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Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans

Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans

It was difficult finding the best cheap cell phone plans because prices change so often, plus there are some very cheap plans that are useless wastes of money. We have tried to put together the cheapest plans that still offer a reasonably good deal. While researching this article and testing cellphone companies, we tried and tested unlimited plans, pre-paid plans, Pay-As-You-Go plans and Internet-only plans.

Best Cheap Cell Phone Plans – Ting (For Infrequent Cellphone Users)

Ting Website

Ting acts like both a prepaid cellphone plan and a Pay-As-You-Go plan. It is one of the best cheap cell phone plans for people who are infrequent cellphone users. If you are the sort of person who may use his or her phone a great deal one month and then very little the next, then this plan is for you. It is cheap because there is no wastage. You are not wasting money on unlimited talk, texts or data when you don’t actually need it. It also means you can save money on your phone bill by simply not using it for a while. The average Ting bill is only $23 per month.

MetroPCS (For Low Internet Data Users)

MetroPCS Website

MetroPCS has a simple plan called the $30 unlimited plan. It gives you 2GB of 4G LTE data. You also get unlimited talk minutes and texts to people in the USA. This is the cheapest plan that MetraPCS has, and with this plan you can get 100 hours of streaming music, 2 hours of streaming videos and 100 hours browsing social media. The $30 unlimited plan includes in unlimited text and data, no annual contract, and has 4G LTE Internet speeds on the T-Mobile network. It comes with a data maximizer to make streaming videos faster and less wasteful. The plan comes with scam ID software, and taxes and regulatory fees are included.

Republic Wireless (Very Cheap Unlimited Talk And Text)

Republic Wireless Website

The cheapest plan they have is the My choice plan. It gives you unlimited talk and text for $15 per month. If you want data, then you can add 4G LTE data at $5 per GB per month. The great thing is that you can add the $5 of data at any time, and if you decide you want to remove your data or lower your data allowance, then you may remove the monthly data cost and drop your bill as low as $15 per month. There is no annual contract, you get nationwide coverage, and they have US-based customer support. If you are really a very low Internet user on your phone, which is quite common, then this plan may be all you need.

GreatCall (For Very Light And Infrequent Phone Users)

GreatCall Website

GreatCall has a prepaid base plan that will cost you $14.99 for just 200 minutes. To get text messages or data you will need to pay extra for add-ons. If you choose just to use this plan talk minutes then it is a very cheap, but if you buy the add-ons, it will becomes more expensive each month. To get 300 add on texts. it will cost you $3, and if you choose to have data for your Jitterbug Smartphone. it will cost you $2.49 for 40MB. If you use more minutes than 200, you can buy the $19.99 plan to get 600 minutes. To get 700 texts, it will cost you $6, and get 100MB of at a cost of $5 with this plan. As it is prepaid, you can change these plans as many times as you like with no hidden fees added. It is only suitable for very low talk, text and data users. It is marketed to seniors primarily for this reason.

T-Mobile (Cheapest For Four Lines)

T-Mobile Website

T-Mobile offers a great deal, but they are not afraid to charge you an arm and a leg for your great deal. Their prices for single lines are pretty high, but if you have four lines, then it costs around $140 per month, which is around $35 each. T-Mobile has a plan called the unlimited plan, and you can add up to 4 lines for the whole family. You get unlimited text, unlimited minutes and unlimited data. This plan offers 4G LTE for each phone on the plan, and your speed isn’t throttled until you reach 50GB of data, and that is per phone, which is a great deal. You get unlimited text and calls in the US, and in Canada and Mexico. You need to sign up for paperless statements and auto-pay in order to qualify for the cheaper rate of $140 for four lines.

Tello (The Cheap Economy Option)

Tello Website

Tello offers custom plans so that you may choose how much you want to spend on data, minutes and texts. For example if you want just 200MB of data, 100 minutes of talk time, and free texts, then your monthly payment may go as low as $10 per month (with taxes and fees on top). After you have used your 4G LTE data, your Internet speed drops to 2G speeds. There is a plan that costs $14 per month (fees and taxes added on top) where you get unlimited texts, talk minutes, and 1GB of LTE data. Tello is a cheap company that borders on offering a poor quality service. They way they manage their company need fixing, such as faster administration, and better payment administration. They also have misleading plans that forget to mention important facts until you are ready to sign your final agreement. They are very low priced, but do not expect caviar if you are only paying for fish fingers.

Boost Mobile (Cheap All-Rounder)

Boost Website

Boost Mobile will give you affordable prices that start from $35. Boost Mobile has three plans to choose from, and they have add-ons for things such as more data. They have an unlimited option that costs $60 per month. You may like the single line plan where you get unlimited talk, texts and data for $60, or you may try their cheapest plan where you get 3GB of LTE data, unlimited talk and unlimited texts for $35 per month. The $60 plan has HD streaming at 1080p, 20GB of hotspot, and everything else is unlimited. Pay $50 per month and get unlimited text, 8GB of data, and unlimited talk time.

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