We have found the best business checking accounts for freelancers and entrepreneurs. We start with a list for LLC companies for entrepreneurs that have made it big. Then we move on to descriptions of the best banks for entrepreneurs that run smaller and medium sized concerns. We end with a very large list that details banks you may like to consider in your local area.


 Business Checking Accounts For LLC Companies

Here are a few business checking accounts for larger LLC businesses. It is only a short list since they are the best ones you can find at this moment in time. In addition, we often find that banks chase bigger companies to the point where you probably won’t need a list like ours. Here are three of the best business checking accounts for LLC companies.

 Chase Business Checking

They have their total business checking account, their performance business checking account, and the Chase platinum business checking account. Each level of account has its own monthly charge that is waived if you earn enough in one month and maintain a certain balance. If you maintain a certain balance, then they will also allow between 200 and 500 free transactions. One of the best things about a Chase account is that you can visit one of their branches if you have an issue, which is not something that online banks can offer.

TD Bank BusinessDirect

They offer a free bill-pay function, and the TD Bank software is compatible with QuickBooks and Quicken. The bank is part of TD Ameritrade, which means you can check your investments while doing your banking. There are plenty of branches you can visit, and their Business Interest Checking Plus Account gives you 0.05% interest on your bank balance.

 EverBank Business

This company has a service that is more suited for larger businesses and limited businesses. If you maintain a balance of at least $5000, then their monthly fee is waived. You will have to open your account with a deposit of $1500, and if you maintain a balance of $5000, then the first 200 transaction you have are free.


 Business Checking Accounts For INC Companies

Discover Bank

Just like Capital One, the Discover Bank is not all about credit cards, they also offer a checking account. They have a regular checking account and one that is suitable for small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs. Your money may earn interest if you leave it in your account, and they have a deal where you may earn a small commission fee every time you use your card. You earn a commission because they give you a small portion of the fee that they charge merchants when you buy things with your card.

 Capital One 360

They were ING Direct, but they were taken over by the famous credit card company called Capital One. A Capital One 360 account gives you a free account that doesn’t require maintenance fees, which mean no monthly costs for keeping your account open. You get free checks, and you do not have to maintain a minimum balance. As a customer, you will gain free access to any AllPoint ATMs in the USA, of which there are over 38,000. You will also gain free access to the 2000 fee-free ATMs that are operated by Capital One. You get a free debit card that is a MasterCard, and you may use their free mobile check deposit system. The company has better fees and rates than many High Street banks. It allows you to have multiple checking accounts and multiple saving accounts. You may have a separate business savings account with no fees, and a reasonable 0.40% interest rate. Set up different 369 savings accounts, name them as you wish, set up goals, and add money as you see fit.

capital one 360 saving and checking account screenshot

 Citizens Bank Clearly Better Business Checking

There is no minimum balance requirement, and you may have up to 200 transactions for free every month. There is maintenance fee, and they have a few branches dotted around the country. They only have around 3100 ATM machines around the country that you can use for free, but it is handy if you live near one.

 BBVA Compass ClearConnect for Business

There are no maintenance fees and you do not have to keep a minimum balance. You must place a $100 deposit to open the account, and you may make five withdrawals and/or enter five checks before being charged. Other transactions are free, and you may use BBVA Compass and Allpoint ATM machines for free.

PayPal Business Account Setup

 PayPal Business Account

If you wish to avoid checking accounts, then you may use a PayPal Business account. It works in a very similar way to a bank account except that you only need a phone number of email address to send money, and people may use your email address and phone number to send money to you. The account is free, but receiving money will cost you money, and their exchange rates are very bad. The only downside is that you have to withdraw to a bank account to get your cash out–unless you can get your hands on one of their PayPal MasterCard prepayment cards.

 EverBank Business

The company offers a number of different bank accounts, but the one that interests sole-traders, entrepreneurs, and sole proprietors is their small business checking account. You will need $1500 as an opening deposit, which you get back because it is placed in your account. After you have opened your account, you do not have to pay fees on a monthly basis to keep your account open. There is no minimum balance amount, and you earn a small amount of interest on your balance

 US Bank Silver Business

You will not have to pay monthly maintenance fees to keep your account open, and you they have over 3000 branches that you can visit in the US. You are allowed 150 free transactions in a month, and you are allowed 25 free cash deposits per month, but they have made the “free cash deposit” feature very confusing to the point where you are able to rack up two cash deposits with just one visit depending on how you make your deposit.

 Bank of Internet Federal Bank Basic Business

Federal bank logo

you get 200 free transactions per month and you are allowed to make 60 deposits for free if you use their remote deposit function. You will have to put $1000 into your account in order to open it, and there are no monthly maintenance fees to keep it open. Making a deposit from your own account can be done by writing yourself a check from another bank and then photographing the check to use the remote check deposit function.

 Banks In Your State

There are many banks to cover, so here is a list of the different banks you should consider in your state if you are a freelancer or entrepreneur. All of the banks listed currently offer business checking accounts that suit entrepreneurs and INC businesses.

Banks In Alabama
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