Here are some of the most current checking account promotions available to US citizens. Some of the offers are present on their websites, and others are offered through third parties. Most of the offers are set to expire soon, so get your new accounts as quickly as possible. To find the offers applicable to you in your state, you will need to use Google and enter the name of the account, the bank, and the offer that is mentioned on this article.

Bonus Interest Checking account with BankUnited

Offer Expires: Ongoing

Put enough money in the account and you can earn as much as $120 in a year. If you use their ACH transfers system, then 1% of your money is credited back to you to a maximum of $10 per month. They may be ACH transfers such as payroll, pension payments, interest transfers and Social Security payments.

If you want the $120 bonus, then you need to start with a $1000 opening deposit and you must keep $5000 in your account for at least one statement cycle. With this account they allow up to a $25,000 minimum combined daily balance within an eligible linked BankUnited consumer saving, checking, or certificate of deposit account

Chase Bank – $300 Cash Bonus

Offer Expires: 14th October 2015

If you open up a Chase Bank Checking account, you get a $300 bonus. Subject to approval, if you open a Chase Premier Plus Checking account, you get a $300 bonus delivered to your account within 60 days of opening the account. To open the account you need to deposit $25, and there are monthly maintenance fees of $25 to pay unless you keep your account balance above $15,000.

Ever bank – Bonus APY

Offer Expires: Ongoing

Sign up for your first account with Everbank and you get a 1.40% bonus APY that lasts for the first six months of your deposits up to an amount of $50,000. You will need to place an opening deposit if $1500 to open your account. You can apply online for your account, and their regular APY rates are changeable, but are often very good when compared with other checking accounts.

U.S. Bank – $100 Cash Back

Offer Expires: Variable depending on account

US Bank has a U.S. Bank Package Checking Account with you may enroll in their S.T.A.R.T. program and you get $100 for joining. They transfer the money to your savings accounts. Plus, you get a $50 rewards card if you save up to $1000. If you keep that amount in your savings account, then you get another $50 rewards card. The promotion is linked to your savings account. You have the choice of an easy checking, gold checking, silver checking, platinum checking, student checking and premium checking account. Make sure you ask online because it is not clear which checking accounts come with the S.T.A.R.T. program offer.

Citibank – $400 Gift Card Bonus

Offer Expires: Changeable

Get a CitiGold Checking account and you can earn points that may be translated into $400 worth of gift cards every year. You earn Thank You points for certain transactions, and you get a portion of your fees back in the form of gift cards. The offer is marked as changeable because they keep changing the offer. For example, at the moment you earn points over a portion of time and earn thank you points, whereas in February 2015 they said you could earn the full $400 if you kept $50,000 in your account for 90 days. Check with their website to see their current gift card promotion.

Capital One – $300 Cash Bonus

Offer Expires: Unspecified

This is an offer for a business checking account. Sign up for a Capital One 360Deposit and within 30 days you have to deposit at least $3,000 into your business account to earn the $300 cash bonus. The account will cost you a fee, but you can waive that fee by keeping a minimum balance. The minimum balances range from between $2000 and $25,000.

Bank of the West – $150 Cash Back

Offer Expires: Unspecified

You may enjoy the $150 cash back if you open an Easy Checking account or a Choice Interest Checking account. That is not the only offer they have running at the moment. You can also get $100 for a qualifying direct deposit, plus you can get $50 for a qualified debit card use. To qualify for the debit card bonus, you need to use a certain card that they give you, and you have to make ten or more purchases over a month that cost you more than $3 each.

HomeStreet Bank – Up to $300 Cash Back

Offer Expires: Changeable

If you open a checking account with HomeStreet bank, you can get their $300 cash back bonus with restrictions, or you can get their $100 Visa gift card if you open a select account in certain locations. They have $100 bonus if you set up deposit, and they give you a $80 Visa Check Card where you get $2 per purchase for amounts up to $80. If you use their online bill payment, you can get amounts up to $75. They even give you $25 for giving them old debit cards and checks and debit card that you got from other banks (subject to condition), and they give you $20 if you sign up for e-statements. The offers change over time and depending on which state you are in, so check online to find out what is applicable.

Astoria Federal – $50 Direct Deposit Bonus

Offer Expires: Ongoing

They have had this offer running for quite a while now where if you receive your direct deposits from work into your current account, then you get a $50 bonus deposited into your account. The offer has been going on for a while to the point where it is not always widely advertised on their website, so it may be worth asking their customer support if the offer is still running when you create your account.

Key Bank – $150 Cash Bonus

Offer Expires: Ongoing

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They offer a $150 cash back scheme that you can apply for when you sign up for your checking account. And, they have a Relationship Rewards scheme where you can earn points by using your debit card or your account. You cannot use this account if you sign up in a branch–it is only applicable online.