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Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

Best Cell Phone Plans for Seniors

This article covers the best cell phone plans for seniors. The article doesn’t rank the services because they all have their own charms. Plus, due to state-to-state coverage issues and pricing issues, what is ideal for one may be imperfect for another. We have tried to judge each company on its services alone, but be forewarned that some of the services seem to talk down to their customers through what appears to be age-related stereotypes.


Greatcall Cellphone And Cellphone Plan(s)

Greatcall has a phone and a cell phone plan that was created for seniors. You have to buy the phone in order to get the network plan, otherwise you may opt to buy the Greatcall Sim that you insert into your unlocked phone. The price of the phone seems to vary from time-to-time; at the time of writing the Greatcall Jitterbug Smartphone costs $149.99, plus you have to sign up for one of their data plans in order to activate it.

The Greatcall Jitterbug cell phone was created for seniors, and/or for people who needs a simple and easy-to-use phone and service plan. The starter pack is very similar to a Pay-As-You-Go plan, though they are going to charge you $18 per month for a baseline of 200 minutes of talk time and 300 texts. If you want more than that, then you Pay-As-You-Go as you use your phone. Internet data is not included on the basic starter plan, you will have to buy that extra if you want it.

The phone is called the Greatcall Jitterbug Smartphone, and the plan is simply called the Greatcall Jitterbug plan. If you don’t want to purchase the phone, but you do want the SIM card, you can just buy the SIM and not the phone and it should work as long as you phone is unlocked. There are other Greatcall packages you can choose from, such as service packages with unlimited data, text and talk minutes.

Greatcall Cellphone And Cellphone Plan


T-Mobile One Limited 55+

If you are 55yr old+, then you get two lines with unlimited talk, unlimited LTE data, and unlimited texts. If you are 55 or older, then you get all of this for $60 per month if you opt for auto-pay. T-Moblie has created a phone plan that gives people who are 55 or over a slightly better deal than younger people have available to them. This phone plan is called the T-Mobile one unlimited 55+ plan.

The T-Mobile one unlimited 55+ plan has a two line unlimited network that will just cost you $60 per month with auto pay, and that is for both lines and not just one, which is rather cheap when you compare it to other unlimited plans.

This plan is to be just for seniors who use smartphones and who need unlimited text, data and calls so that they may stay connected to friends and family. Taxes and fees may be added on at the end, so check the amount you are paying before you sign up, though when we signed up they had already included all the fees and taxes so that the most we paid was $55 (and auto-pay).

If you only need one line, then they will give it to you for $50 per month. The Internet data is throttled at 50GB, which is a fairly high throttling amount, especially when you consider that many phone companies throttle their unlimited plans around the 20GB mark. In the image below I included three of the most obvious questions that I had in mind; I find the answers on their FAQ section.

T-Mobile One Limited 55


Cricketwireless – Five Plans To Choose From

Cricketwireless has a few plans that may be appealing to seniors, such as plans for people who are 55 and over. It was tricky figuring out which of these plans would be best suited for senior people, so here are all five of the plans that we think may suit. Please read all of their terms and conditions on the CricketWireless website and take the time to understand each aspect. For example, in the small print, it says that your high-speed Internet will have its speed halved after you use 22GB, and that is true even if you pick the unlimited data option.

First, we have the unlimited talk and text plan with no data for $25 per month. Secondly, we have the 2GB plan where you get 2GB of high speed data at 4G LTE. After you have used your 2GB, the speed lowers to the equivalent of 2G speeds until your allowance renews monthly. You still get unlimited calls and texts with this plan, but it costs a little more at $30 per month.

Thirdly, you can get the 5GB for $40 per month, which includes unlimited text, calls, and picture messages across the US. Also, if you able to have the compatible add-on features then you get an extra 1GB of high speed data, you get Cricket Protect, Deezer music, and a few of their international features where applicable.

Fourthly, there is the $55 per month plan. This plan is a little different as it allows you to have two lines with unlimited data, text, and unlimited calls in the US, and you get free texts from the US to 38 international locations. Also, the cricket unlimited 2-line plan will include video streaming at SD quality.

Fifthly, there is a $60 per month plan, and with this you get unlimited calls, data and texts. It is for people who want it all. Please be careful when signing up for these because there are more terms and conditions than at a UN resolution summit. Mostly all of the information you need is on the CricketWireless website, but it is scattered around and only accessible via links and at the bottom of pages in small print.

CricketWireless cellphone for seniors prices

Value Plus Mobile

Value Plus Mobile

Value Mobile offers low-priced no-contract cellphone plans. Their services favor people who use their phones less, which may suit some more senior people who have better things to do than play with their phones all day. We love any service in the consumer industry that keeps it simple, and Value Plus Mobile keeps it very simple…which we found suspicious. We were sure there must be a catch to this service, and we were worried about dropping out pantaloons and outright promoting it.

The only catch we have found is that this is a cheap service, and with a cheap service comes a cheap experience. The website looks cheap, their online software is cheap, and their customer service department is not bad, but it won’t win any awards for efficiency any day soon. Value Mobile has five different plans to choose from.

The first plan is the $5.99 per month plan, and you get 30 minutes of talk time every day. You may call mobiles and landlines nationwide, and you are not tied down to any contracts.

The second plan will give you 60 minutes a day, and you may call nationwide at any time. Do not go over your allowance, and your plan will cost you no more than $9.99 per month. As with the first plan, this plan doesn’t include texts or data.

The third plan gives you 100 minutes per day for $14.99, has nationwide calls, no contract, and they are anytime minutes. The forth plan is $19.99 per month, it gives you 300 anytime minutes, nationwide calling, and 3000 minutes at night and weekends with no contract to worry about.

The final and most extensive plan to go onto with Value Mobile is the $27.99 a month plan it gives you 450 minutes anytime, 3000 weekends and nights minutes with nationwide available. So in all this plan would be great if you only want to have a these mobile phone plans with a calling limit, does not has any data or texts added and with a no contract plans to deal with.

Value Plus Mobile funny image of woman very excited

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular Phone Plans

Consumer Cellular offers seniors a $15 per month plan where the customer gets 250 minutes for the month with no added data or texts. It seems like a terrible deal because it is only there to sell their unlimited plan for $20 per month. If you take the $20 per month plan, then you get unlimited talk time and nothing more.

If you want texts and data added into your phone plan, then you will have to pay for one of the connect plans. Their plans rang from an additional $5 per month to an additional $40 per month. Y may buy texts and data for: $5/250MB, $10/1GB, $20/3GB, $30/5GB, $40/10GB. All of their connect plans include unlimited texts.

If you are a member of the AARP, then you get a 5% discount off your plan. So, let’s say you have a single line with unlimited talk at $20, and you add 1GB of data (and unlimited texts) for an additional $10, then your end price is $28.50 per month rather than $30 per month, but that is only if you can prove you are an AARP member. Remember that the prices they show you on the website do not include fees and taxes, so your monthly bill may come to more.

an example of the Consumer Cellular senior plans prices


TracFone Cellphone Plans

TracFone will give both the younger generation and seniors the chance pick the best TracFone smartphone plan for them. The plan is called the Smartphone only plan. There are four plans to choose from.

The first costs $15 per month, it gives you 200 minutes, 500 texts for 30 days and with 500MB of data. The second costs $25 per month, you get 500 minutes, over a 1000 texts, and 500MB of data for 60 days ($13 per month).

There is a $35 plan that works for 60 days and gives you 1000 texts, 1GB of data and 750 minutes, and comes to about $18 per month. There is also the $125 plan that runs for 365 days, and it gives you 1500 minutes, 1500 texts and 1.5GB of data.

If you do not fancy their set plans, then maybe their 90-day pay as you go plan will suit you. This plan is still contract free, which means you can pull out every 30 days if you wish, and you can change plans without any penalties. You may also save 10% on this plan if you agree to allow them to auto-refill your 90-day account and if you are paying with a credit card.

If you opt for the Pay-As-You-Go plan, then it will run for 30 days, and you can buy talk time, texts and data so that you save on what you pay when you use your phone. The first airtime Pay-As-You-Go plan is the £19.99 plan, which is the cheapest, and it comes with 180 minutes, 180 texts and 180MB of data.

The next plan they have is the $29.99 plan, which gives 360 minutes, 360 texts and 360MB of data. You can pay for the $39.99 plan, and you get 600MB of data, 600 text and 600 talking minutes. The final airtime plan is the most expensive, but you get a lot more out of it. It is the $79.99 plan, and it comes with 1350 texts, 1350MB of data and 1350 talking minutes.

tracphone seniors phone plan

AT&T Senior Nation 200 Plan

Senior Nation 200 Plan

If you follow the link, you need to scroll down the page you land on in order to find the links to the Senior Nation 200 plan. The AT&T Senior Nation 200 Plan costs $29.99 per month and you get 200 minutes for calling landlines, and unlimited minutes if you are calling AT&T mobility customers. You get 500 minutes over the weeks and at night, and extra minutes cost you 45c per month. The plan doesn’t give you texts or data.

When we checked, it seemed to come with a two year contract, so you will have to really think about if you want and need the AT&T Senior Nation 200 Plan. This doesn’t seem like a great deal at all, but many people trust AT&T, they offer a good all-round service, and their coverage is good too. Plus, if you frequently called AT&T mobility customers, then you will really benefit from their unlimited minutes perk.

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