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Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

Best Prepaid Cell Phone Plans

This article covers the best prepaid cell phone plans available for people in the USA. We includes the raw and basic facts of each of these companies cellphone plans. You may use this article as a good starting point when you are shopping around for the best prepaid cell phone plans.

Bought my nan unlimited calls and texts


MetroPCS Plans

There are four plans to choose from and they are very reasonably priced. There is a two-line discount, and if you dig around, you can find their three-and-four line prices where you also get unlimited data.

MetroPCS include their taxes and fees in their advertised prices, and they offer 4G LTE mobile hotpots and data speeds. They have a data maximizer service, Wi-Fi calling, calling ID and a Scam ID function to help you avoid spam callers.

They offer three-way calling, and call waiting services. They have voicemail and visual voicemail, and you can access premium directory assistance for a good price. You may also top up your plans with extra data.


Ting Plans

There are no commitments and there are no cancellation fees when you pick Ting. Prepay by a certain amount, and then settle up what is owed at the end of the month.

You get freebies such as free picture and video message, free voicemail, caller ID, hotspots, 3-way calling, and free tethering.

Ting works by charging you a standard fee that is used at the end of the month as part of you settling up. You are charged based on how much you have used, but part of your bill is prepaid before your month starts.

Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless Plans

Get Internet at speeds of up to 8mbps and video quality at 480p that is throttled after 22GB of use if you choose their unlimited package. Taxes are included in the prices they quote on their website.

If you go beyond your monthly allowance of data, then your data speeds are reduced to 128Kbps. They have some reasonably good prices for multiple lines, and you are not tied to an annual contract.

There are no overages fees, and some of their plans have a slew of extras such as unlimited texts from the US to other countries, and add-on features such as mobile hotspot, protect plans, and so forth.


AT&T Plans

Their best plans are their unlimited data plans. They are reasonably priced, and their multiple-line discounts are satisfactory. Sign up for auto-pay and get the prices they quote on their website.

Your Internet speeds are throttled after using 22GB per month, and there are numerous benefits that come with each plan, such as roaming in Canada and Mexico, military discounts, HBO subscriptions, etc.

One of their unlimited plans offer 15GB of mobile hotspot, and you may watch videos at quality levels between 480p and 1080p. Be careful when you sign up because many of their best prices come with a 2-year contract.


Verizon Plans

There is the Go Unlimited plan and the Beyond Unlimited plan. Be wary of the prices you see on their website because they are set to the 4-line prices by default. Set the tool to one line in order to see the prices for a single line.

You get unlimited 4G LTE data speeds that may slow at peak times, and that may be throttled after you use 22GB of data. Customers get Verizon UpRewards, there is a military discount, and you may make calls and send texts to Canada and Mexico with no extra charges.

You get unlimited talk and text, and you get HD streaming at 480p for your videos. The prices you see on their website do not include taxes and fees as they are added later, and you have to enroll for paperless statements and you have to pay with Auto-Pay in order to receive the prices they quote online.

T Mobile

T-Mobile Plans

T Mobile has a prepaid/Pay-As-You-Go plan that costs a very low amount each month. It gives you 30 texts, 30 minutes of talk, or you can choose a combination of minutes and texts that add up to 30. If you require more text or minutes per month, then it works on a Pay-As-You-Go system where you pay for what you use.

Taxes and fees are not included on their website, so be prepared to pay a little more than they advertise on their website. They have four different prepaid plans. There is the 10GB no Credit check plan, the T-Mobile One prepaid plan, the Simply prepaid plan, and their Pay-As-You-Go only plan.

Most of the prepaid plans do not require a starting deposit unless you are opting for a no-credit-check plan. However, there may be a set-up charge if you are a new customer and/or if you have to buy a new T-Mobile sim card.

Republic Wireless

Republic Wireless Plans

Since there is a chunk of the population that doesn’t use more than 20GB of mobile phone data per month, Wireless Republic have come up with a plan that offers unlimited calls and texts, but has you add on any data that you need.

You get high speed 4G LTE data with nationwide coverage, they have US-based customer support, and there are no hidden fees or contracts. They also have a 14-day money-back guarantee.

You get your unlimited calls and texts package at a cheap price per month, and then you add on data as you need it. This means that during months where you barely use your mobile Internet, you may end up saving money.


Virgin Plans

There is no annual contract and there are no hidden fees when you use Virgin Mobile USA. They have an InnerCircle plan that comes with unlimited 4G LTE data, unlimited talk, text and online chat.

The company donates money to Feeding America on a regular basis, you get 480p video streaming, and you get 2Mbps cloud gaming. You have to pay by auto-pay, and there are no extra charges such as activation fees.

Use more than 23GB of data, and you will see your Internet speeds slow during peak times. There are also add-ons you can try such as phone insurance, mobile hotspot data, and international calling add-ons.

Rok Mobile

Rok Mobile Plans

There is no contract, and they have plans for unlimited talk and texts. They offer international calling, they have their own app, and there are additional extras such as roadside assistance.

Rok has a varied selection of plans that are on the middle-to-higher priced side. Their slightly-high prices nearly resulted in them not appearing on our “Best prepaid cell phone plans,” but they offer coverage to certain places that other networks do not.

Phone data allowances are hard capped, which means your mobile Internet stops working if you reach your limit. If you buy unlimited data, then your data is throttled at 20GB, after which you data speeds slow down dramatically. Again, Rok do not offer a good deal, but they are the only good (mainstream) choice for some people in certain areas.


Boost Single Line Plans

There are two plans to choose from. One offers 3GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and unlimited text. The other offers unlimited talk, texts and data. There is no annual contract, and they offer mobile hotspot.

There are a bunch of additional services too, such as international calling options for your monthly plan. You can get phone insurance, and you get a variety of live TV programs on demand.

They offer premium caller ID, mobile optimized streaming for videos, and the prices they quote on their website have all the fees and taxes included. They have what they call “Boost Deals” that you may add to your account on demand.

US Cellular

US Cellular Plans

Yet again I plonk US Cellular at the bottom of my article, not because it is a bad service, but because that “You qualify for a mystery bonus” popup they have really ticks me off. It shows a severe lack of respect for the intelligence of their visitors.

Nevertheless, US Cellular offers a reasonably good set of prepaid plans. Their 3GB of data plan gives you unlimited talk, unlimited texts and it has no overage charges. The “Unlimited” package is more expensive, but gives you unlimited data, texts and calls.

US Cellular doesn’t run a credit check and they do not charge an activation fee. They do not charge overages, they simply lower your Internet speed to 2G if you go over your 3GB data limit.

Conclusion – Why No Prices?

Woman wondering why

We have seen many cellphone networks come and go. There is a good chance that if you read this in a few years that most of these companies will still be around and most will still be offering similar deals. The prices may change, but the companies and offers will probably remain.

Which is the best out of all these? That is up to you to decide, but I may warn against going unlimited data. Unless you are a heavy movie watcher or streamer, there is little need for you to have unlimited data. You could invest in a PC and watch movies all day and night for much less than the amount you pay in unlimited data charges. Take note of how much data you actually use because you may be surprised at how little it is.

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