card and have your recipient draw it out of an ATM. As I mentioned in the introduction, many people are looking for ways to send cash money because their recipient doesn’t have a bank account. Yet, there are plenty of prepaid debit card companies that do not charge a maintenance fee or withdrawal fees, and even PayPal has its own prepaid MasterCard. The great thing about prepaid debit cards is that they they rarely demand a credit check, so your recipient should be able to get one rather easily.

Have A Friend Hand It Over To The Other Person

If you have a trusted friend who is willing to hand over the money to the recipient for you, then it may save you a lot of hassle and money transfer fees. Maybe your friend sees your recipient more than you do? Maybe your friend is about to visit your recipient and may be able to hand over the money at the same time.

Obviously, this method involves a degree of risk, so it may not be a good idea to ask your friend to deliver a massive amount of money. Beside the trust issue, there is always the chance of bad luck, such as your friend losing the money or having it stolen from him or her. Nevertheless, instead of going the digital method or the money-company method, you could go a little more low tech and simply have a friend or trusted family member hand over the cash to your friend. You do not even need to tell the delivery person that there is money in the parcel.

Leave The Money In A Safe Place For The Recipient To Pick Up

When leaving money for the other person to pick up you want to make sure you are leaving the money in a safe location. For example, you could leave your money in a locker in a train station that requires a number lock code rather than a key. That way, you can give the other person the code so only both of you know it. Another place you may like to leave it is in your house, somewhere the both of you have decided to put it so when he/she goes to pick it up when you are not there. You may also like to leave your money in an envelope at work and advise your manager that someone will be coming round to pick up the envelope if you are not around at that time. A large part of the process depends on trust and honesty.

Send It Via Walmart And Have The Other Person Pick It Up In Cash

Walmart has started to allow people to send money from one Walmart store to another so people can retrieve the money in cash. It is easy to do; all you need to do is go to the store, go to the customer services desk, fill out a form with the amount you want to send and with the recipients name.

In order to send the payment to the other person you can use your debit or credit card. This transaction will only take a couple of minutes, whereupon he or she will be able to withdraw the money from Walmart of his or her choice. The maximum you are able to transfer Walmart to Walmart is $900, and the fees for sending the money vary from $4.50- $9.50.

The Walmart money transfer system means that people may go shopping and pick up their money at the same time. Walmart has also teamed up with MoneyGram, which means that if you are living in US, you may be able to send and receive money using both Walmart and MoneyGram. For example, you may send money with Walmart, but pick it up with MoneyGram.

Hand The Cash Over To The Other Person

Handing cash over to the other person is the simplest way to make sure he or she receives it. Before handing money over, you should probably set up all your arrangements in advance. For example, you can set up what time you are meeting, what set date it is going to be given, and how much you want to pay on a weekly or monthly basis. Once you have given them the money, make sure you both document the transaction with a receipt, and/or write it down in a notebook/on your computer so you can then keep track of what has been paid and how much is still owed.

How complicated this process becomes depends upon what sort of money transaction you are completing. If you are just handing over money as a gift, then it is just a case of meeting and handing over the money. If you are buying something, then you need a receipt. When giving somebody a loan, or if you are handing over money for another reason, then get some written documentation, such as emails where you both agree terms, or text messages that you can take off your phone if needed. I say this because I have seen enough Judge Judy episodes where people have handed over money for rent or loans and have not got it back because they cannot prove the cash-in-hand money transaction took place.

You Tell Em Judge Judy

Does It Have To Be In Cash?

Is it imperative that your recipient receives your money in cash? If not, maybe you should consider a money company or bank that operates online. You are able to use lots of apps and websites to send money to your friends, family or to business.

For example, there is PayPal, which is a quick way of sending payments, quick when receiving payments, and it is free to sign up. With PayPal you can send money to people all over the world, which is especially good if you are buying or selling. Using the mobile app will make sending money to someone even more convenient. All you have to do is go into the app, go though your contact list to the person you want to send the money to, enter in how much you want to send, enter the recipient’s mobile number or email address, and click the send button to confirm and send the money.

Conclusion – How Do I Choose The Best Method To Send Cash To Someone?

Which method you choose will depend upon your circumstances and your current needs. Here is a quick recap of the methods listed above along with how they may fit your current circumstances.

If you are looking to send money as a present, such as a birthday present, christening gift, or anything of that ilk, you can use a postal service’s special delivery to send cash. If you are someone who wants to send cash, but you do not want to put it in a card or envelope, then you could hide the cash in a parcel, and then maybe send the parcel using something such as USPS.

When and if you want to send cash quickly, maybe to help a friend to get home from somewhere, then you may consider MoneyGram, Walmart or Western Union, so that your recipient may pick up your money in cash at their local branch/store.

If your recipient has a credit or debit card, you may sent money to that person’s bank account so that he or she may withdraw it using an ATM.

Some people choose to send money via Walmart. For example, if you have a friend who need cash money and who lives near a Walmart, then you may send money via Walmart and have your friend pick it up in cash.

Handing cash over to another person is a fine choice if you see that person regularly; just be wary if it is a business transaction and make sure you get a receipt just in case there is any sort of comeback.

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